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  1. Correction, 9-922 parked in one of the rows ready for service so it's still alive.
  2. Ha that's two 1st gens this week I get that u still need!
  3. Wow can't believe the STL is still testing a useless POS bus from a bankrupt company. Fail!
  4. Drove 9-707 yesterday! It was months since I last was assigned a red balios 1st gen. Not bad considering there's less than 10 left!
  5. A few more recent retirements 9-711, 9902, 9908, 9910 and 9916
  6. If anyone remembers a few years ago when an all white ex-STRSM fishbowl use to park at the 'festival des percussions' in vieux longueuil, well I found it today sitting in a lot in Noyan, Qc on route 202.
  7. I saw 9-412 last week and it's in bad shape. I'm pretty sure it was given to the firefighters for training simulations and to 'blow it up' eventually. Sad way for the last classic I ever drove to end its life.
  8. stm_5307N

    CN Locos

    Send them east! I love to see these more out here in Quebec. One shows up every two months or so only...
  9. Yesterday PM 9707 on the 28 9711 on the 417 9802 on the 410 9908 on the 88 9910 on the 28 9919 on the 8 9920 on the 99 9927 on the 78 20007 on the 83 Today PM 9902 on the 8 9929 (my bus) 20001 on the 410 On another note, 9809 is retired.
  10. Thursday PM 9707 on the 28 9818 on the 88 9907 on the 81 9910 on the 417 9913 on the 8 9928 on the 78 20009 (my bus) Friday PM 9907 unknown route going to the metro 9916 on the 417 9919 on the 28 9927 on the 33
  11. That BYD is nice but is it reliable??
  12. PM 9812 on the 28 9818 on the 88 9902 on the 8 9919 on the 417 9928 (my bus) Should be noted that 9809 and 9814 have been parked out back of galo with the retired buses for over a week now.
  13. Yesterday PM 9707 on the 100 9905 on the 81 9910 (my bus) 9915 on the 44 9916 on the 59 9926 on the 31 Today PM 9907 (my bus) 9912 deadheading to Galo 9915 on the 5
  14. Let's hope the other transit systems that are part of the large consortium order like the RTL get A/C next year too on their hybrids.
  15. I saw 9-812 in one of the active rows to my surprise yesterday! I'll put it back as active for now.
  16. Saw for the first time a Sorel Varennes NFI Midi bus at the metro in PM rush
  17. Two more 1st gens bite the dust, 9-709 and 9-710 parked with the retired buses in back of GALO
  18. Today's sightings 9617 on the 44 9624 on the 34 9814 deadhead to GALO 9907 driven by Tristan at Panama 9913 on the 30 20013 on the 46
  19. Since there's not many left, it's time to start the countdown to the last 1st gen LFS. They're buses in the 96, 97, 98, 99 and 2000 series. This is what's left active: - 9617, 24 - 9707, 08 - 9802,12, 14, 17, 18 - 9905, 07, 12, 13, 15, 19 to 29 - 20001 to 20015 (All active)
  20. Don't know if we should start a 1st gen watch thread? There's less than 10 red balios 1st gens left, about half the 99's and all the 2000 are active.
  21. Wait what!? You like the 2003 2004's? haha that's a first as they're pure garbage buses to drive from a drivers point of view. The 2003/2004 series are mostly at St Hubert division which means in Brossard during the week as they are rush hour only buses. That means TCV downtown terminal in Montreal to find them during AM and PM rush. There's a few at Longueuil division but they can be put on any GALO route during rush hours. The 2005's run 7 weeks a week still and are the best buses we have at the RTL. They can be found all over the place at any time. Remember that the RTL is mainly a rush hour transit system and off peak most of the fleet is not out. So to maximize your time, rush hour times is were its at.
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