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  1. These are a couple of photos I took on December 24, 2016 of where the old downtown Edmonton Greyhound depot used to stand, on 104 Avenue and 104 Street. The photos are facing south/west.
  2. Awesome, thanks for sharing that photo!
  3. Have you tried to clear your cookies, or trying a different browser?
  4. Just speculation, but maybe they were leases from the beginning, and the lease is up now?
  5. Thanks for the info!
  6. Looks like it is 12 years, and also being claimed as "lifetime" - though I imagine that means the lifespan of the bus is 12 years and those running the buses longer will not have warranty coverage. http://www.byd.com/na/ebus/ebus.html
  7. Thank you for posting the information. it is interesting to see the current state of them.
  8. Changed.
  9. Maybe, though that market generally isn't large. For example, the ElDorado Axess.
  10. Mix 107.9 has a new radio ad about the new buses in Fort Saskatchewan. They are advertising with the URL GoFortTransit.ca
  11. Yes, that is the likely issue. @Transitfan39 was there anything helpful under "More Information"?
  12. http://www.metro-magazine.com/bus/news/717111/alexander-dennis-enviro500-concept-bus-on-display-in-singapore
  13. Looks like it used to be Happy Coach Line! http://etspe.ca/coach/coachviewpic.php?pic=other/happyline131.jpg Someone took the time to paint the front stripes blue too.
  14. I don't mean to be negative but the market between Calgary and Edmonton is saturated and it would be difficult to compete. Red Arrow is the premium service, and Greyhound/Ebus are the lower cost options. They already have express service so a new service won't be able to get between the cities much faster, and if the draw is Megabus style fares, it may not be profitable while competing with these established names.
  15. Awesome, welcome aboard!! I have a cousin that lives in Whitehorse currently. That MC-7 looks to be ex-Saskatchewan Transportation Company. Looking forward to more of your posts!