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  1. An article from October 4, 2019: http://metro-magazine.com/zero-emissions/news/735836/mci-debuts-d45-crte-charge-battery-electric-model-at-calif-event
  2. http://novabus.com/transit-solutions/electro-mobility
  3. Ah, great, thank you for the confirmation!
  4. Submitted via email by Bill Henry:
  5. A. Wong

    Wiki Upgrade

    @Loud-Invero @110B West Pickering and others: I now have VisualEditor working using an alternate method. There will likely be a time in the future where it will indicate the same error, which means I will need to manually restart something in the background. But I will need your help to monitor that it is working for now! Please feel free to use VisualEditor going forward.
  6. Cold Shot has another location at 11041 105 Ave NW #104, Edmonton, AB T5H 3Y1 I assume that this is for parcels and not passengers, with the Passenger Terminal listed at 11204 119 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  7. Yes, this will happen while the service is unavailable. I tried to get one method working yesterday, but was unsuccessful. Might try another one today and hopefully that will work for good.
  8. Spent quite a bit of time troubleshooting but still can't determine why this is happening. I've asked the MediaWiki support desk to see if anyone has further ideas. Otherwise the workaround is to not use GIF files and use other file formats such as PNG or JPG.
  9. https://www.metro-magazine.com/zero-emissions/news/735811/mich-based-smart-ddot-to-buy-proterra-e-buses-chargers
  10. Hmm, this is interesting behaviour. I looked into it a bit tonight and it does look like it tries to generate the GIF but just comes back with a blank. I will have to look into this further.
  11. Not "normal", but it isn't displaying the accented "e" properly given the character encoding. Interesting, thanks for bringing this up.
  12. Thanks for letting me know, can you check again?
  13. Sorry, there was a setting in Google Ads that was toggled yesterday. It may take up to an hour to change back to not having those types of ads.
  14. This might be known already, but 2679 is in the newer livery: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Niagara_Falls_Transit_2678-2679
  15. 11204 119 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 2X3 is definitely occupied by Cold Shot. They also store vehicles there. I cannot verify that they pick up passengers there, though Google does list it as the Passenger Terminal. There is no consolidation for passenger bus service at this time. Other competing passenger services run out of their own locations. Red Arrow / Ebus pick up at their downtown office at 10014 104 St NW. (Red Arrow and Ebus are operated by Pacific Western Transportation - they both pick up at the same ticket office downtown) Rider Express Transportation picks up at the A&W at 10823 Kingsway Ave NW
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