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  1. At $102.05 for a monthly pass vs. $3.00 cash fare, I calculate the break-even point at $102.05/$3.00 = 34 trips/month. Does Peggo allow you to track your usage and download the data to a spreadsheet like Ontario's Presto card?
  2. And the "Go With It!" ad for the then-new loonie on the back. The French equivalent was "Ça Roule!"
  3. That would be just after the shift to Daylight Saving time, and the vernal (spring) equinox which marks the start of spring. The latter is Saturday, March 21, 2021 at 5:37 AM Mountain Time.
  4. The myFare app passed every test I threw at it during my recent visit. For each of the 5 days I used the system, I bought a day pass either in the early morning or the night before, then activated it before my first trip. After that, it was just a matter of calling up the pass, then tapping it on the bus reader - valid every time. Twice aboard the CTrain I was checked; on one trip the inspector used his portable reader to check it, kiddingly grumbling that it was only the second time that day. I saw others using it too, which hints at its apparent popularity. Sometimes the pass was slow to load, but that was probably my phone; it's an older one, coming due for replacement soon.
  5. I created my account in anticipation of my trip out there next week, will be putting it to the test.
  6. Apparently a long-standing issue with the board itself, I've had the same issue.
  7. That would be a losing battle, even before it starts. As a bus moves forward, it creates a partial vacuum behind it. Since Nature abhors a vacuum, air and crud are swept up into the void.
  8. PA speaker quality in any transit vehicle or station often tends to be so-so at best. Stations often tend to be worse, because of the echo.
  9. And air conditioned, 10 years before the TTC's H5 et seq.
  10. Fleet # 205, part of the 25-unit 1965 order or TDH5303s.
  11. Vancouver's SkyTrain system, being fully automated, is loaded with sensors including track intrusion.
  12. Better battery charge, reduced charging time, reduced brake wear.
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