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  1. http://www.metro-magazine.com/sustainability/news/721669/york-region-transit-to-take-part-in-canadian-battery-electric-bus-demo
  2. Interesting numbering scheme... seems to be somewhat related to the Spruce Grove Transit units, which are numbered 6900-6905?
  3. Saw a SD redecalled to "Service" at NAIT station today. I couldn't see the exact fleet number from afar but I think it was 109x. The two car consist that was arriving at the station still had "System" though.
  4. Nice find! Thanks!
  5. Very cool, thank you for sharing these photos! I did not know the history of the station. I traveled on Eurolines from there to Paris two years ago. Busy terminal and a great opportunity to see all the different coaches operating there!
  6. Saw a white cutaway today with Red Arrow decals. The fleet number looked like 1585 but I was driving at the time. International chassis on what looks like an ElDorado Aerotech body. Wonder what run it is assigned to!
  7. Thanks for sharing that information! I wonder if 03 and FTS-14 would live on with Fort Taxi and Bus Lines in other service. Will have to drive up there one day to get some photos of the Arbocs.
  8. I have seen this, funnily enough on a MCI E-Series... usually it is dirty too.
  9. A Hall Transit MCI E-Series coach from Great Falls, Montana was in Edmonton tonight.
  10. Found this on Kijiji: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/calgary/1953-gmc-ex-greyhound-bus/1244231409?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true For sale. 1953 GMC PD 4103. Ex Greyhound cruiser.
  11. I get your point, that in the day of high resolution photography and photo manipulation ability, the wrap does not do much. It is a common practice for car manufacturers to do this with new models when they test new prototypes.
  12. Deleted. Sorry, I'm not sure I quite understand. For each of those files you listed, there are still some pages that refer to the image so these should be changed to the newer logo you mentioned. When they have no pages that link to them, let me know and I can get them removed / renamed. Thanks!
  13. Nice! Probably one of the first LFSes without square windows.
  14. Changed, thanks!
  15. Done