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  1. Photos by MJofLakeland1 MTA Maryland 2008 New Flyer DE60LFR (Baltimore, MD) MTA Maryland 2013 New Flyer XDE40 (Baltimore, MD) with Orioles wrap MTA Maryland 2011 New Flyer XDE40 (Baltimore, MD) during sunset Photos by MJofLakeland1 MTA Maryland 1995 Flxible Metro E (Baltimore, MD)... One of the last Flxibles ever built; preserved MTA Maryland (formerly Mass Transit Administration) 1984 Grumman Flxible 870 (Baltimore, Maryland)... Ex- Mobility Command Unit; preserved Photos by MJofLakeland1 MTA Maryland 1995 Flxible Metro E (
  2. Both photos by MJofLakeland1 MTA Maryland 2019 New Flyer XD40 (Baltimore, MD) upon arrival MTA Maryland 2011 New Flyer XDE40 (Baltimore, MD) during sunset
  3. Is Millenium Transit Services still around? This model design will never work. The Rapid Transit Series "RTS" is an old model, need to think of something else.
  4. Do the 2009 New Flyer L40LFRs run on the Route 72 frequently
  5. The current system has four existing bus routes operating every 10-15 minutes everyday. I have a proposal for four more bus routes. The Gold Route service is to serve the connecting Canton communities and 1st Mariner Bank employers to downtown. The Silver Route is to provide direct service for Greyhound Bus commuters to downtown. The Zoo Route connects tourists to the Maryland Zoo directly and as well the glorious Druid Lake and recreational park. Non-seasonal service will terminate at the MTA owned vacant Fulton Avenue bus loop. The Blue Route connects mainly BCPSS employees to Metro Subway
  6. I would love to join a group of the best transit discussion website in the world!! I have proof of editing history from Wikipedia (free encyclopedia) under the alias MJofLakeland. I have an editing history on MTA Maryland and WMATA Metrobus as well other Maryland area transit pages. I have recently edited many Los Angeles area bus systems. I would be a great part to this group I always have detailed information of my uploads on YouTube-MJofLakeland1. I know the MTA Maryland and Charm City Circulator bus fleet and current status very, because I work as an intern for MTA Maryland and the Red Lin
  7. If you live in the Baltimore & vicinity area, you know the Beltway (Interstate 695) is one of the most congested highways in the state of Maryland and believe me its not too far from the longest average travel time-per-mile in the United States. Their is delays at midday and peak hours every weekday. The immediate turns, awkward placement of off- and on-ramps, and most indecisive drivers is unbearable for even the most skilled drivers in the world. The State Highway Administration and state of Maryland has constructed and nearly due to open the new express lane on Interstate 95 from White
  8. Yeah sorry, I put diesel and diesel-electric hybrid in the same category as "DIESEL". I get your quote that more maintencance would be needed for natural gas buses. And yes that MTA Maryland and riders like me is pleased with the hybrids performance. The 2006 DE40LFRs haven't had many ultimate issues for a while now, and in fact the 2004-05 D40LFs been performing past their expectations. I believe the city is really happy of the hybrids lessening concerns and problems in motive transportation when service is at their fulliest potential unlike 8-10 years ago with the Flxibles (20 years of servi
  9. The MTA Maryland has long been a diesel fuel propelled organization like many others. But like Washington Metrobus, Ride-On, New York MTA, and Boston's MBTA they chose alternative sources to be environmentally friendly, save on fuel consumption, and price of cost-per-mile on buses. Like many who alternated diesel with CNG fuel has have success for the past years. I believe the MTA Maryland is choosing not to study that alternative because of the LNG project that fell through with the Flxible Metro D "LNG" model in the mid-1990s. We know now that liquefied gas can easily evaporate and not recom
  10. The Charm City Circulator or CCC is the newest system in the state of Maryland, since the Baltimore Department of Transportation established it in 2008. The first service did not begin until January 11, 2010, with the Orange Route going east-west from University of Maryland at Baltimore BioPark (west) to Hollins Market (east). The Purple Route began service on June 4, 2010, going north-south from Baltimore Penn Station (north) to Federal Hill (south). The Green Route began service on November 1, 2011, going east-west from Johns Hopkins Medical Center (east) to City Hall (west). On June 4, 2012
  11. The reason New Flyer will win the contract is because, they bring more into their production like: reliability, guarantee performance, more custom designs, and recent orders. Needs to step-up with New Flyer Industries: *NABI - More customization of the Transit operator from it's standard design features. New bus model. Improve perfomance and reliability similar to New Flyer's Xcelsior model. *Gillig - Larger advance engineering and Gillig characteristic features, rather a set-up of pieces in the interior. *ElDorado - Axess model advance technology and engineering in the fuel consumption an
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