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  1. Mississauga was the first to kibosh ad wraps over the windows, for those reasons.
  2. I rode both cars in Edmonton when they were there in summer 1989. ETS operators didn't much care for them. Their dashboards were laid out to Calgary spec rather than Edmonton. For example, the battery and pantograph buttons, which are in the lower left corner of a Calgary dashboard, are in the upper left corner in Edmonton.
  3. Can you fix the orientation of this picture?
  4. Sorry to be so late. Those were the older Panoramique model, roughly Prévost's answer to the MC-5 and PD4106. The giveaway is the low flat roof and single rear axle. The Champion was slightly longer, with a stepped roof and dual rear axle; it was Prevost's first export model in 1967, roughly their answer to the MC-7 which actually came out a year later. This picture is one of 12 Champions that the Commission (later Société) de transport de Laval got in 1975. Photo Bob Hussey via Martin Cirino Collection. These were used on a Montreal - Laval (several stops) - Rosemère - Ste. Thérèse - Mirabel service from 1975-1982, and possibly other regional routes as well. The idea was to serve those areas closer to Mirabel that Montreal's MUCTC didn't serve. CTL dropped their Mirabel service at least 2 years before MUCTC did.
  5. That kind of thing has happened before: Montreal got 10 additional MPM10 sets as compensation for delivery delays and/or warranty issues. Ottawa got 5 additional D60LFs from NFI as warranty replacements.
  6. In place of or in addition to the existing one?
  7. While I was in Calgary over Christmas/New Year's, I was on a Max Purple EB from downtown on 9th Ave SE. At Olympic Way SE some idiot in his car held us up for at least 2 light cycles while the bus driver leaned on his horn. Finally the bus driver got out and yelled at said a**hole: "Pull around the block, get out of the f***ing way!". It was at least another 6-8 light cycles before Mr. Cement-Head finally did move; we continued at least 10 minutes late.
  8. My trip from Somerset/Bridlewood to 1st Street SW was OK. Two other refurbs were coupled behind. Will refurbs run only with other refurbs now, and likewise non-refurbs only with other non-refurbs?
  9. I had wondered before what are the noticeable differences between a refurbed and non-refurbed 2200. These pictures I got show a few of them, plus the new digital dashboard, which I didn't get, within the 10 MB limit: Side destination sign. Interior route displays front and side à la 2400. Outside video camera replaces mirrors. Red plastic slab seats à la 2400.
  10. Street view: https://goo.gl/maps/UA78VehNas8ZGQdTA
  11. When I lived there, long before the routes were numbered, I often used the various Portage or Ness Express buses downtown to Polo Park, then either Charleswood, Grant or Waverly to get home - or the reverse to get downtown. Depending on connections, it was often quicker than Corydon or Academy, especially after those 2 ceased to be trolleybus routes.
  12. Got my copy earlier this week. A few tidbits that didn't make it into the book: Montreal was the only taker for the CanCar Brill C40 and CD40, 50 of each. Likewise Montreal-based Provincial Transport Company was the only taker for the suburban IUCD40, again 50. All were TC models, for torque converter; that was omitted (standards were ST). The A suffix was for a steel frame vs. the earlier aluminum one. The date of 94-Frontenac's conversion to trolleybuses - June 22, 1952 - was omitted. For the TD51s, it was never explained why they were less reliable than their predecessors. Mostly engine-related issues, plus being underpowered, with heavy steering, poor brakes, and poor heaters. For the second order of fishbowls: The 3 amber/red roof lights added were not referred to by their common term "Michigan markers". No more than a brief mention, in a photo caption, of the old transfer boxes. Laval's parallel service to CTCUM's Mirabel Aeroservice was omitted. That ran 1975-82, from then-CTL's Henri-Bourassa terminal, using 12 Prévost Champions. It made several stops in Laval, and one in each of Rosemère and Ste. Thérèse, en route to/from YMX.
  13. Those were first tried when the metro first opened in 1966, but didn't last long. They were located at the platform entrances, and closed when a train entered the station. They were removed after being charged too often.
  14. Same with Ottawa's. Yes, there can be congestion issues; people often choose to stand around the foot of the steps.
  15. I expect to be in Calgary at Christmas, and would be interested if it's in the week between.
  16. University has been so thoroughly subsumed into the larger YS line that no one thinks of it as separate anymore. I foresee crowding at St. George becoming worse in time, plus that station is more cramped than BY. Plus since the TYSSE opened, trains coming from Spadina may be more crowded than before. Don't know about UP Express loads. That's why I still foresee the need for DRL West in some form, so better to bite the bullet now.
  17. That was probably when Edmonton still ran out of Cromdale, before D. L. MacDonald opened. Edmonton cars couldn't run on Calgary track, so while at Anderson they used shop trucks. Once D.L. opened in late 1983, Edmonton could do their own assembly.
  18. Aren't both the east and west legs of the BD line about equally congested? Don't all those transferring passengers clog up the 2 interchange stations, B-Y and St. George, about equally? That's why I think both ends of that line need relief.
  19. I never considered the old DRL much use unless it connected with both ends of the BD line. This line doesn't look like it will be any more useful in that respect.
  20. what's the experience so far with the disposable Presto tickets. Glad to see them systemwide; I can now get a day pass at Union Station when I arrive by VIA from Ottawa.
  21. I still remember when most stops outside downtown were just a simple sign "Bus Stop" attached to a pole. Most stops downtown or at transfer points had a list of routes serving that stop.
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