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  2. Ah, that’s a good point. I thought there were always drivers on standby in case they are needed for CTrain shuttles and for shelter during emergencies and whatnot.
  3. The ideas you talk about are nice, but you assume that there’s floater buses out every day - the only time there’s any floater buses is when there’s a major event going on. It’s not like there’s operators sitting in buses at the garage every day and on weekends. There may be standby operators, but that’s to fill for operators that go sick and don’t report to work. With budget cuts already to regular service, I doubt there’s funding to have operators sitting in buses ready to go.
  4. Well I was more so referencing the earlier decommissioning schedules which indicated some CLRVs would be around until 2022-23 or so. Then they changed those figures to retiring in 2019. The ALRV rebuilds had the right idea and I feel as if a similar project was undertaken with CLRVs instead of ALRVs, the results would’ve been better and maybe keeping them until 2024 would be possible. The Mark I rebuilds will be interesting for sure, especially since that 2029 date seems somewhat arbitrary at this point. I’m interested to see how the T1 rebuilds work out as well, but that’s a few years out yet.
  5. Only 2015 set with updated programming thus far (I believe the reprogramming was first spotted in May) Didnt know about this error until now
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  7. Currently on Mark III car 405 - looks like they screwed up the signs when reprogramming them. The interior sign says "King George" while the exterior one says "Next station - X. Terminus station - King George." 408 on the opposite end is ok, with the interior showing the updated next/terminus station and exterior just saying "King George".
  8. Unless an Orion V unexpectedly shows up on the 480 or 49
  9. I rode 6111-16 and it had the side destination sign working.
  10. What was the timeline they said you'd start training in your info session? At the June 17 they said we won't start training until Dec/Jan, curious to what they told the people at the May info session.
  11. I think he was talking about the rebuilds. They plan was to make them last longer but we all know what happened to the refurbished ALRVs. Money wasted and gotten nowhere. Since reliability can't be improved for the cost of a rebuild, it made no sense to try to keep them longer. This leads to the next question, how long will the Mark I rebuilds on the SRT last? I am having doubts they'll last till 2029 or whatever year the SSE/L2EE finishes.
  12. I don’t know. I will try to remember to ask the next time I am at the STO.
  13. Was there a plan to retire the CRLVs in 3-5 years? There was a plan to retire the ALRVs later on - and we know how that ended. ... so many plans ...
  14. Well ideally the next streetcar would be in the works already and bridging the gap between the end of 2024 and until the new cars arrive wouldn’t be too long. Although unfortunately this next order seems up in the air now. Does anyone know the details around how the decision was made to retire the CLRVs this year instead of 3-5 years from now as was once planned ? I understand their reliability isn’t the greatest but with limited usage and spare parts being acquired from the scrapped CLRVs and (almost) all ALRVs being scrapped, couldn’t the TTC keep a small CLRV fleet that is functional and doesn’t compromise reliability due to their limited service ?
  15. If only some 501 and 506 trippers aren't accessible, then I believe the AODA requirement has been met, with frequent service being accessible. The same way that AODA doesn't require every subway entrance be accessible - only one. That being said, we know that the CLRVs are being retired soon. Discussion is moot at this point.
  16. Just so you know for next time. We do have a separate thread for STO spottings where you can post about your info about them there.
  17. Burnt Director has a cover photo of 9225 sitting beside retired units 9133 & 9224 on his YouTube channel Is it possible to confirm that 9225 is retired too? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCad3lMfPeh5S_IjIKzXWk_w
  18. SAD NEWS! The aluminum 12-8-12s with the solid green lights at Lees/417 Off-ramp have been replaced with LEDs.
  19. Just wondering if anyone can do something like for Powder River Coach, Rim Rock Stage Trailways, TNM&O coach, Kerrville bus (KBC), Arrow Express, and more on the list to come.
  20. What you have posted there is the Freedom which operates to "standard" setups. The downtown cars have both tight curve radius and steep grades to contend with. Question is whether a 3 segment Flexity could have enough powered bogies to go everywhere it needs to, and round every curve it needs to without derailing, and interoperate within Leslie Barns and elsewhere with respect to lifting jacks, and whether it would be more cost effective to operate artics on some downtown routes instead. Have a look (in person if possible) at Main St. between Kingston Road and Gerrard. Tight, curving, steep. A platform at the subway would be least of its problems. But that only gets you to the AODA deadline. What then?
  21. Spotted 0923 yesterday Downtown with the current STO livery. @dudebrains you may edit the wiki to reflect any 3rd gens spotted in the new livery.
  22. John Mayer: Say (from The Bucket List Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2007 John Mayer: Waiting on the World to Change
  23. Golden handcuffs is the right term indeed. Its a tough decision
  24. 506 might even have relatively high ridership on weekends. On weekdays at mid-day and afternoon peak, it has 28 cars, while it has 25 cars on Saturday afternoon peak. However, if you look at the most recent crowding statistics that Steve Munro reported, 506 isn't overcrowded at peak (unlike 501 and 510), it's operating at 120% of (the lower off-peak) capacity mid-day on weekdays and 119% of capacity on Saturday afternoons. It really should have 34 CLRVs during those periods to meet current TTC service standards. With off-peak capacity being 42 on the CLRVs and 70 on the Flexities, and the recent 6-7% increase in run times, they should have at least 21 to 22 Flexities mid-day on weekdays and Saturdays. My guess is that they'll just run 24 Flexities from AM peak through PM peak on weekdays, and perhaps slightly less on Saturday afternoons, if they meet their promise of meeting service standards.
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