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  1. More detail in the Transcollines thread in the Quebec forum. BTW both threads should be merged in NCR Here's the second picture I tried to upload into that thread, but the 5 MB limit blocked me.
  2. Certainly the Canada Labor Code, governing OC Transpo, STO, and Transit Windsor for the above-stated reasons. For Transcollines and other strictly intra-provincial operators, the labor and other laws of their respective provinces governs. On another topic: one of 2 Transcollines buses at Place d'Accueuil, Maisonneuve Boulevard, during the last STO rotating strike March 21. The board won't let me upload the other; the limit is 5 MB. EDIT: I just uploaded that picture to the Transcollines thread in the NCR forum.
  3. Transcollines, being provincially regulated, is not permitted to operate into Ottawa; unlike STO and OC Transpo, both of which are federally regulated.
  4. The RTS back door was just ahead of the rear wheels - something I haven't seen since the 1950s Macks.
  5. Transcollines, being provincially regulated, is not permitted to operate into Ottawa; unlike STO and OC Transpo, both of which are federally regulated.
  6. In the late 1980s an Ottawa company came up with an interactive map. A rider could touch his origin and destination, the map would then calculate a route and, optionally, print it out. Unfortunately it never went anywhere, the company went out of business.
  7. I was on the farewell charter.
  8. That orange was "traction orange", specifically designed top make big interurban cars visible in the countryside. One of the objections to getting rid of it was that it would reduce visibility of buses on busy streets, or during construction. Over the years there have been many variations on it: the solid cream/orange; the wraparound orange stripe on the 1960 CanCar "Box Cars"; the solid orange front of the TDH5301s and 4517s; the cream windshield bib of later fishbowls (one of the spiffiest variations I ever saw); the orange sign surround of the D700s that was not carried forward to later Flyers. Finally came the "check-mark"; when was that first introduced?
  9. The name dates from 1946, when the old Edmonton Radial Railway became the Edmonton Transportation System. Less than a year later, it became the Edmonton Transit System. In 1976 the word System was dropped; it became simply Edmonton Transit. The System came back in about 1993, and has stuck ever since.
  10. Google translation of caption: "Have a look at the holy halls of the sponsoring association STRASSENBAHN HANNOVER e.V. pleasing? There the members are working diligently to make the TW 601 fit again for Hannover's rails 💪🏻. Photo: Martin Bargiel"
  11. In about 2002, ex-SMMBL 1768 was chartered for the Bus History Association tour in Ottawa-Gatineau. Coincidentally, that was also the number of Winnipeg's last trolleybus, in 1970.
  12. I came across this on the Transport Action BC site earlier this week: Could the events described happen to REM as well if they use Canada Line technology?
  13. Saddest of all, he was about a year from retirement.
  14. What happened to the "Edmonton BBC's" thread? That ran to 150+ pages.
  15. Same union, but different locals; 279 for OC, 591 for STO.. If the OC union has a collective agreement in force, they're not in a legal strike/lockout position, and may be limited in what they can do to show solidarity with their STO brothers and sisters. I don't remember what, if anything, 591 did in support of OC drivers during the 2008-09 OC strike.