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  1. Yup! They facelifted it too so the newer ones look a bit different.
  2. https://www.metro-magazine.com/motorcoach/news/735200/prevost-celebrates-95th-anniversary
  3. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/watch-dream-like-deplaning-in-alberta-captured-by-canadian-flight-attendant-1.4544204
  4. Nice photo! Looks nice, no rear window optioned. Saving on costs depends on a lot of factors. The J3500 has a Cummins L9 engine whereas the J4500 has a Cummins ISX12 or DD13, so there would be theoretical savings in fuel consumption. There's also one less axle, so less tires to replace, etc. The highest operating cost is the driver cost, so the reduced capacity of the bus might not work to the cost saving advantage (fewer seats to sell).
  5. https://www.metro-magazine.com/zero-emissions/news/735161/
  6. 800 (ex-Squamish Coach Lines) and 5:
  7. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-04-17/first-japan-built-airliner-in-50-years-takes-on-boeing-airbus
  8. https://www.metro-magazine.com/zero-emissions/news/734918/greenpower-delivers-first-ev-stars-to-creative-bus-sales
  9. Ouch! Hope the bus wasn't damaged too badly. The tent likely can be replaced fairly easily - parts for that kind of bus, much less so. Grab shot of the buses at Centennial from July 18, 2019 - blocked by the blue Chevy Sonic there was also a blue/silver Fishbowl.
  10. Thanks for the update!
  11. Wow, cool, nice identification work! While reading a bit further about those coaches, came across this photo of the shorter model too (Flickr photo):
  12. Definitely looks fake, thanks for letting me know... please let me know if it continues, I don't have an iOS device to test with right now.
  13. That kind of front slope is reminiscent of styling from South America. I have no idea what it is. Similar looking modern bus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neobus_(Brazil)
  14. Cool! Thanks for sharing those photos. There are similarities to the buses in Iceland (I noticed there is a decal for Air Iceland Connect on the side) in that the buses are yellow, and I bet the same destination sign manufacturer.
  15. Most of those photos are not even ok on a wiki page. --- This has been stated before: please remember this is a Feature Photo thread. It is not a random image gallery thread. As others have already mentioned, there should be some significance to the photo, and it should be of excellent quality. There are many other places available on CPTDB to post regular photos, even of lower quality.
  16. Yes, there have been a few requests for dark theme. I may try to see if I can play with this Chameleon theme to change the post backgrounds, but we'll see if I am successful...
  17. This page of feature photos is much better than many previous ones. Thank you all for the great submissions, keep them coming!
  18. This article refers to a 2019 MCI J4500 "Livery Edition": https://www.metro-magazine.com/motorcoach/news/734721/mci-delivers-3-livery-edition-j4500s-to-olympus-limo
  19. I reverted some things on the red theme, can you check again? If not, can you try to see if the same problem exists on the Blue theme?
  20. A few good articles: https://www.metro-magazine.com/technology/news/730374/cummins-acquires-electric-and-hybrid-powertrain-provider https://www.metro-magazine.com/bus/article/734599/a-closer-look-at-gillig-cummins-battery-electric-bus-partnership
  21. Try to log out and log back in, and/or clear your browser cookies.
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