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  1. Yes ... why wouldn't they be able to backup ?
  2. 16122 transferred out to Surrey from Richmond.
  3. Banned for liking D40LF's ? Idk
  4. I think it has to do with the fuel pipeline project that has been on going for a little while now.
  5. It honestly doesn't really make any sense unless for example they'll move mainline 787's or 333's to Rouge and to replace those planes order some 350's. But if anything if AC were to order new wide bodies I could see them ordering the new 777X over the A350.
  6. Why would they get rid of those planes, especially when their adding more A330's to the fleet.
  7. A350 is a new rumour to me. Would those be replacements or new additions ?
  8. On the YVR Spotters Facebook page you can find several pictures of the Qatar 77W.
  9. Wish this would become a permanent thing once things slowly get back to normal.
  10. If you don't like it just tap that X on the top right corner as this post is quite unrelated to this thread. Also I'm no expert with how ads are chosen and seen on the internet but don't they reflect upon what you search online ? Because you're searching up stuff like that is the reason why you received that kind of ad. Any who with whats going on in the world right now a simple ad like that should be the last thing you should be concerned about bud.
  11. Not really sure what you're trying to say here as D60LF's have been on the 430. Are you trying to say that since RTC got back their D60LF's in 2017 they've never appeared on the 430 ?
  12. Ask any person who drives and they'll give you a speech on how expensive gas, maintenance, and ICBC is.
  13. Leave it as is and let it die like the other similar threads we got.
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