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  1. One possible reason: That sign had a panic button that would cause the sign to flash "Emergency - Call Police". More than once, drivers hit it accidentally, causing people seeing it to call police, and they'd chase that bus - 7801 IIRC - only to find there was no problem.
  2. Will they remove the trolley wires from Broadway for construction, and not replace them afterward, the way they did on Cambie when the Canada Line was built?
  3. Spotted 7901 Monday evening, from a distance, on route 21 turning from Laurier onto Metcalfe.
  4. The D700s were widely considered junk, and never too popular anywhere - even in Winnipeg, where they were built, let alone here or in Montreal, which had 10. TTC had about 20, in 2 separate orders; likewise Calgary and Vancouver.
  5. As I recall, the 73xx were the last delivered with red rollsigns; the 74xx were the first with black.
  6. Somewhat reminiscent of GO Transit, in the early darker-green scheme, the old Department of highways green of 1967.
  7. The split is effective today. The new web sites for RTM is up and running; for ARTM, apparently not yet.
  8. I spotted 7901 on Laurier at PDP3, route 41, waiting to turn onto Portage Bridge.
  9. Angus;'s retirement rated a thread on its own, I started that thread, and didn't get any static from anyone over it.
  10. Does NFI still have the arrangement with Girardin? Not that it seemed to have helped NFI much, if any, in Quebec.
  11. ARTM is actually Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain; RTM is correct.
  12. Which document? There's a long list.
  13. Westwood being replaced? When and why? Who is/was Kathleen Andrews? Where will the new garage be? Any plans for the current Westwood property after the garage closes?
  14. Ottawa does the same (we call it Rack and Roll), though this is the first I've heard of the parking issue.
  15. 7901 spotted downtown yesterday, I forget what route and didn't get my camera ready in time.