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  1. One of the 6 Robin-Nodwell 1853 FCs 301-307, built in 1965 and used until 1970 on a downtown shuttle route. More on page 38 of Calgary Transit Then and Now, by Donald Bain, © BRMNA Publications, 1994.
  2. Mark Walton


    Or possibly the yellow line of that still has 2 operators?
  3. Could be the original test car at Millhaven, near Kingston, but I can't be positive. I rode it at a June 1982 open house there.
  4. AMT got around that by buying the Deux-Montagnes Sub from CN in early 2017. About 6 months later the operations side became officially RTM, then rebranded as exo a year later.
  5. I use Edge, and I'm getting those black bars.
  6. Are the black bars supposed to represent information redacted from a document?
  7. And 132 didn't run well on TransLink's system.
  8. I got my copy last month from www.abebooks.com, they may still have a few left. It details Toronto and Montreal basically in 1967.
  9. Some pictures taken, though I don't know when, by the late Bill MacDonald of Victoria. Bill died last month at age 82.
  10. Ted Wickson gave a great presentation to the Bytown Railway Society last night. About a 15-minute delay getting his Power Point and audio to interface with Zoom, but once he got going, well-paced and lasted about an hour. Here's a recording of it.
  11. The actual per-car weights, per Rapid Transit in Canada (© J.W. Boorse Jr.; Almo Press, Philadelphia, 1968) in pounds, were: G car steel, 85,000, aluminum, 73,500; M car, 60,000; H1 car, 56,000. Traction motor ratings: G car, steel and aluminum, 68 HP each; M and H1 cars, 125 HP each. Not only were the G cars heavier, the weaker motors had to work harder to move all that weight. That can't help but drive up power consumption. Plus only the 6 "Sputnik" G cars had dynamic braking; the rest had only air brakes. That means more wear on the brake shoes and wheels when stopping.
  12. The original G cars, being steel, were heavy and pigs on power - which didn't help anyone or anything. From the start TTC integrated its subway and surface power systems, both using 600V. Subway rectifier stations also fed streetcar and/or trolleybus routes in the vicinity, and presumably have enough reserve capacity that any one station can pick up at least part of the load of a failed station.
  13. TTC stopped publishing its own Transit in Toronto in 1995. I have several editions of that.
  14. One of the 14 "Baby Fishbowls", but I can't make out the number. There were 5 TDH3301, 303-307, built September 1970; and 9 TDH3302N, 328-336, built September 1973. They lasted until the original South LRT line opened May 25, 1981. More in "Calgary Transit Then and Now" by Don Bain, page 39.
  15. From Rob Chew of the Transit Museum Society, on its Facebook page: "It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Bill MacDonald. Bill passed away in Victoria on Thursday, October 14th. He was a dedicated transit enthusiast and will always be remembered for his videos, postcards, and slides." I met Bill on several trips to Vancouver and once to Victoria. He was a real world-class traveler and chronicler of transit systems, especially electric ones. He leaves huge shoes that will never be filled.
  16. I got mine last week. Lots of good photos but the text is basically a précis of each decade.
  17. A Century of Moving Toronto: TTC 1921-2021 - Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation
  18. Montreal's Métro system, when it first opened in 1966, had platform gates, dubbed portillons automatiques, but they didn't last long because of people charging them.
  19. Nova is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Prévost, which in turn is wholly-owned subsidiary of Volvo Buses.
  20. I was on a one-man train St. George (though I started from Union) to Vaughan the morning of September 5; no issues. The train pulled out of Vaughan SB in about a minute; the outbound operator was waiting at the other end of the platform.
  21. CTHF sent out an e-mail to its members inviting them to pre-order their copy of the book; I've pre-ordered mine.
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