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  1. Cars

    Gotta represent that 6oh4 my guy ! Sounds a lot better than a Porsche !!
  2. Cars

    Not with beemers ! My favourite after market exhaust is IPE and now that is something I foam over a lot !
  3. Porsche's are just a NO. Too hyped up and looks weird af.
  4. Best sounding buses

    Cummins C Gas + and Voith D863.3 Detroit Diesel Series 50 and Allison B400R-5 Detroit Diesel Series 50G and Voith D863.3 Also @Doppelkupplung that Siemens train sounded cool but I still prefer the Keikyu 1000 Series trains in Tokyo. @Detroit Diesel 6V92TA remember this train ^^^^
  5. Cars

    Until now I never realized how great an Armytrix exhaust sounds with a E92 M3.
  6. Gas Prices

    Gas prices as of this morning in Vancouver Regular: $154.9/L Mid Grade: $161.9/L Premium: $171.9/L
  7. Translink Refurbishments

    Spotted 7466 all shiny with the new fonts on Willington Avenue about 10 minutes ago.
  8. Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    For the longest time I always thought of it as Dance Dance Revolution Vehicle lol
  9. Now that's my dream car right there ! We got one for sale in Vancouver listed at $2,290,000.
  10. Gas Prices

    Anywhere between $148.9 - $150.9 in Vancouver today.
  11. The Compass Project

    I doubt TL will put those stickers on every single bus, seems like a waste of resources and time to slap a sticker on every single compass reader in the fleet. At most I'd assume they'd be on half of the fleet if not 1/4 of the fleet. Just seems very wasteful to have it on every single active bus.
  12. Yes they do in fact run the same route between Langley Center and Surrey Central Station. Only difference is the 502 is the local route and the 503 is an express service route between Langley Center and Surrey Central Station. The 503 currently does pick ups towards Langley Center and drop offs going towards Surrey Central Station. East of Langley Center the 503 does local service towards Aldergrove.
  13. 2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    I'm pretty sure that's what you'll get if you start at 18101...