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  1. Whats up with the board

    Thanks for bringing this up. It should now be disabled entirely - give it a shot and let me know if there are any further issues.
  2. Beaumont Transit

    Interesting. Beaumont has come a long way since the test route 98. I still have one of the green route pamphlets from that test run back in 2003. The Sobeys was even an IGA back then. Wow, almost 14 years later they are getting their own buses! http://www.etspe.ca/special/aug21-03/beaumontets.php
  3. http://www.metro-magazine.com/technology/news/724202/vix-technology-to-supply-edmonton-with-smart-ticketing-system
  4. Wiki Fixes - Report Any Problems

    Restored the Prevost Car page. There are a few anomalies but hopefully nothing too major is encountered now!
  5. Wiki Fixes - Report Any Problems

    Thanks. Hopefully that's just the only one affected! We'll work to restore that one...
  6. Definitely looks like some nice improvements! http://www.j4500-enlightened.com/ Optional rear window now available too.
  7. CPTDB Wiki was created on June 16, 2007 - 10 years (a decade!) ago. What started out as a small project has expanded to be one of the largest repositories of fleet information on the Internet. It is thanks to the countless hours and contributions from CPTDB Wiki moderators, editors, and members, that has allowed such a comprehensive resource to be established. It truly is an amazing community effort that provides a great deal of information to those interested in public transit. At the time of writing, we have some very impressive statistics: Content pages 27,294 Uploaded files 29,537 Page edits since CPTDB Wiki was set up 322,558 A huge thanks again to all contributors who have made the CPTDB Wiki a great success over the last 10 years. We hope that the Wiki continues to grow well into the future!
  8. Whats up with the board

    Is that still happening now? I was able to preview pages OK... so just want to see if it is still happening for you.
  9. Golden Arrow Motor Coaches

    Golden Arrow 802 in Jasper, Alberta. April 2017
  10. Gillig product discussion

    Last bus rolled off the line in Hayward:
  11. Brewster Inc.

    This article says Brewster added 9 J4500s in 2016, and 11 in 2017.
  12. Cruise Victoria

    Cool! It appears to be a GreenPower Bus EV550 http://www.greenpowerbus.com/product-line/
  13. Whats up with the board

  14. Whats up with the board

    I think it got merged with the PWT one a while ago...or it was just put into that one...