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  1. Since my last post made several years ago, I'm currently using an iPhone 7 since Fall 2016. So far so good with no issues whatsoever plus having 256gb of storage is more than enough for me. I might be upgrading to whatever the next iPhone is later this year.
  2. I'd say the whistle on 7432 sounds a lot better than 7280's whistle.
  3. Just be patient. It took me almost a year for me to become a wiki editor.
  4. I think the best way to keep track of all the ad wrapped buses would be to have a list similar to what's on the first page. Since OP isn't active on CPTDB anymore, I'd suggest maybe having a pinned post with a list of buses that are currently ad wrapped. Or he could just fill this out and become a wiki editor himself. https://cptdb.ca/forum/59-applications/
  5. I guess for the XN40's when they arrive.
  6. Now retired Translink 1999 New Flyer D40LF R7342 making a turn onto Cook Rd.
  7. Will say the GE40LF does sound kinda cool IMO
  8. So far I've met: Express691 KINGSTER200 Translinkkid Jeffrey Ngai MCW Metrobus Enviro 500 323 Surrey Ctrl Stn Blue Bus Fan Xcelsior Bus Fan Orion P9217
  9. I'm not sure if it's worth having such a small fleet of Orion's when the 503 gets its upgrade. Another question I got would be where would the extra artics come from since Richmond is currently getting the remaining 15000's from Burnaby.
  10. With the 301 being transferred out to Richmond and the 503 becoming an artic express route, what will happen to the STC Orions ?
  11. I personally still think a 430 B-Line would be a huge flop when introduced. What Translink should do is to first increase service hours and boost the frequency up then determine if a B-Line along this corridor is necessary.
  12. Aside from English I'm somewhat fluent in Japanese. Being half Japanese I kinda need to know the language in order to be able to communicate with my mom's side of the family whenever I'm in Japan. Plus as a kid I lived out there and went to school which helped out my Japanese a lot.
  13. I would not expect you to be listening to this kind of stuff. For me this song is stuck in my head.
  14. This would be SSP https://forum.skyscraperpage.com/forumdisplay.php?f=161
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