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  1. I don't want to be that guy but is a comment like that necessary on here ?
  2. Why would Surrey need more artics when they lost a few to BTC a little while back.
  3. What was the last bus that carried this sort of wrap.
  4. Yes the transfer isn't that bad but you can shave off a lot of time if you had a route between Scottsdale and White Rock. It'll be a much more convenient route for people living in the North Delta area without having to make multiple transfers just to get on the 321. It doesn't have to be an all day route but it could just start out as a peak hour route to test the waters. If the demand is there then you can make it an all day service route. ======================================================= Also is it possible to make your signature smaller ? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there a limit to how large a signature can be ?
  5. @SpadinaAve2134 If that's the case then why wouldn't they list it as 02 of 70 or 16 of 70. Also 25+50 does not equal 70 so is that a confirmed number? But thanks for the information though, much appreciated. Also do you know how many Translink units were there ?
  6. 02 of 25 and 16 of 50 So are we getting 25 or 50 units ?
  7. That would be a Translink bus. Not quite sure why it and an XN40 are heading to the Island.
  8. Yes ... why wouldn't they be able to backup ?
  9. 16122 transferred out to Surrey from Richmond.
  10. Banned for liking D40LF's ? Idk
  11. I think it has to do with the fuel pipeline project that has been on going for a little while now.
  12. It honestly doesn't really make any sense unless for example they'll move mainline 787's or 333's to Rouge and to replace those planes order some 350's. But if anything if AC were to order new wide bodies I could see them ordering the new 777X over the A350.
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