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  1. Mark Walton

    Winnipeg Transit and area

    The last 666 was the Flyer D700 prototype of 1968; it was renumbered after the delivery of the first production order 601-665 in late 1968-early 1969. I've never bought into superstitious hooey of any kind, including Satanism. BTW, does Winnipeg also have a 666 telephone exchange? Some cities avoid that. In Edmonton they often drop the prefix 100 from streets and avenues numbered above that. Some businesses take advantage of that for their names; the Matrix Hotel at 100 Avenue and 107 Street was once called the "Inn on 7th".
  2. That's a "section break" in the catenary, separating the system into 2 sections. Trains have to coast through that so as not to bridge it and power a section that's being worked on.
  3. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Canada's only trolleybus system, the Transit Museum Society (TRAMS) ran a series of trips with its flagship - CCF-Brill T-48A 2416, with well-seasoned captain Angus McIntyre driving most of them. By public demand, one more trip has been added, for Sunday September 23. I was on the August 11 and 12 trips. On the latter trip, CBC reporter Micky Cowan accompanied us. She did this video report and story, both of which speak for themselves.
  4. Mark Walton


    Now it's confirmed: the hybrids and some Inveros will be the first to go. https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/oc-transpo-not-pursuing-new-green-bus-technology-as-hybrid-program-runs-out-of-gas
  5. What's the green R with a bar through it?
  6. Mark Walton

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    When I was in Toronto on the Victoria Day weekend, I used my Ottawa Presto card (instead of buying a TTC day pass as I usually do) to go from downtown to CN MacMillan Yard. I tapped on the first TTC bus, then the subway at Queen's Park, then Viva Orange at VMC. Later I used a couple of now-YRT 107s, from Highway 7 to Rutherford Road, then from Rutherford to York U station, where I went back into TTC country. When I checked my Presto usage report, I found it had charged me properly for the TTC trip, and for the 2 YRT 107 trips - but not for the Viva trip, from VMC to Keele. The system did record all TTC initial tap-ons and transfers properly. The next day I used my card for a GO train Union-Aldershot and back. The best thing for the YRT trips was not needing exact change, which I needed when TTC ran the 107 in York Region. I'm puzzled, though, why TTC readers only show "Accepted/Not Accepted", and not the pass/transfer time remaining, fare charged, and balance left, as OC Transpo, YRT, and GO readers do (I can't speak to any of the other Presto systems).
  7. Mark Walton

    2019 Nova LFS Order

    I understand OC got the hybrids with the recommended lithium-ion batteries. and got - or should get - close to the claimed service life. TTC cheaped out and got lead-acid batteries - and ended up replacing those like crazy!
  8. Mark Walton


    Some of the discussion on this board was that the Orion 7s would be the first to go.
  9. Mark Walton

    OC Transpo Retired Bus(es) Whereabouts

    Another thing: During the mid- to late-1970s GM had a year-long backlog at their London plant, which until circa 1978 was "it" for Canada. That may have been another reason OC got those ex-TTCs. Many other Canadian systems were doing much the same kind expansion blitz as OC Transpo (though Winnipeg was always Flyer City once that company got into transit). When the St. Eustache plant opened, at first built it mainly for Quebec systems, with London filling other orders. (London buses had serial numbers starting with C, for Canada; St. Eustache buses used M, Montreal; Pontiac buses had no serial number prefix). Eventually GM moved all production to St. Eustache, around the time "monster" orders like OC's 134 in 1975 tailed off. By the time Classic production started, the backlog was reduced to about 6 months; that was how long it took OC to get its first Classics, 8401-8425.
  10. Mark Walton

    Sick Buses

    I remember when squeaky brakes were a trademark of Montreal buses! In time they hushed them.
  11. Mark Walton

    General BRT discussion

    That would bring it in line with York Region Transit's Viva BRT routes that have color names - Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow after the Viva name. They have 600-series route numbers, though those are not shown on the YRT web site.
  12. Mark Walton

    STO bus spottings

    What's the "Accessible Violation"?
  13. Mark Walton

    CTrain - U2 cars Retirement Watch

    Cromdale was closed and demolished some years ago.
  14. Mark Walton

    Canada Line

    Have they/will they put in a more direct underground connection between VCC and Granville (Expo Line) Stations?
  15. Mark Walton

    Adieu MR-63

    VERY last run on the Blue Line today, then fini.