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  1. Fleet # 205, part of the 25-unit 1965 order or TDH5303s.
  2. Vancouver's SkyTrain system, being fully automated, is loaded with sensors including track intrusion.
  3. Better battery charge, reduced charging time, reduced brake wear.
  4. The traction motor operating as a generator, using the current generated to recharge the battery.
  5. Do buses have fleet numbers on the roof for that? Ottawa's do, for one.
  6. Around the old "Confusion Corner" where 5 streets converge. When I lived there I sometimes dubbed it "McMildon-Corosbina" after those 5 streets - and this reroute covered all 5 of them!
  7. In the Montreal Metro system, all exposed metal objects such as trash cans are grounded. I haven't noticed if that's also the case in Toronto, but next time I'm there I'll look.
  8. Not surprised, with K-Days being among numerous cancelled events across Canada
  9. Correct. It was started after a 2006 incident in which a boxcar blown off the bridge dangled there for about 3 weeks. Double-stacks are also barred from the bridge in 85 km/h+ winds.
  10. The connection from exo Deux-Montagnes Sub SB to CN St. Laurent Sub WB.
  11. As is Ottawa's OC Transpo; only wheelchair passengers are allowed to board at the front, and the priority seating area at the front of the bus is taped off. Not sure if this also means the suspension of Request Stops after dark. Only articulated and double-deck buses have Presto card readers at the middle and rear doors, and drivers are no longer handling cash fares and transfers. Some people - including transit workers and many others - don't have the option of working from home/elsewhere, like me for one. And I'm limited in what I can do and when.
  12. These pictures show some clues to refurbs.
  13. Plus Calgary is a much more seasoned LRT operator than Ottawa.
  14. Don't the current trolleys already have a form of in-motion charging, however modest?
  15. That was how Montreal's STM, several names ago, built up their night network.
  16. Ottawa uses all-door boarding on artic and double-deck buses, for passengers with transfers or Presto cards. At 4 O-Train stations, bus platforms are in the paid area like most Toronto subway stations outside downtown and Vaughan, no need to pass through gates between bus and train.
  17. Mississauga was the first to kibosh ad wraps over the windows, for those reasons.
  18. I rode both cars in Edmonton when they were there in summer 1989. ETS operators didn't much care for them. Their dashboards were laid out to Calgary spec rather than Edmonton. For example, the battery and pantograph buttons, which are in the lower left corner of a Calgary dashboard, are in the upper left corner in Edmonton.
  19. Can you fix the orientation of this picture?
  20. Sorry to be so late. Those were the older Panoramique model, roughly Prévost's answer to the MC-5 and PD4106. The giveaway is the low flat roof and single rear axle. The Champion was slightly longer, with a stepped roof and dual rear axle; it was Prevost's first export model in 1967, roughly their answer to the MC-7 which actually came out a year later. This picture is one of 12 Champions that the Commission (later Société) de transport de Laval got in 1975. Photo Bob Hussey via Martin Cirino Collection. These were used on a Montreal - Laval (several stops) - Rosemère - Ste. Thérèse - Mirabel service from 1975-1982, and possibly other regional routes as well. The idea was to serve those areas closer to Mirabel that Montreal's MUCTC didn't serve. CTL dropped their Mirabel service at least 2 years before MUCTC did.
  21. That kind of thing has happened before: Montreal got 10 additional MPM10 sets as compensation for delivery delays and/or warranty issues. Ottawa got 5 additional D60LFs from NFI as warranty replacements.
  22. In place of or in addition to the existing one?
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