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  1. I fixed this for the Red theme as well. In the top right, you can click on the "Customizer" to change some appearance settings. I also added a button to change between the light and dark modes.
  2. Hi all! Thanks to Jan we now have new themes to go with the upgrade. You can select the themes Dimension Light or Dimension Dark from the theme menu. These are compatible with the latest version and will display properly. I've disabled the previous Chameleon theme. Thanks for your feedback.
  3. Known issues - Turbo is seized Will cost more to tow it probably!
  4. I think you're right - I am pretty sure they had text of Saskatoon (or Saskatchewan) on the front window shades.
  5. I think these are a Starcraft product, possibly the Starlite on the Chevrolet 3500 chassis (3.7L gas engine).
  6. On December 23, I saw one of the Temsa buses leaving the Edmonton Inn, and there was also a H3-45 there too.
  7. Completed Completed Completed
  8. Yes, they run on weekends as well. Capital Line is the best place to catch them.
  9. The XD60s are still sitting behind the garage as of yesterday.
  10. Good question, I have never looked into it. I am sure there is a way, the manual way is to click on the old page and select the "What links here" link on the left side.
  11. https://www.metro-magazine.com/10131061/grande-west-unveils-vicinity-lightning-electric-bus
  12. https://www.metro-magazine.com/10129530/grande-west-teams-with-lion-bmw-to-electrify-vicinity-buses
  13. The process of updating bus stop signs has already begun:
  14. Is this still happening for you? I would suggest to clear your browser's cookies for CPTDB and attempt to log in again. Or to try a different browser to see if the problem happens there.
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