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  1. It didn't seem that bad when we were going up the Knight Street Hill, but then again the bus was fairly empty when we were going up it. If you'd like to see a video of an XDE60 going up the Knight Street hill, I'll gladly make another unlisted video and post it on here.
  2. Guess I'll post my shit shots of 12024 as well.
  3. I got all of mine at New West Station this afternoon.
  4. LOOOOL, just because the bus hasn't been in service for a few days doesn't necessarily mean that it's retired ...
  5. C Gas + / Voith D863.3 , Series 50 / B400R , and ISC / B400R
  6. At around 2 am I spotted 16216, 16225, and 16226 heading NB on the Knight Street Bridge. I followed those 3 buses and the supervisor up until Boundary Road where they made a left turn continuing up to BTC.
  7. Really .... Instead of thanking him for sharing that information with us, you're going to bash on him for posting screenshots ... SMFH.
  8. 7202 is now out of STC
  9. 7274 has been unretired and is back at STC.
  10. Also 16204 is out on the 44 today.
  11. We all know a certain somebody that isn't going to be too happy about this 😂
  12. 7115, 7185, 7189, 7193, 7199, 7201, and 7212 to STC this morning.
  13. What's so special about an XN40 on the 555.
  14. I don't really see a need for this thread, but I did just watch that first bit of that movie just to see what you were talking about. I found it a bit funny how they used a LA Metro XN40 in the first scene then switched over to 3155's interior and then being able to hear a Series 50 engine. What topped it up for me was when I heard that 6V92TA engine when those two were walking down the street.