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  1. And I, along with many more others, are not happy with the current setup and asked the admins to consider our proposal. By the way, did you notice that your Toronto section of the message board does not require logging in to view the messages? We would like the same current setup that you currently enjoy in the Toronto section here in the Waterloo section. Do explain your reasoning. I suspect this is why you are not an admin. The admins serve a function to support the message boards. I and some other members have proposed for consistency on the boards. Your reply is rude, childish,
  2. Re-read the first page of this topic. Sorry to hear that and I hope you get well soon. However, there are other administrators on this message board that could have provided us with an update. The request for review was made on July 2. One administrator replied on July 4 with: "I will follow up after I have discussed this matter with the other administrators." There has not been a reply from an administrator since then. Hardly nurse-feeding, but if you prefer to insult the community here, go ahead, I am sure most will appreciate it. Let us all then stay quiet and not dare to ask t
  3. Any update at all on this, anything. Hello? Do these discussion boards have any administrators? Sad, really, if they are not able to respond to a simple request such as this.
  4. Then why are all sections not closed until you create an account? Why should Toronto be open to the public and Waterloo not?
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