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  1. Peterborough Transit

    thank you t_harris01, so not all the buses have the system? or some do but not all are up and going as of yet?
  2. Peterborough Transit

    do they have automated next-stop announcement system.. I did Google it but only found old articles on the mayor not wanting it,but nothing saying if they ever got it..
  3. Peterborough Transit

    oh stop being a baby..
  4. Peterborough Transit

    oops *their* hehe thanks again sincerely LTC3355
  5. Peterborough Transit

    yeah that's it.. some of you guys on here make me laugh, that's why maybe I ask dumb questions cause you all get so worked up and go over the top anytime someone AKA *Me* asks a question you all think they or I should already have an answer for or find on there own..
  6. Peterborough Transit

    Just thought I would ask here instead.. thanks for your reply
  7. Peterborough Transit

    is peterborough transit unionized?
  8. TTC Application Process

    wow wow 400? Over how many years are we talking about here ?
  9. TTC Application Process

    and they are hiring
  10. York Region Transit \ Viva

    I hope they are reading this board right now
  11. York Region Transit \ Viva

    Ah ha that`s her name. Thanks
  12. York Region Transit \ Viva

    lol figured someone would say that. surprised it took this long really... it's not so much I lost the email as I deleted it cause I was unsure if I really wanted to go to interview...
  13. York Region Transit \ Viva

    quick can anyone name off any people in veolia transportation (viva) head of human resources that calls for interview requests.. I got a call to go to Vaughan Ont for an interview but I for get her name and she sent me an email with the details and I have lost it...think her name started with an M thanks
  14. Kingston Transit

    So far I know 9810 is slated for retirement.
  15. Kingston Transit

    kingston Transit are retiring three Orion IV's. sometime this month or early next month