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  1. The O-Train Fans site has lists of car names and numbers for both the Citadis Spirit and Coradia LINT 41 cars, on the right margin of the respective pages.
  2. That turned out to be an issue with a Vehicle On-Board Computer (VOBC) that was slow to reboot.
  3. I expect to be in Calgary at Christmas, and would be interested if it's in the week between.
  4. I experienced my first delay last night, on a trip that started just before 6:00 PM, , though my train wasn't the cause of it. My trip was to be Lyon-St. Laurent, then a 40 or 106 bus south on St. Laurent to CSTM. I was on the train behind one that got stuck at Rideau Station with a door issue. Mine went out of service at Parliament after sitting there a few minutes. We crossed over to the other track, then got on a waiting eastbound train. We ran eastbound on the westbound track through Rideau, then back to eastbound track just before uOttawa. I got to St. Laurent in what should have been plenty of time for a 106 that due out at about 6:30, but it never came. I got a 40 out at about 6:40; that got me to St. Laurent and Bourassa about 10 minutes later.
  5. My impressions of opening day: I met up with several others at Queen Street Fare (little more than a glorified food court BTW). During lunch the PA system played – of all songs – “Last Train To Clarksville”! After lunch we took a 95 bus (# 6494) to Tunney’s Pasture station. There we met up with another friend of mine who happened to be in the Tunney’s area helping someone move; one of the group works at Statistics Canada nearby. We walked all the way from the bus, around the edge of the loop, then through the exit to join the lineup, which snaked back along the sidewalk. A minute or so before 1:45 the line started to pass through the gates. The first train was too packed, so we waited for the next one, only a minute or so behind. Even that one was SRO all the way to Blair, and took a little over the advertised 25 minutes. We had car 1117 in the lead. Most of that was probably the long stops at stations, which averaged anywhere from 30 to 55 seconds. I for one found it on the noisy side, especially in tunnels; in the open, not so bad. Door chimes were not loud enough, and station announcements could be hard to hear in a packed car. Those announcements are very comprehensive and in both languages, but a useful addition would be which side the doors open on. That’s standard in Calgary, on the TR class trains that work the Toronto Yonge-Spadina line. Only Pimisi and Cyrville have center platforms, which require a left-hand opening. Blair too, trains could arrive on either track. A common complaint I’ve read on Facebook is that the trains are cramped and hard to move about in; the aisle can be frankly trench-like. At Blair we got off and hung around a while – except my friend who headed back to Tunney’s right away. A local musician, Chantal Hackett, set up to perform in the lower concourse. We headed back, I went all the way to Tunney’s, then back to Lyon and home (I had a CityFolk shift that evening). My friend took the following timings for his Blair-Tunney’s return trip: Blair to Cyrville - 2.10 Cyrville to St Laurent - 1.17 St. Laurent to Tremblay - 2.11 Tremblay to Hurdman - 1.55 Hurdman to Lees - 1.29 Lees to UOttawa - 1.15 UOttawa to Rideau - 1.48 Rideau to Parliament - 1.16 Parliament to Lyon - 52 sec Lyon to Pimisi - 1.31 Pimisi to Bayview - 1.16 Bayview to Tunney's - 1.28 Average station dwell was 30-55 seconds. Limited though my first-day experience was, I liked what I saw of it. Probably next weekend I’ll be able to take a closer look, station by station. My friend found this story that shows me going through the gate at Tunney’s. Since opening day I've done about 6 to 8 trips. Dor chimes and announcements seem to be louder now; either the volume was turned up or with the cars less packed they're easier to hear. The underground stations, including my own Lyon and especially Rideau, are DEEP - so deep it's often quicker to take the elevators.
  6. University has been so thoroughly subsumed into the larger YS line that no one thinks of it as separate anymore. I foresee crowding at St. George becoming worse in time, plus that station is more cramped than BY. Plus since the TYSSE opened, trains coming from Spadina may be more crowded than before. Don't know about UP Express loads. That's why I still foresee the need for DRL West in some form, so better to bite the bullet now.
  7. That was probably when Edmonton still ran out of Cromdale, before D. L. MacDonald opened. Edmonton cars couldn't run on Calgary track, so while at Anderson they used shop trucks. Once D.L. opened in late 1983, Edmonton could do their own assembly.
  8. Aren't both the east and west legs of the BD line about equally congested? Don't all those transferring passengers clog up the 2 interchange stations, B-Y and St. George, about equally? That's why I think both ends of that line need relief.
  9. I never considered the old DRL much use unless it connected with both ends of the BD line. This line doesn't look like it will be any more useful in that respect.
  10. what's the experience so far with the disposable Presto tickets. Glad to see them systemwide; I can now get a day pass at Union Station when I arrive by VIA from Ottawa.
  11. But not until 2:00 PM for the general public; fare gates open 15 minutes earlier. I doubt I'll have time for much more than a quick ride; I have a CityFolk shift that evening and the next.
  12. Those I first thought looked like Fuji Film boxes. There were two of those routes; one was dedicated to service the then-new Aviation and Space Museum.
  13. I still remember when most stops outside downtown were just a simple sign "Bus Stop" attached to a pole. Most stops downtown or at transfer points had a list of routes serving that stop.
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