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  1. The OC was for the then-Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton; the Transpo was after Transpo 72, the public transit exhibition in Washington, DC in May-June 1972.
  2. Saw 4681 this morning WB Albert near Bay.
  3. IIRC, 5931 was one of 2 TDH5105s that OC sold to Camp Fortune in the 1970s, I forget exactly when or what the other one was . Camp Fortune took only one of them, OC painted 5931 like that.
  4. That bylaw was posted on metal plaques in each bus well into the early OC era.
  5. Good to see they're going in at the middle and rear doors of articulated buses. Ottawa's artics and double-deckers have Presto card readers at each door.
  6. Like it or not, the City is legally in the right. Criminal Code of Canada: Fraud in relation to fares, etc. 393 (1) Every one whose duty it is to collect a fare, toll, ticket or admission who wilfully (a) fails to collect it, (b) collects less than the proper amount payable in respect thereof, or (c) accepts any valuable consideration for failing to collect it or for collecting less than the proper amount payable in respect thereof, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.
  7. More accurately, 4-leaf exit doors à la TTC. Previous series had the 2-leaf slide-glide door, as GM dubbed it from the first Fishbowls. All were treadle-operated.
  8. The nearest Shoppers to Union Station is in RBC Plaza across Front Street. You can get there via the PATH, it keeps pretty much mall hours 7AM - 6:30 PM, closed Sundays.
  9. Total retirements (so far) by classes: 1980-81, 10/27 retired, just over 1/3; 1982-83, 1/3 retired; 1983-84, 21/53 retired, or almost half. Why would the retirements be disproportionately from the newest group?
  10. Maybe not strictly on topic, but 95 YORK MILLS should have ELLESMERE added, because at least 2/3 of that route is actually on Ellesmere. Possible exception for the 95C Ellesmere Station branch which ends at the woefully-underused Ellesmere Station - least used of any on the whole TTC system, trailing only Bessarion.
  11. You can also use a Presto card on GO Transit and all other neighboring GTHA systems from Durham Region to Hamilton. In the 6 years since I got it, I've used my Ottawa Presto card on TTC, YRT, UP Express, and GO. TTC has also introduced Presto tickets for single-ride, 2-ride, and day pass. Those are sold at subway stations from VMC south to Lawrence West, and at several Shoppers Drug Mart stores in that part of the city. The only downtown sales point for those so far is the Shoppers at Eaton Centre.
  12. If the Ontario Line is the "Son of DRL", it's half-assed if it ends downtown instead of continuing west to meet that end of the BD line at about Dundas West. What's the latest on Ontario Place?
  13. No they don't, and haven't for the past 20+ years. 8533 went to the Hungarian pavilion at Expo 86 in Vancouver.
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