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  1. https://www.metro-magazine.com/technology/news/733769/new-flyer-completes-new-york-s-first-interoperable-on-route-charger
  2. A. Wong

    Life After Greyhound

    Apparently it's not impossible:
  3. A. Wong

    Whats up with the board

    I believe the TTC Nova RTS page was accidentally deleted and found to be unrecoverable.
  4. A. Wong

    Miscellaneous Greyhound discussion

    There was a D4505 parked in the back of the former Greyhound maintenance facility on Yellowhead Trail in Edmonton today. The building is also for sale: https://powersearch.jll.com/ca-en/property/31158/for-sale-former-greyhound-facility-12521-123-street-edmonton-ab-not-entered
  5. A. Wong

    Life After Greyhound

    Highway 3 Connector, a pilot project operated by Southland Transportation of Pacific Western Transportation, starts up next week: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/highway-3-connector-bus-pilot-project-medicine-hat-lethbridge-1.5096313 Rides are free for the first two weeks! http://www.highway3connector.ca/
  6. A. Wong

    Pacific Western Transportation

    Red Arrow 5702 southbound on Highway 2 in Alberta.
  7. A. Wong

    Carefree Express (Lethbridge, Alberta)

    Carefree Express 921 in Calgary, AB. March 23, 2019
  8. A. Wong

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    First Canada still owns it, there have been some school buses there mainly, but not much activity there. The front area was empty when I drove by last.
  9. A. Wong

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    I think there are a couple of units still at the former Edmonton garage on Yellowhead Trail.
  10. https://www.metro-magazine.com/motorcoach/news/733545/mci-completes-production-of-first-d45-crt-le-commuter-coach
  11. A. Wong

    Green Power Bus

  12. A. Wong

    Image removal

    Deleted, thanks.
  13. A. Wong

    Transit Museum Society Wiki

    You are welcome to post here with the corrections and we can make the changes for you!
  14. A. Wong

    The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    Might have had to use an orange version of the rear destination sign, I'm assuming it was white before?
  15. A. Wong

    OC Bus Spottings

    Sarcastic posts are not always appreciated.