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  1. Translink fleet overhaul watch

    2186 was towed into BTC today
  2. Translink fleet overhaul watch

    All I heard was that it was at PTC and this was back in June, but I could be wrong.
  3. Translink fleet overhaul watch

    Then idk lol About 10 minutes ago 7301 was towed into BTC
  4. Translink fleet overhaul watch

    The other Orion could be either 9281 or 9283.
  5. Translink Refurbishments

    That must of been the bus I've spotted at BTC while I was working.
  6. What would you rather have?

    I'd personally pick an iPhone 7 ... Then again that is what I currently own Here's one for you guys. Would you rather live in a world where animals can talk or in a world where its pitch black 24 hours a day.
  7. What song is currently stuck in your head?

    For me it would be Runaway ( U & I ) by Galantis. It's been stuck in my head since I got back from Japan lol.
  8. Peeves in everyday life...

    The biggest pet peeve of mine right now would be when people don't have any common sense whatsoever. That sh*t drives me banana's and irritates the f*ck outta me
  9. Ban the user above you

    Banned for not showing the entire fleet number in your signature.
  10. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    I think we all know who takes that title " cough cough Xcelsior Bus Fan cough cough "
  11. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    LOOL, how Their's not much to elaborate on unlisted trips as it's pretty self explanatory, but if you insist I'll explain it to those users if they want an explanation.
  12. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    I guess you guys haven't heard of unlisted trips ... Speaking of which, I spotted 8063 and 16109 on the 351 Bridgeport late this afternoon / early evening.
  13. West Vancouver Blue Bus

    LOL WTF 😂😂😂
  14. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Spotted R16102 heading southbound at King George Blvd and 64th Avenue around 9:30pm.
  15. Gas Prices

    $133.9 in Vancouver today.