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  1. I wonder if power output is locked by manufacturer so the vehicles can attain the specified range. There is a real time power usage gauge on the dash. While it could reach -2kWh/km during regenerative braking, it maxed out at 2kWh/km during acceleration. The K7's in GP are equipped with 300Ah batteries and are rated for 136 miles. (Specs right from manufacturer plate)  I'll see if I could catch it on route 5 and feel for sluggishness as it could go up to 70km/h on one stretch. 60km/h was the fastest a route 3 bus could reach. Better yet, I should try to ride the St Albert ones on co
  2. The City is launching a new website and the BYD is featured on the front page. https://beta.cityofgp.com/roads-transportation/public-transit Spent some time on a BYD today. CTB029 and 030 have been on routes 5 and 7 but today they were on 2 and 3. The experience reminded me of the trolleys in Edmonton but with a modern touch and, of course, no overhead wires! When stopped it's nearly silent other than faint noise from heater fans. Once going then the motor, road noise, and traffic noise mixed in. I have yet to hear it driving by at higher speeds but at low speed you would barely notice.
  3. Still haven't seen the "official" County Connector Vicinity (CTB031) in service yet, although I wouldn't be surprised it will be part of phase 2 of the service starting in February. So far it has been GP transit's CTB026, 027, and 028 on the route. Had a closer look at 031 and there are subtle differences from 025-028: - Vicinity branding at front, rear, curb-side by front door, and above driver's seat inside - 3-point driver seat belt instead of 2-point - Luminator LED destination MCU in stead of Axion (although Axion is part of Luminator Group) - Slightly updated roo
  4. County of Grande Prairie regional bus service has started on Dec 5 as a 2-year pilot project. Currently in phase 1, the City of Grande Prairie has been contracted to provide the service to connect City of Grande Prairie and Hamlet of Clairmont with eight round trips per weekday (route 90) with two trips extended to town of Sexsmith (route 91). Phase 2 will start on February 4, 2019 with an additional bus, providing service to towns of Beaverlodge and Wembley weekdays, and also village of Hythe on Wednesdays. A new 30' Grande West Vicinity with County Connector livery, CTB031, has ar
  5. No words on the BYD's yet. Probably have a better idea once drivers training is scheduled. These K7M's do look different from the St Albert's K9. Seat layout and wheelchair ramp placement are also quite unique in GP transit fleet. For the active fleet, weekday AM and PM peak hours would be best time to see the most in action. Fifteen buses are on the road during those times including regular services, peak services, school routes, and an extra bus. Only 6 for the rest of the day and weekends. Since bus assignment varies daily, best place to check roster of the day would
  6. They haven't been wrapped yet and the drivers are still to be trained so I doubt they would be in service soon. When the Vicinity's showed up it took a few months to get them ready, from wrapping them to installing GPS, fare boxes, and stop announcement system. When in October are you planning on coming up? Talking about Vicinity's, here is a pic in case you haven't seen it in GP. I checked the roster today. Looks like CTB006 and 007 might have retired. The rest were in service at some point in the past week or being repaired.
  7. Electronic fare boxes are now in service. Paper monthly passes and ride tickets have been replaced by electronic "Superpass". Transfers are issued by the machine and are scanned electronically. Two BYD electric buses have also arrived and are being inspected.
  8. CTB003 (Orion V, the only high floor bus left in the active fleet) might be retiring soon due to mechanical problems and has been parked outside for weeks now. Its usual run, Charles Spencer/St. Joseph High Schools Special, has been replaced by the New Flyers. CTB006 (first batch of New Flyer D40LF) has been parked outside next to CTB003. It might be in the same situation.
  9. Three of them have arrived. The fourth will be at UITP and will be delivered after. Bike racks need to be installed too. 24 seats in total, of which 11 are accessible. Pretty good for a 30'. Nova is 10' longer but only has 9 more seats .The seats are actually quite comfortable too. Also like the seat arrangement in the accessible area: more flexible and convenient for customers with strollers and walkers.
  10. At least 3 of the 4 new buses have arrived. Still to be plated, numbered, and have decals put on. Look better than I thought though.
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