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  1. https://www.newmarkettoday.ca/local-news/newmarket-plant-ships-its-first-battery-electric-bus-to-quebec-2039079
  2. Hello! Thanks for the information. I've moved your thread to the CPTDB Wiki Content Changes and Additions forum. Editing privileges are not given to all members. If you are interested in applying, you may do so here: https://cptdb.ca/forum/59-applications/ We typically ask for history of quality posts here on this forum, but also will consider any external experience as well (for example, industry knowledge, Wikipedia editing)
  3. I had no intention of finding 7110, but it appeared in front of me while driving. Despite the filthy rear end, I looked at the fleet number and there it was! It was starting service at Clareview West on route 2:
  4. Completed all except the quoted one above. Thanks!
  5. https://globalnews.ca/news/6416141/air-canada-unveils-airbus-a220/
  6. Thank you for your contribution. However, this photo would not be accepted for the Feature Photo. Please refer to the photo quality guidelines from the CPTDB Wiki
  7. A. Wong

    Wiki Upgrade

    Thanks, I have fixed this now.
  8. Nice catch on the new wrap! Interesting they advertise Greyhound Charters now... and the Charters button on their website is one of the smallest things on the screen.
  9. https://www.metro-magazine.com/zero-emissions/news/736988/calif-s-long-beach-transit-adding-14-more-byd-battery-electric-buses
  10. https://www.metro-magazine.com/bus/news/737006/new-ripta-buses-equipped-with-solar-panels-to-boost-battery-life
  11. Yes, it was interesting to see them make a comeback for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, but that's now a decade ago, and still no real mass production.
  12. Source: https://www.metro-magazine.com/zero-emissions/news/736978/study-looks-at-cold-weather-effects-on-electric-bus-range
  13. Hello, and welcome to the CPTDB! The Wiki does not always contain the most up-to-date information as it relies on our members to update it. Some pages also list entire fleets while some separate active vs. retired units. This will depend on the information that is shared from the area. In the case of https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Pioneer_Valley_Transit_Authority it looks like the fleet is all listed together. Likely only the series with photos were active in any recent time! Hopefully if there is someone from the area or someone who has visited there recently might be able to help answer your question more specifically.
  14. With a successful pilot, I hope to see it rolled out to more areas (and not just limited to Calgary either)! I can foresee politics coming into play when it comes to any further expansion though.
  15. Awesome, someone finally ventured out there and got pictures! Thanks for doing that and sharing here! Interesting that they are unmarked. The back end system for this service is supported by RideCo. Their case study is and interesting read and accessible here: https://blog.rideco.com/calgary-transit-case-study-rideco-solves-first-last-mile-gap-6e047fc8570f?gi=8e704f7d5cc9
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