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  2. @TTC 9701 im going to the garage for a tour Wednesday so I will see which 2005-06 LFS are retired and pr still in service
  3. Noticed an El Dorado in Airdrie today! Still had its unit number on front end (1601 I think) it was painted in Calgary Transit colors in the front and it was displaying "OFF not in service" on its overhead destination sign. Looks like they sanded it down getting ready for some sort of the paint job. Strange to see it in Airdrie I thought Airdrie Transit bought them up at first.
  4. Noticed that the series 8s are receiving the series 5 - 6 and 7 style couplers (mechanical components not electronic) I forgot what type (manufacturer) couplers the series 8s use but they're going away with them by the looks of it.
  5. 449->452 is in service. Some people I know saw it going westbound in Burnaby not long ago.
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  7. Definitely think it's an improvement, it's just different. Too bad the Eglinton and Finch LRVs aren't going to have a dash of red on them. That to me is the crime in vehicle design.
  8. 3 more seats than Victoria's deckers (2000 Tridents to be specific). Victoria's deckers range from 77 to 84 seats.
  9. 4089 went up to Hillcrest for some reason today. The aforementioned 4052 and 4190 are both MIA, and given where 4171 is parked I suspect it may have met a sticky end.
  10. I'm honoured but I don't really want to replace anybody's photos. That's just in bad taste.
  11. That is one bizarre retrofit... It reminds me of what Yellowknife did to its school buses back in the day... But then again, the grass on which this bus sits on probably deserves a break from the heat. I imagine they'll revert the change once the fair is done?
  12. I have no idea, but that explains why I have not seen 5638 running along 42nd St in Manhattan for a while now.
  13. Theres already photos uploaded to wiki. Plus you're not allowed to replace other editors photos.
  14. Sorry about the poor photo quality but I spotted 1950 in service today.
  15. Gonna be a long climb to fit the exhaust hose to run it in the shop.
  16. I got photos. Not sure if they are good. @Chris W has some good Ion Bus pics on his Flikr.
  17. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/a846e786-0bad-461d-bcf9-8fd6b995bbf3
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  19. The new parking lot is actually temporary. The old one will be converted with an underground parking for employees and a new extension of the building. Work should be completed by next year and will include space for 52 buses. More info : http://www.stm.info/en/about/major_projects/solutions-300-new-buses/three-existing-bus-garages-expansion
  20. Took a trip down with a few friends. Can confirm that 0761 is the last EZ Rider in their fleet. 9766 is also now retired as well. According to the supervisor, 9765 is next to go. Their terminal is very friendly for photos if the sun is in the right spot.
  21. The 29 had some assistance from Wilson, Arrow Rd. and Malvern today for the CNE. I didn’t see anything on the 929 though. From Wilson there was: 1319, 1373, 1388, 8355 From Malvern: 9068, 9092 From Arrow Rd. : 3184
  22. Possibly, if you’re interested in seeing it your self it’s at the CNE in the Midway.
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