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  1. I'd have to go with upset because everything was lost. There was info that can never be recovered...
  2. 11-080 on the 90 at Vendome around 5:20pm
  3. Well, I was told the probablility was very good in aquiring it.
  4. 22-308 broke down at Vendome and was replaced with 17-169. It wasn't anything major as the mechanic drove it back to LA garage.
  5. I think so. Mine will be up shortly as well.
  6. The guy that owns it from the scrap yard has a deal to store it on STM property because it costs to much to keep in his yard. He wants to sell it too and you know what that means!
  7. stm_5307N


    I think we all feel the same way.
  8. Awsome! Can't wait to get shots of them! Only 4 left?
  9. Are you talking about it in that scrap yard in Laval? It's not there anymore. I told you about its new location.
  10. Bob is nowhere to be found. I have no way to reach him anymore. His phone line is down for over 2 months now. I may never see him again, if he decides to not come to the FHTCQ events anymore. In terms of LA bowls, no I don't think any are. I believe back then Namur garage was around and Lasalle garage wasn't built yet. I got some fishies on the 165 and 144 though. One of the more interesting shots is 16-096 getting ready to do a 505 route at Viau, but its got no arrow. This was only a few months after the creation of the route 505. The most interesting shot is 15-020 in STCUM blue with side STRSM logos at Longueuil metro!
  11. I looked at it pretty good and I'm sure it's only the rear window.
  12. Good luck. I got 13-015 on the 420, but I have a pic of it on the 171. So, it's either SL or an LA bus.
  13. Interesting, a fishbowl with wedding bows all over...
  14. As I said before, that's great news! I wish you all the best.
  15. stm_5307N

    What The??

    I'm just glad that the board is back! Its too bad all are posts got deleted though. Oh well...
  16. Yes, here's one from my site: http://stevestransitsite.fotopic.net/p29146510.html
  17. Should be mentioned that a fellow FHTCQ member said that 8-915 is retired and being used for parts for the remaining AG700's.
  18. Yes, MR's 15-098 has the samething. (Tinted rear window and no logo)
  19. I'll add a little more to that list of yours: - 11-010 still has original white front numbers - 11-062 has been spotted in LA territory alot my me. - 11-064 seemed to be retired at St Denis. Remember guys, we saw it parked outside the garage with its rear window busted and seats lifted out. - 11-085 is missing its front second number '1'
  20. Ya I'm happy. I got a bunch of never before seen STCUM fishbowl and STRSM pics to show you guys from the early 90's!
  21. 13-015 has a rear tinted window with no rear priority logo.
  22. Guys I found out that I will be able to make the final outing! My second trip to T.O. is postponed for another day! I get to see 33-008 once more!
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