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  1. Michael

    Vancouver general sightings and notes

    12006 on a 98 B-Line... or an N10.
  2. Michael

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    Incorrect; 620 at 4:30pm.
  3. Michael

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    Buses 2163 and 2181 are just two which have the new INIT communications system (currently inactive, of course).
  4. Michael

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    Well... 2191 broke down at Howe and Robson. (17) 2116 broke down at Pender and Hamilton. (7) And 2114 broke down at 29th Avenue Station. (16) 2220 was "SPECIAL", presumably maintenace testing. Oh, and something that (hopefully) didn't break down, 3172 on a 311 PM tripper.
  5. Michael

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    The sign programming was done over the weekend, I think. Everything was made smaller, and the P/Rs were completely erased. The new P/Rs are: 1 - Express 2 - Sorry Bus Full 3 - Amber Alert 4 - Happy Holidays 5 - Emergency Bus 6 - Go Canucks Go 7 - Go Lions Go I think all the words are seperated by flashes on the older Luminators. Someone who knows what they're doing needs to go in there and fix them.
  6. Michael

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    Heh. The "weird sign" happens when operators goof around with the route function on the older Luminators while having a P/R message up.
  7. Michael

    New Trolleybuses sightings (E40LFR / E60LFR)

    There was also a new trolley doing 38 on a 7.
  8. Michael

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    The stripes on 8001 are crooked, but correct.
  9. Michael

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    Not sure if 7282 was ever in Vancouver, but it's back in Burnaby, seen as 2 on a 27 earlier today.
  10. Michael

    Bus Strike 2007

    Like it said, strike vote. Everybody with 20 or more years voting yes, everybody living paycheck to paycheck voting no. The company's got the upper hand, I tell you. But probably, there will be a strike. Also, there's talk of ditching work one day this week from 9:30 to 15:30, with everybody just parking the bus where they are.
  11. Michael

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    I'm very surprised nobody noticed that 3173 was 3 on a 098. Permanent VTC resident 7273 is still wearing 'B's. RTC loaner 7241 was on a 22.
  12. Michael

    Cameras on Buses

    There are also cameras on 2109 and 8045 if I remember correctly. The VTC cameras are live feed to an antanna on top of VTC, and BTC bus cameras have memory chips somewhere.
  13. Michael

    New Trolleybuses sightings (E40LFR / E60LFR)

    2118 was running as a 37/007 today.
  14. Michael

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    Dave: 7460 was a 10 on a 27, and 7279 was also a 27. 7283 was spotted a couple weeks ago at Metrotown. VTC has 490 trippers. I'm pretty sure BTC has 212 and 214 trippers as well. George: The prefixes were all prim and proper "B"s. I looked at the interior prefix - it was a sticker plastered over the "V" sticker. Oh, and the poor bus needs an overhaul desperately. Side destination sign was zap-strapped together.
  15. Michael

    Vancouver Special Sightings

    Has anybody noticed that 7460 does NOT have a bike rack? Also, 7279 and 7283 have been returned to BTC.