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  1. A. Wong

    Username Change

    Changed Changed Changed Changed Changed Username is in use Changed
  2. A. Wong

    Green Power Bus

  3. A. Wong

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    This thread is getting way out of hand. Please stop and post responsibly. There is no need for personal attacks and inaccurate information.
  4. A. Wong

    Life After Greyhound

    Some pictures of the former Edmonton downtown Greyhound station / VIA Rail station today: The black rectangles used to have the Greyhound logo on them.
  5. A. Wong

    Whats up with the board

    There was an issue that caused the server to stop serving web pages but it remained online. The issue has been resolved for now.
  6. A. Wong

    The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    Yes, CPTDB member @Enviro 500 has photos of 708 decorated up so that is confirmed!
  7. http://www.metro-magazine.com/bus/news/732160/new-flyer-unveils-smartrider-advanced-bus-kneel-smart-leveling-system
  8. I wonder who is operating this temporary shuttle within South Edmonton Common: https://www.southedmontoncommon.com/shuttle/ SEC-Holiday-Shuttle-Map-Compressed.pdf
  9. A. Wong

    LRT Spottings

    Not exactly sure when they started, but they run 5 car trains on the Capital Line regularly. And that started probably around late 2015 according to this: https://www.edmonton.ca/transportation/Metro_Line_Operations_Fact_Sheet_August_2015.pdf
  10. A. Wong

    Duplicate accounts

    Thanks for everyone's help in reporting the posts. It has been taken care of for now.
  11. A. Wong

    Ferguson Bus Lines

    We received an email inquiry from someone wanting to find out more about Ferguson Bus Lines, in particular their school bus fleet and the routes they took. If anyone had information it would be welcome! They also ran charter coaches, some of which are documented on the CPTDB Wiki: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ferguson_Bus_Lines
  12. A. Wong

    ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    Fair enough - the 304 for sure and is there one through Whitemud Crossing? It might just be on the edge on the Whitemud ramp. There's also one route with Vicinity buses that goes through White Oaks on 137 Avenue east of 127 Street. And technically I guess Southgate also fits my previous post's criteria (though the transit centre is outside the mall property). There is a 312 stop in front of the Londonderry Save On Foods, and a temporary bus stop currently on the east side of the mall by the Bank of Montreal, maybe it will become a permanent stop but it is just one of those generic Bus Stop sandwich boards tied to a no parking sign right now. That is a bit weird!
  13. A. Wong

    ETS Grande West Vicinity Buses

    Not often you get to see a bus within a shopping mall's property, but here is 2002 at Londonderry Mall:
  14. A. Wong

    Golden Arrow Motor Coaches

    Golden Arrow 684 was in Edmonton today, likely on charter for the Grey Cup festivities
  15. A. Wong

    Northern Express Bus Line

    Here is MC015 (likely ex-First 924) and PR010: