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  1. Quebec City streetcars moved their resistors to the roof after one car shorted out in a flooded underpass.
  2. Is 7901 still active in 2017?
  3. Any map is out of date the day it's in print.
  4. Will the down escalator at Marlborough be replaced? From some of the pictures I saw in that station, it might not be. That will make it about as useful as Tuscany, which has no escalators.
  5. I was on it for the last ride!
  6. Last time they did that was for 1768, the last trolleybus, on its last run October 30, 1970; it rated an illuminated sign on the front. There was no time to make another one for 1774, which was shanghaied almost at the last minute to be a Section 1, so it got a paper sign.
  7. Maybe, maybe not. See this somewhat parallel story about CN and Metrolinx.
  8. I should think the current AMT logo could easily be adapted by replacing the A with an R.
  9. Cubic: C U Buddy In Court.
  10. As of 2014 there were actually a number of them there, including 140, the first refurbished bus and only refurb not to go to Bulgaria. That was as of a year, 2 years, 4 years ago. They could all be gone by now.
  11. Some were preserved, though none are actually in Edmonton. The last one, 199, went to the Reynolds-Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin, along with CCF-Brill T48A 202. The Transit Museum Society (TRAMS) in Vancouver got 132, but so far have not been able to run it. Here's a list of the known preserved units.Plovdiv, Bulgaria bought 28 of them, but they were quarantined in a dispute over customs duties, and scrapped there. More info earlier in ht is thread.
  12. If it stops at least at Richmond and 37th SW that will be handy for me when I'm in Calgary. My brother lives in Glamorgan, just a short walk from the Safeway mall and AE Cross High School.
  13. No, not since June 2, 2009.
  14. The side opposite the driver to boot. One would expect the lights on the driver's side to be lit, because he has the shield behind him to keep glare off the windshield.