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  1. They'll probably do it the same way as at Vaughan, and probably 407, Pioneer Village, and York U as well: TTC fares are collected when you enter the station: YRT fares are collected when you board one of that system's buses. A throwback to TTC's own zone-fare system that was in effect until 1973, zone fares were collected at the bus-subway transfer point.
  2. One of the few times in its short and troubled history it has performed more or less as intended.
  3. WT 694 at YWG June 16, 2001. I had just arrived for the BHA convention, my first return visit to Winnipeg since leaving in 1973.
  4. That was the one. First bus I saw on my 2001 trip: 694 at YWG about 12:45 PM June 16, 2001. My first return visit there since 1973.
  5. Last trolleybus at North Garage, October 30, 1970. I was aboard, I'm visible in the picture, inside behind the driver, an old-timer wearing cap badge # 12. I wrote about it for the book "Tires and Wires". Winnipeg last day pamphlet circa 1970 (trolleybuses.net)
  6. Kingston has gone s step further, requesting passengers not to stand in the space between the front wheels - a real choke point on LF buses. Picture attached. One of the reasons for that: a flat-topped cover over the RF wheel makes a handy package shelf. Some systems use a sloped or "witch's hat" surface that prevents people from putting stuff there, and discourages them from standing in that area.
  7. From June 2011 BHA convention in Winnipeg: Beaver Bus Lines RTS 62 on Graham Avenue, and early-1970s vintage sign on North Garage. Both photos mine.
  8. As I recall, the L1 series CLRVs, 4000-4005, had their water tests done in Switzerland with fresh water; Toronto's briny slush sprang the surprise. A few years later, Vancouver's then-new E902 trolleybuses had much the same problem. One of the clippings posted mentioned the Hawker-Siddeley worker whose concerns about holes drilled into the power cables were dismissed. He was vindicated when TTC found holes in those cables on 9/35 newly-delivered cars.
  9. I remember a BHA convention in Ottawa, 2001 IIRC, for which our tour bus was 1768 - which was also the number of Winnipeg's last trolleybus in 1970.
  10. Do you mean "stacked" like Vancouver?
  11. Hey Nick, I still remember the 2013 Fishbowl Farewell trip; on which you were the youngest person aboard and I was the oldest!
  12. Sounds like some people there don't exactly believe in proactive disclosure.
  13. That's what Ottawa does. Our Confederation line is 1500 VDC overhead contact. In tunnels (downtown, St. Laurent) they use something that looks like a contact rail.
  14. Weren't the original SD160 seats (the most comfortable BTW) entirely dark blue, not 2-tone like New Look era seats?
  15. I'm OK with the fabric if it's not too dark a shade that would attract heat.
  16. TruEarth sponsored the series. They make a series of eco-friendly products that Mike plugs and uses regularly; the promo code DownieLive is good for a 10% discount.
  17. No, he didn't. Then again I never knew there were any passenger trains in Labrador, certainly none that VIA ever operated.
  18. Little different from the generic Transit app.
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