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  1. A. Wong

    BYD "E-Bus"

  2. A. Wong

    Réseau de transport de Longueuil

  3. A. Wong

    ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    2047 was in service tonight. Highest numbered one is 2048 - not yet seen on transit55.ca
  4. A. Wong

    2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    From this afternoon!
  5. A. Wong


    More specific information on what @doglover44 is looking for about the trolley system would be helpful. Otherwise, please refer to the above threads and this one will be closed.
  6. A. Wong

    Greyhound in the news

    Let's keep the comments cool in this thread please.
  7. Please keep this thread on track. No one cares to read all the banter going on and it is wasting everyone's time.
  8. A. Wong

    Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    @MTL66 I think I heard you being interviewed by CBC - they played the clip on CBC Radio 1 Edmonton this morning, not sure if there was also a video component too. Cool that you were there!
  9. A. Wong

    Transit employment threads?

    Thanks all! I've moved the above threads.
  10. A. Wong

    National Motor Coach

    I would agree with IC Bus HC Platinum. National 246 clearly has a yellow IC logo on the grille - other manufacturers usually have the regular International orange badge. Definitely is not a Krystal Bus as they have the cladding that sweeps up on the side.
  11. A. Wong

    Autobus Lion

  12. A. Wong

    OC Bus Spottings

    While more information is always better, there are no requirements on posting spottings. Keeping track of active bus numbers is valuable to some members.
  13. A. Wong

    Saskatoon Updates

    Saskatoon Transit 1712 at Confederation Mall
  14. A. Wong

    Gillig product discussion

    I think those are the ones that ran for the now defunct Canada 3000 airline?