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  1. Last flight into Saint John, NB is today: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/covid-19-air-travel-new-brunswick-1.5517832
  2. Could have been doing some essential service work!
  3. You have to be pretty oblivious and selfish to call this a "fake disease". Stay informed: https://www.gov.mb.ca/covid19/index.html And please, stay home.
  4. While most transit systems are cutting back service, Fort Saskatchewan Transit is expanding in a way, by offering Saturday service. These changes will be in effect from April 14 to June 30, 2020. (They are reducing weekday service) https://fortsaskonline.com/local/fort-saskatchewan-transit-adding-saturday-service
  5. Homeland Security deems for-hire transportation as an essential service: https://www.metro-magazine.com/government-issues/news/737966/homeland-security-designates-for-hire-transportation-as-essential-critical-infras
  6. Nice work documenting these rare times!
  7. What browser are you using? There was a specific editor skin that was applied and it should look like this: That looks really nice - too bad we can't make the Chameleon theme look like that! I just enabled another one called "Night Mode" which is more black. You can give it a test. It may still not be as good as what your phone can produce, but the background is darker and the text is lighter - much more contrast than the dark navy blue.
  8. Thanks for your feedback, everyone!
  9. The dark theme is now available by going to the very bottom left of the screen and clicking on Theme, then choosing Dark Theme. Enjoy and please let me know if you run into any weirdness.
  10. Thanks for searching and bumping it up! A dark theme will be added shortly.
  11. https://www.metro-magazine.com/zero-emissions/news/737694/coach-atlantic-maritime-bus-first-to-test-all-electric-mci-coach-in-canada?
  12. ex-Sun West Coach, more recently Global Bus Lines, 110 being used for a fire training exercise: https://www.facebook.com/pg/williamvavrekphotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3115050738507782&__xts__[0]=68.ARAJnKrD1sVQs8-YFKTja4zR3gdOKnhm6BTgpd0qOkbVxb3r-kResbd3c-Kpfsde7liCE7XI9IrhLYyRhiXTA489VK2ZKatqsXTucmSHjhB0HwspP0Ma3rB37GKC88SbrzCnNO6K2Nra0h8o6NH6SA2YKUhNT3i46ebmfZ-VQ5nQPkdr83jinr-IO8lzufZu1ZyTSix6dYoDWM57XB4-CQtmkdFNjZo05ZXWg81CStxH2iX7LBJhEX-dV1t_NZcTUgSAI6Uo5HYcYWVZf9w2-kkNy5qZaVIw-IfbsFBYkasraxqZ2sdIEhHx-Sc1g3Q-WKJIz8MqxtjCscjliBQemRxIAQeGqZ4gLo96fFO9oJWn_glEtVUkM6aYf3GN1zAxnBcCGFS1pXiZMbK6q0Nniol3MkOIcmr7HffeXoi7d9-mVCCn_cEXOMsbhnkM0LAeJmK9r-vxwutFpjww7HGgake4AUaExjogJJoDXjGqR23w1vnk6oITsAcJ_B9QWt--MObwkylb&__tn__=-U-R Photos by William Vavrek Photography
  13. Whoops! I missed this and have changed it now.
  14. "File:Southland Transportation 8640 3-06-20.jpg" has been moved to "File:Southland Transportation 8640-a.jpg" "File:Perimeter 805.jpg" has been moved to "File:Vancouver Trolley Company 805-a.jpg"
  15. https://www.biotcanada.ca/telus-connects-underground-vancouver-skytrain-customers/1002881227
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