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  1. A. Wong

    National Motor Coach

    I would agree with IC Bus HC Platinum. National 246 clearly has a yellow IC logo on the grille - other manufacturers usually have the regular International orange badge. Definitely is not a Krystal Bus as they have the cladding that sweeps up on the side.
  2. A. Wong

    Autobus Lion

  3. A. Wong

    OC Bus Spottings

    While more information is always better, there are no requirements on posting spottings. Keeping track of active bus numbers is valuable to some members.
  4. A. Wong

    Saskatoon Updates

    Saskatoon Transit 1712 at Confederation Mall
  5. A. Wong

    Gillig product discussion

    I think those are the ones that ran for the now defunct Canada 3000 airline?
  6. A. Wong

    Medicine Hat Transit

    Thanks for making the edits!
  7. A. Wong

    Transit employment threads?

    Thanks!! I've moved it.
  8. Email submission:
  9. A. Wong

    Transit employment threads?

    Thanks Tom! I have moved these too.
  10. A. Wong

    Transit employment threads?

    Thanks for the suggestion and for all the links. I've created the new forum and moved all the above topics. Feel free to post more to move if you come across any.
  11. A. Wong

    OC Transpo

    Bill Henry said:
  12. A. Wong

    Transit employment threads?

    A subforum is possible. Could you link the ones that you think would be good to move into a separate area?
  13. A. Wong

    AMTRAN - Altoona, PA

    Received this email: