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  1. Only remaining D60LF's would be 8013, 8022, 8043, 8050, 8052, and 8073. As for when they'd be retired, i'd suspect by the time the Lougheed rapid buses goes live.
  2. According to the CPTDB wiki there is 33 D40LF's left in revenue service, but I'd suspect that number should be lower in the mid to upper 20's. The only buses remaining in revenue service with the wooden faux paneling would be 7247, 7274, 7280, 7292, and 8013 if you'd want to include a D60LF.
  3. I think most buses now are sent to ABC out in Burnaby and Langley.
  4. Post quality has hit an all time low with this one.
  5. Translink 2006 New Flyer C40LFR P3350 on the 101 22nd Street Stn. Will say the axles are hella loud on this bus.
  6. I'm pretty sure what he meant was to have actual confirmation if the bus has been retired and not some speculations as to what you said.
  7. 18037 is on the 95 B-Line right now ...
  8. I drove by HTC earlier this afternoon and I’m pretty sure I saw several XDE60’s with the compass card wrap.
  9. With the additional lane being added on the Alex Fraser Bridge maybe such route could be reintroduced. With the extra lane added it could improve peak hour traffic.
  10. Pretty sure if you go out to the BO line at STC you'd see those buses cause I spotted both 7266 and 7415 parked along there a bit over a week ago.
  11. If it would make you feel better I didn't go on that charter as I was busy with work. Time to win the next lotto max draw and buy a bus.
  12. Since my last post made several years ago, I'm currently using an iPhone 7 since Fall 2016. So far so good with no issues whatsoever plus having 256gb of storage is more than enough for me. I might be upgrading to whatever the next iPhone is later this year.
  13. I'd say the whistle on 7432 sounds a lot better than 7280's whistle.
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