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  1. Interesting, a fishbowl with wedding bows all over...
  2. As I said before, that's great news! I wish you all the best.
  3. stm_5307N

    What The??

    I'm just glad that the board is back! Its too bad all are posts got deleted though. Oh well...
  4. Yes, here's one from my site: http://stevestransitsite.fotopic.net/p29146510.html
  5. Should be mentioned that a fellow FHTCQ member said that 8-915 is retired and being used for parts for the remaining AG700's.
  6. Yes, MR's 15-098 has the samething. (Tinted rear window and no logo)
  7. I'll add a little more to that list of yours: - 11-010 still has original white front numbers - 11-062 has been spotted in LA territory alot my me. - 11-064 seemed to be retired at St Denis. Remember guys, we saw it parked outside the garage with its rear window busted and seats lifted out. - 11-085 is missing its front second number '1'
  8. Ya I'm happy. I got a bunch of never before seen STCUM fishbowl and STRSM pics to show you guys from the early 90's!
  9. 13-015 has a rear tinted window with no rear priority logo.
  10. Guys I found out that I will be able to make the final outing! My second trip to T.O. is postponed for another day! I get to see 33-008 once more!
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