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  1. 1. It was a new feature introduced with the forum software upgrades - it would have allowed up to one week for a guest to register before removing the posts. I've disabled it now though, so thanks for letting me know. 2. I've fixed the error you've posted about. Thanks. Fixed, thanks!
  2. So far so good. Still riding fine and pretty cool temperature inside from my perspective.
  3. Could you also provide a link to where it is showing that? Thanks to @captaintrolley I think I've fixed the topic issue in the Red and Blue themes. Let me know if you run into any other errors. Thanks!
  4. With the newly installed Chameleon theme, please try on your mobile devices again and hopefully this solves the problem!
  5. Unrelated to the shields, the stock photo used in the Global newscast is my photo:
  6. They are kind of interesting, I think it has something like a power window built in so that the driver can choose to put it down if they want.
  7. Wondering where your posts are? They have been removed. You have derailed a thread about a derailment. Please keep posts on topic.
  8. https://www.metro-magazine.com/motorcoach/news/734393/temsa-sold-by-turkish-based-parent-company
  9. It is possible with effort, and sure you may need a little luck some time, but that's the fun in photographing vehicles! As you get a larger collection of photos, you will find ones that you like more than others. This is a "feature photo" thread, it is not a "image galleries" thread. We want to showcase the best photos on the front page of the forum and wiki. This is a much better photo than the ones you posted previously with 2 Novas side by side, in terms of quality.
  10. https://www.metro-magazine.com/bus/news/734351/hyundai-debuts-electric-double-decker-bus-with-186-mile-range
  11. There are a few posts with good tips: Refer to these guidelines: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/CPTDB_Wiki:Photographs#Photo_Quality
  12. Interesting! I did see these photos too and wondered if they were now offering a D45 CRT LE with no LE...
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