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  1. More precisely, it would have been one of 7501-7545. Those were a continuation of 7401-7460, with fairly wide windows in the back door. Starting with 7551-7570, which were a 20-bus addition to that order, GM went to narrower windows in the back door.
  2. Whatever became of plans floated about 10 years or so ago to move the bus terminal to or near the VIA station?
  3. This seems to be VIA's track record in labor relations the last few rounds:
  4. I didn't notice the MTO sticker. The bus looked OK to me, maybe because it was a rebuild. It got me to Kitchener safely and on time, so I really can't complain.
  5. All but 2 MR-90 cars apparently destined for preservation will be scrapped: Les trains de l’ancienne ligne Deux-Montagnes seront mis à la ferraille | Radio-Canada.ca
  6. True, and Pontiac-built buses of that vintage originally had the GMC front nameplate. I guess 751's original one was lost and no others were available?
  7. What if anything does the R signify?
  8. The GM badge is early 80s vintage; the original was GMC.
  9. The other day I was on an Invero (didn't notice the #) with the new reader. I had to try it several times, and apparently land my card just-so, to get a green tap.
  10. Does TL have an app analogous to Calgary Transit's myFare, or plans to roll out such an app?
  11. Will they repeat that for Bluesfest, which starts July 7?
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