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  1. SMS and myself actually found that bus by random chance a few years ago when we visited Saguenay.
  2. I see the 2015's are a carbon copy of the 2014's. We were told of changes to come for the 2015's, but visually there's no change and as for mechanically, guess we'll find out soon enough.
  3. The only other classics left are 9601, 9603, 9605, 9606 and 9607.
  4. stm_5307N

    CN Locos

    Just got CN 3032 leading a 711 empty oil train wb through Montreal this morning.
  5. Hopefully I can attend the YUL weekend. Simon only 9705 active in the 97 series for STSaguenay.
  6. Got word that the last 3 classics were in fact retired now for official at the end of February, the last one being 9-412. 9-405 and 9-413 broke down a few days before the end of the month and were pulled from service not to ever be fixed up again.
  7. Saw it on route 503 with no farebox, no opus reader and no dash fans!
  8. What!? At this point its a safety concern to drive these things! Either they put the missing parts back or leave them retired already!
  9. Retired as far as I know. It's damaged way beyond repair. I'm sure it's under warranty, so Novabus will just add on an extra bus to the existing order.
  10. Probably back because gash sent all the hybrids except 21403 to galo and they're short again on buses. Can't believe they have no fareboxes haha
  11. Over the last two days, all the hybrids at St Hubert RTL division have pretty much been transferred to Longueuil division. There maybe one or two left at St Hubert but they won't remain for long as all the 2014's are assigned to GALO. I'm not sure at this point what was transferred from GALO to GASH to get the hybrids. I was also made aware that only two 1996 LFS's remain active 9-617 and 9-625.
  12. I broke down twice so far on the highway and both times with a 2000. Lucky for me I had no passengers both times.
  13. Sad week for sure to see the last classics get retired. Glad I got a few years to drive them.
  14. The second batch of hybrids are all running out of GASH and one of the first one's 21403 as well.
  15. The bus drivers of Boucherville Transdev division (Ste Julie) and Transdev Delson-Candiac-La Prairie (CIT Le Richelain) have gone on strike since this passed wednesday. The main reason being salary issues. These two division of Transdev are supposedly underpaid compared to the other Transdev divisions. The cities have hired Autobus Bell-Horizon to provide the bus service in Ste Julie and the territory of CIT Le Richelain. This explains why I've seen so many Bell-Horizon coaches at metro Longueuil. Apparently the buses deadhead from Trois-Rivières, Qc everyday to provide the service as Bell-Horizon is based in Trois-Rivieres. Crazy. http://tvanouvelles.ca/lcn/infos/regional/montreal/archives/2015/01/20150120-231944.html
  16. This bus also runs from time to time on Sorel-Varennes routes out of Longueuil metro.
  17. stm_5307N

    CN Locos

    Fantastic shots Martin!
  18. What do you do on icy roads? I find the hybrids are horrible in these conditions due to that fact that the retarder is on the gas pedal. When you slide on the ice, you take your foot off the gas and the retarder kicks in, which causes the bus to slide and your reaction is to hit the brake in turn causing a violent jerk reaction. This can be dangerous at times.
  19. One of the E60's caught fire last week and MUNI management said 1 brakes down every 400 miles or so and given their age too, they took the decision to mass retire them.
  20. 4 of 8 delivered so far and they got a new livery http://www.infosaguenay.com/region/20150115-de-nouveaux-autobus-la-societe-de-transport-du-saguenay.html They already have problems and have not seen the light of day. The heating in the hybrids doesn't work so they can't go out in the cold weather. http://ici.radio-canada.ca/regions/saguenay-lac/2015/01/16/005-autobus-hybride-sts.shtml
  21. No special training was given. They just told us if you get one, just take it. The RTL said it drives like any other LFS which I find is not true. I wish there would have been a training because the hybrids are the RTL's first buses where the brake retarder is on the gas pedal and not on the brake pedal. It takes some adjusting to get use to and might lead to a lot of 'rough braking'.
  22. Any idea who will win that 30 ft hybrid order? Definitely not Novabus for once.
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