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  1. Here is a photo I got of 101, same unit above already posted by @T6H-5307N
  2. I went to track down 2032 since I was in the area. Unfortunately 2022 was running in its place! Even though Transit 55 said it was 2032. I also saw handibus 6016 and its license plate is BRT-7274
  3. I suspect PWTransit as well, however I don't know for sure.
  4. I did manage to snag a photo but the license plate was not clear enough. I am pretty sure it is CHM-4391 - may want to await another confirmation though. It looks like they are following the order.
  5. 8002 working route 413 on Baseline Road, heading into Edmonton 2021 departing Bethel Transit Terminal 2030 and 2031 at Bethel Transit Terminal 2030 departing Bethel Transit Terminal on route 432 Summerwood 2031 parked at Bethel Transit Terminal One of the oldest LFSes in service, 926 SCT 6021 License Plate BZD-4495
  6. ETS 7135 entering Manning Town Centre retail area. This road was previously served peak hours only by route 184, now has service all day on route 107.
  7. 2031 out on the route 420 this afternoon: License plate CHM-4392
  8. To continue on my analysis on my neighborhood route, evening service is indeed 4 units assigned. This evening, it was 12 minutes between a northbound bus and a southbound bus. I looked again at the peak hour service and added 4 minutes from a timing point to get the following numbers... 27 minutes to get to Belvedere 18 minutes to get to Clareview It would be 9 minutes extra on the Belvedere trip, but it does get one LRT station further south. The wait for the next bus would be 12 minutes. After the local service ends (last bus approximately 10:00PM through the ne
  9. For the first Monday of the new system, I am very happy with the bus service changes to my neighborhood. For context, it did not have any bus service running through it previously. Being a newer suburban neighborhood, there are many young families. I will occasionally see people walking from the closest main avenue, and I assume that many times it is someone who took the bus to the closest stop and is walking home. Having lived here for almost 4 years now, I have taken the bus home to the closest stop a grand total of 2 times. I primarily drive everywhere. It was previously about a
  10. @Nick B Thanks to @awstott for the information on the setting, I've disabled that side panel from displaying. We'll see if anyone misses it!
  11. I haven't found it useful and usually just scroll right past it without a second glance. I haven't looked for a way to disable it so not sure if it is a theme setting or a board setting, but I think it was part of the forum software upgrade.
  12. Cool, thanks for sharing that! I would have thought that it was for SmartFare as they are looking to roll it out soon (at discounted prices too!), and the requirement to install an application seems about right for that. The buses already have the readers. The "original" smartcard pilot with the Cubic Systems equipment was limited to a small group as well, involving University of Alberta students.
  13. Sorry, could you clarify what you are asking for? This photo could be added under unit 377 on the page https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Winnipeg_Transit_371-398 Our general guidelines on photographs are located here: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/CPTDB_Wiki:Photographs#Photo_Quality
  14. Hi all, sorry for the delay in processing the Wiki applications. We were behind about 6 months (my fault) and are catching up now. Thanks for your patience!
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