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  1. Not that there isn't precedent for stations named for adjacent educational institutions. Ottawa has uOttawa and Carleton. Montreal has Berri-UQAM, Guy-Concordia, and Longueuil-Université de Sherbrooke. Calgary and Edmonton both have University stations; Calgary also has SAIT-AUA-Jubilee. KW's ION has U Waterloo and (Sir Wilfrid) Laurier-Waterloo Park.
  2. More precisely, it would have been one of 7501-7545. Those were a continuation of 7401-7460, with fairly wide windows in the back door. Starting with 7551-7570, which were a 20-bus addition to that order, GM went to narrower windows in the back door.
  3. Whatever became of plans floated about 10 years or so ago to move the bus terminal to or near the VIA station?
  4. This seems to be VIA's track record in labor relations the last few rounds:
  5. I didn't notice the MTO sticker. The bus looked OK to me, maybe because it was a rebuild. It got me to Kitchener safely and on time, so I really can't complain.
  6. All but 2 MR-90 cars apparently destined for preservation will be scrapped: Les trains de l’ancienne ligne Deux-Montagnes seront mis à la ferraille | Radio-Canada.ca
  7. True, and Pontiac-built buses of that vintage originally had the GMC front nameplate. I guess 751's original one was lost and no others were available?
  8. What if anything does the R signify?
  9. The GM badge is early 80s vintage; the original was GMC.
  10. The other day I was on an Invero (didn't notice the #) with the new reader. I had to try it several times, and apparently land my card just-so, to get a green tap.
  11. Does TL have an app analogous to Calgary Transit's myFare, or plans to roll out such an app?
  12. Will they repeat that for Bluesfest, which starts July 7?
  13. I hope they put the new readers on both sides of the middle and rear doors of articulated and double-deck buses, to speed up tapping=on.
  14. "Sorry, this page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram."
  15. GRT still hasn't replied; by now they probably won't.
  16. I used OnEx for a Toronto-Kitchener (Sportsworld) trip May 22. I found it OK but not spectacular. Left from 44 York, beside Royal York Hotel, trip time ~ 90 minutes, same for return trip. Going out, my bus was KL03, which appears to have an ex-Greyhound fleet number (1256?) on the forward roof. The picture I took of it is 10 MB+ so I couldn't post it. I didn't get a picture of my return bus, nor did I note its number, but it was painted mostly black. The operator was D2D Limousine services or something like that.
  17. Got my first experience of ION on May 22, when I was in KW on a side trip from Toronto. I found the door beepers to be VERY annoying; there is no reason for them to be sounding constantly while the doors are open, especially at terminals. Otherwise a generally positive experience, though it was brief. My other disappointment: I tried to get a day pass at an FVM at Central Station in the early afternoon, but couldn't. I got a 5-ride card instead, and wrote GRT about that; no reply yet.
  18. They'll probably do it the same way as at Vaughan, and probably 407, Pioneer Village, and York U as well: TTC fares are collected when you enter the station: YRT fares are collected when you board one of that system's buses. A throwback to TTC's own zone-fare system that was in effect until 1973, zone fares were collected at the bus-subway transfer point.
  19. One of the few times in its short and troubled history it has performed more or less as intended.
  20. WT 694 at YWG June 16, 2001. I had just arrived for the BHA convention, my first return visit to Winnipeg since leaving in 1973.
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