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  1. Mark Walton

    Durham Region Transit

    Our friend Richard Oldfield, DRT's # 1 operator, retired at the end of May after 38 years service that started with the old Oshawa Transit. He was very hush-hush about it, not wanting any fuss. I may be going against his wishes by posting this! A few months earlier, he received an award for 35 years safe driving, the only operator so honored.
  2. Mark Walton

    Adieu MR-63

  3. Mark Walton

    Transit tunnels

    How were the old Winnipeg Hydro steam heat tunnels under downtown first built? The old Amy Street plant produced both electricity and steam heat for downtown buildings from 1924-1990 - one of the first examples of cogeneration that I know of. After the plant was shut down, the tunnels were used to lay fiber optic cables.
  4. Mark Walton

    OC Transpo Retired Bus(es) Whereabouts

    In Kingston, that's Montreal Street.
  5. Mark Walton

    Adieu MR-63

    The STM has finally announced the end of the line for these old veterans this month. Here's the schedule for the farewell runs.
  6. Mark Walton

    TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    Can they do the same with YVR Station?
  7. Mark Walton

    Spadina Subway Extension

    I had my first experience of that extension Sunday. Rode form Queen's Park to VMC, my final destination MacMillan Yard Highway 7 bridge. The station is very deep, the first escalators I hit were running down, and the walkway to the VIVA Rapidway was hard to find, so I reached it on the surface. I had a 2-stop ride on VIVA Orange from VMC to Keele, though Creditstone would have been closer to my usual perch on the bridge. After about 3 hours I rode a now-YRT 107 to Rutherford, there to catch some action on the hump pullback tracks. Finally another 107 south to York U station. That too is deep, and doesn't appear to have barrier-free transfers for TTC buses. If it does, I didn't see them. YRT's takeover of the 4 TTC routes in Vaughan was a long time coming. Now I can use my Presto card for the YRT fare, no more need for exact change for TTC like in the old days! That day I used my Presto e-purse for TTC fares instead of buying a day pass.
  8. Mark Walton

    STO bus spottings

    I'm months behind following this board, and in any case never followed that thread.
  9. Mark Walton

    Winnipeg Transit Battery Electric Buses

    Now Edmonton, of all cities, wants to buy al-electric starting in 2020.
  10. Mark Walton

    General CTrain Discussion

    On Toronto's Yonge-Spadina subway line, the announcements say "Doors will open on the right" or "Doors will open on the left" as appropriate - but not on the Bloor-Danforth line. I don't know about Sheppard.
  11. Mark Walton

    ETS Electric Bus testing

    Now ETS wants to buy only electric buses starting in 2020. Whoopee-s**t, where was that green enthusiasm when the trolleys were on their last legs?
  12. Mark Walton

    2018/2019 Electric Bus Project

    Don't the current NFI trolleys have IMC, effectively if not technically? Is there any chance the battery buses could be trolley killers should TL/CMBC ever get a management so inclined? I saw an item the other day that Edmonton - of all cities - plans to buy an all-electric fleet starting in 2020.
  13. Mark Walton

    STO bus spottings

    Is 7901 still active? I haven't seen it out at all so far this year.
  14. Is 8202 ex-STO?