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  1. That is cool - like, does 529 ever get CN power??

    Yes it does. That train is an Norfolk Southern train from Enola, PA to Montreal Tashereau yard, PQ. It starts as 31T then becomes CP931 when it gets on CP tracks through NY state and finally becomes CN529 when in crosses into Quebec from Rouses Point, NY up to Montreal, PQ. On its way back to Enola, PA the symbols are CN528, CP930 and 30T. Usually the power is all NS, but currently NS is using pay back power from CP thus all the CP power lately. Its the same 6 or 7 GE's being rotated on this train by NS so they don't have to use much of their own power. That will change once the pay back is completed, then all NS power will return. When CN529 goes to Montreal, the power is recycled and use on CN trains 394/393 (Montreal to Richmond, Qc) and 324/323 (Montreal to St Albans, VT). If those trains don't come back in time when a CN528 is ordered back to Enola, PA, CN power is added on as a result which makes for nice lash ups of NS and CN power sometimes. There has been CN CP NS lashes used recently because of the CP pay back power on NS.

  2. Why is the hybrid POS? Well, I would like to contribute a few reasons:

    1. The driver is forced to floor it all the time and brake late just to keep it on time on the 6

    2. The lousy acceleration and lack of overall speed has left me sprinting for the outbound train at St. Lambert at least twice a week.

    3. The engine sounds like a troll...

    4. It struggles to start in the snow, and it brakes weird (jolting and lurching) when the road is slippery, bringing the backside of any vehicle ahead ever so closer

    5. Almost every bus on the !#/$!"/%#@> :( 6 is a hybrid!

    Will the cost of getting a new set of batteries for the whole fleet offset the fuel savings? I doubt it. They might look at the accounting and decide to switch back to pure diesel when people complain about subsidizing the cost of new batteries through their monthly pass...

    The route 6 is a wheelchair accessible route so it will be almost 100% hybrids with the occational 2012 bus if you're lucky. I avoid driving this route at all costs! Basically I avoid any routes that could give me a good chance of driving a hybrid. The fuel savings are next to nothing if that. So having hybrids is purely for publicity to show to public the RTL is environment friendly when it really makes no difference if we still ordered diesel buses.

  3. This article introduces Raymond Leduc as Nova Bus' new president with 36-001 in the background. Would this one be the STM's new hybrid buses?

    (in French)


    New president and same crappy product... As for the bus it's got an STM fleet number but not the livery. Probably just the number added on to an all white ghost livery bus for the publicity photo.

  4. You keep your junk out east! Maybe you should come back out this way to fan trains instead of trolleys. Lots of CN action around here. That dirty golden beaver runs around here sometimes too.

    I was planning on taking a week out west to railfan during the summer yes..

  5. attachicon.gifDSC07154.jpgattachicon.gifDSC07178.jpgattachicon.gifDSC07223.jpg

    Friday started off at the Alberta Railway museum with free rein to pretty much go anywhere we wanted. Just a few samples... an ex EMU car now used as a passenger car. This is the usual car used for their train rides when the museum is open. And then a couple of F units. 6311 is privately owned and is at the ARM for work, while the A-B set are owned by the museum and being repainted into CN livery.


    Shortly after leaving the museum, we found 556 heading to Edmonton with a few SD40-2's. Some rough looking paint on some of the locomotives.


    Back around 156 St we spotted two SD40-2(W)'s but they didn't quite pan out at the time. Instead, we decided to head towards East Edmonton to catch up to 442 that was due to head south towards Calgary. We'd been hearing 417 slowly progressing West ward from Clover Bar and finally found it just West of 127 St with a large 6 unit lash up, then 418 was arriving at Dunvegan. We abandoned 442 at that point and got turned around. Scoped out 418 and found it with 2144, and GTW SD40-2 5933. Decided 417 would be the first priority, we headed towards 149 St. Shortly afterwards, that pair of SD40-2(W)'s turned up. Looks like they were switching Inland. Really harsh paint on the cab of 5277.


    417 showed up. I managed not to shoot an overall shot. Oops. Nice puff of exhaust coming out of 2431. Consist was: 2431, 5432, 8803, 8800, 5335, and 5630. Pretty good paint on 5335! That was SD40 #7 at that point.


    418 had already snuck into Walker so we missed out on 5933, but, we went and hung out at 124 St and caught 5293 bringing a short train back to Walker for SD40-2(W) #8 for the day.


    Finally, this odd ball came along. GP38-2 with a set of intermodal cars and a few cars. Guessing that the intermodal equipment had been BO and had been repaired at the car shops and was it's on way to the intermodal terminal to be put back into a train.

    All the good CN power is out west! Jealous..

  6. Sadly, since the system is operated by humans and management, they are always that "Big Brother" factor that is sadly unavoidable.

    I rather avoid that "big brother" breathing down your neck. The system we have now is fine except that bus distribution machine at GALO is a nightmare. I hate it will a passion.

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