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  1. Ya I saw a hybrid on the 60 yesterday. Might have been the same one you saw.
  2. Yes because GALO is short on buses. They're in service without fareboxes I was told by SMS that how badly we need them.
  3. I heard lots of people being left at stops and the policy is once all seats are taken on an LFS, you bypass all remaining stops in order to cross the Victoria bridge. Only the every last bus is to load over seat capacity and go via Champlain bridge if required.
  4. Road test as we didn't get anything higher than 21413 still. Any differences seen or they look the same as the first batch of hybrids?
  5. Yup not a fan of the hybrids in the winter either. From driving them on icy roads, they're dangerous. This opinion seems to be split between drivers though. About half like them on ice and snow and the other half hates them.
  6. As I already mentioned they can go out on any runs whether school or regular routes and route 55 was transferred to Longueuil garage were there are no classics at that garage.
  7. The buses are packed in. I passed by the salvage yard two years ago when I was last in Edmonton. IIRC, Martin mentioned awhile back the the owners of the yard weren't friendly.
  8. I believe the ones NS got are ex-UP
  9. We got confirmation from the RTL that 4 classics are still active until the end of February / early March. Two are confirmed 9-405 and 9-413. Since 9-412 was one of the last ones, maybe that one is still alive too but we haven't seen it yet nor a forth one. We'll see as the days go by which ones are still active. I was told by a supervisor that they go out only on driver request at GASH or if no other buses are available.
  10. No they are on regular routes too. The school run is only the first part of the assignment. It goes on regular routes after the school piece. Like today, 9-413 was on the 21 at the metro.
  11. Good. A welcomed small change to the constant bombardment of GE junk we see all the time. As for the new ECO order, I guess they'll be cutting up more SD40-2's for this..
  12. Yes but he mention that they run for Transit Sytems a private company based in the Los Angeles area and not the LACMTA.
  13. You're right about it missing and its also missing from the street side guide too. I have a photo of it and it's a 2006 Novabus LFS.
  14. NICE! They're running used classics in Calgary colors!
  15. See the classic watch thread. It has been reported that two classics were in service yesterday but remain at St Hubert division on various routes as they don't run route 55. As for route 55, any Low Floor bus from Longueuil division can be assigned except Hybrid buses due to them having the batteries on the roof of the bus. They don't want a rookie driver to take the wrong enterance for buses onto the Victoria bridge and risk ripping the roof off.
  16. Yup, the power was out in that area of St Hubert due to the small ice storm. The lights at Cousineau and Montainview were out making crossing Montainview very dangerous due to cars on Cousineau not stopping because the lights were out. So the bus was crossing Cousineau on Montainview and got struck by a dumb dumb that blew the intersection when you're suppose to stop when a traffic light is out due to a power outage.
  17. So at least two of the last three made it into 2015 eh. There days are numbered though and I'm shocked actually to see them still running. We must be short on buses at gash right now I guess.
  18. stm_5307N

    CN Locos

    The cab roof of this unit is painted red on top. Interesting...
  19. Too bad you didn't make SMS's bus! Look what you missed below. SMS's bus last night 9-413 with my bus 9-714
  20. RTL hybrid 21408 now active. Now to wait for the second batch of 2014's.
  21. This depends when the RTL places an order to replace them which hasn't been done yet. All that was mention is them wanting to replace 16 Van Hools in the 2015 budget. I'm guessing they'll be replaced by 2016 at the very latest.
  22. Nope Hard to get replacement parts, drivers don't like them, and fleet standardization are killing these off. There will be 4 2006 Van Hools left. Maybe used a backup buses once the 01-03's are gone.
  23. Surprisingly the RTL has no free transit days over the holiday season this year. Usually the 24th and 31st are free for riders.
  24. 21401 in service now. This leaves only 21408 which was last seen in a pile of snow parked at GASH as the only RTL hybrid not active yet.
  25. Officially yes, but 3 remain as I mentioned. They might even go before that date. We'll see I guess.
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