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  1. Actually according to the province of Alberta, it is a railway.
  2. The new Sony A100 takes the Minolta lenses. I used to have an Olympus D-520, and promptly ditched that for a Canon A70. Once my A70 hit the dust, I invested in the Digital Rebel, which I still use today. I intend to buy the Canon A710 IS once it comes down in price after it is released.
  3. Canon Digital Rebel SLR. My photos can be found on http://www.etspe.ca Camera quality does make a difference.
  4. Yeah, plus as it stands now, diesel is cheaper than gasoline, so more savings there.
  5. Yeah, environmentally friendly is the way to go. I support trolley buses and electric modes of transportation! I drive the car economically, even though it already is (small, safe, 0.8L 3cyl turbocharged diesel engine, tiptronic transmission w/ full automatic mode, most of the parts are recyclable), by shifting at 2500RPM instead of redlining it before shifting. So far it averages 60.35MPG US Gallons, or 72.07MPG Imperial Gallons - 3.92L/100km. I would also consider the Toyota Yaris if I was looking for a small gasoline car or didn't like the smart. However, you can't park it perpendicular to the curb. (Not that it's legal to do so anyway) Honda's dashboards look amazing.
  6. Yes, and in one of the pictures I saw the legal information said Greyhound Lines Inc.
  7. Well, this is my current pride and joy: Since this photo was taken on August 23, 2006, we put on about 1300kms and made some modifications: - replaced the paper Canadian flag with a fabric one - replaced the orange sidemarkers with transparent-lens LED ones I need to take an updated picture of the car at some point - when we get some better weather!
  8. Mine was semestered as well, but some classes could be full year too.
  9. I drove by there yesterday - the wires were nice and shiny! Lovely copper color instead of the usual black.
  10. A. Wong

    Gas Prices

    Why is it so cheap down there and not as cheap in oil-rich Alberta? :| Edmonton: 93.4 Gas, 86.9 Diesel. Calgary: 94.4 Gas, 94.9 Diesel.
  11. Sometimes it is because of the information column on the left. (For you it says: Group: Members Posts: 10 Joined: 27-August 06 Member No.: 194 Warn: (0%) ------+ ) This causes the text column to be pushed down too. In my post, for example, there is only a couple of lines of extra space because this post is long enough that it meets or exceeds the height of that left-hand column. It leaves a couple so you know where the signature line starts, I guess.
  12. Because it was apparently one of the front ones, so the steering went. Condolences go out to all affected by this incident.
  13. There is a reason for "not liking" a member as you stated, and that is causing trouble in the past. New members would not be denied registration under any circumstances, that's for sure. There have beens ome arguments here, but we'll save that topic for another day...
  14. LG 125 in green on Telus Pay & Talk. George has the silver one.
  15. You seem to have a pessimistic tone. First off, it was the administrators' decision to start from scratch, considering all the crap happening on the board anyway. As other people have mentioned, this allows us to weed out some members and useless garbage posted on the old board. We did consider keeping the old posts, but it was later decided to start fresh. Jan paid for the forum software, so all decisions he makes are final. I already posted that nothing is lost - I still have all the information that was on the previous forum. I don't have time to just sit in front of my computer and spend all my time on the CPTDB so that a few people can access the old stuff the day after we set up the new board. Again, I don't even know if I can bring it back properly, but I will try. I assume Jan did not like you or something, and that is why your name "disappeared" from the members list. The big red text on the main part of the board says that validation is in effect and administrators must approve accounts in order for them to become active. I can tell you now that I do not delete any members, but sometimes approve them. However, Jan does review members and maybe he removed your account. Or he denied your registration. For what reason? I don't know.
  16. OK, sorry. Each member has up to 5MB of space now. Be conservative, please.
  17. From mwright: August 11 MUNI has 333 Trolley Buses, 495 Diesel Buses, 151 Streetcars, 26 Historical streetcars and 40 Cable Cars. Source: SF Chronicle which says the source is MUNI
  18. Just this forum only. I disabled it now.
  19. Those PM pop-ups are a new feature with this updated version of the board. I changed the posting restriction to 1MB per post, instead of the 100kb it was apparently before. If I get some time and figure out how, I'm going to try to put the old psots back up, just no registration or anything.
  20. Here is a lousy picture of a new Lethbridge Transit D40LFR I took while on a smart car relay though there.
  21. The Edmonton Sun had about a half-page article on the dog that Ernie picked up, along with a photo. I should post it sometime...
  22. Should allow 1MB of attachments per post now...
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