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  2. I think it's because transsee can track when the buses get VISION, lol
  3. Apparently 4133 is having brake issues and is now parked at Wolseley.
  4. If a deal is NOT reached by Tuesday at 5am a full shut down will take place until Friday. Again if a last minute deal can be reached by both parties the strike will be called off. Both sides are still at the table.
  5. SorryBusFull is showing two conventionals (7495, 18175) on the 337 today, but TComm is showing all shuttles (17515, 17522, 17530). Which do we trust? Has anyone seen a 40' on the 337 physically yet?
  6. The LRTA in Lowell MA Rolled out 5 Brand new 2019 Gillig BRT 35’ Buses 2001-2005 into Revenue service which Bus 2001 Entered Service on 12/4/19 License Plate Number is LRT563 Bus 2002 Entered Service on 12/4/19 License Plate Number is LRT564 Bus 2003 Entered Service on 12/5/19 License Plate Number is LRT525 Bus 2004 Entered service on 12/6/19 License Plate Number is LRT562 Bus 2005 Entered Service on 12/6/19 License Plate Number is LRT561 Note when I did a plate search on buses 2001-2005 which registered as 2019 Models as those been built in 2019 Those buses replaces Bus 2001 Replaced Retired 2007 Gillig Low Floor 35’ Bus 0709 Bus 2002 Replaced 2007 Gillig Low Floor 35’ Bus 0708 Bus 2003 Replaced 2007 Gillig Low Floor 35’ Bus 0711 Bus 2004 Replaced 2007 Gillig Low Floor 35’ Bus 0712 Bus 2005 Replaced 2007 Gillig Low Floor 35’ Bus 0710 The 2007 Gillig Low floor 35’ buses 0708 0710 0711 0712 are now retired form Revenue service This is For 2001-2005 Engine Cummins L9 Transmission Allison B3400XFE Seating 32: 4 one Angel Destination Sign Luminator Horizon
  7. 4184 has joined as well. Currently 6 cars on the 501 and 4053 still on the 506.
  8. There's my shot of the car. Despite being rusty it still runs well.
  9. LOL I dunno if some of you remember but there was very, shall we say, colourful anti-TTC graffiti on the walls of Vic park station and some other station (obviously done by the same guy) about ten years ago. I'd show a screen cap but this is a family friendly forum.
  10. Today
  11. A 4 car MK I and a 4 car MK III at Lafarge Lake-Douglas Platform 2.
  12. Just spotted GO 8347. Getting some work done I suppose?
  13. I can confirm this as I just rode on it 3 times up and Bathurst. Had a nice driver
  14. 6669 -> 50 Tunneys Pasture ( 2:15 Clyde/Baseline)
  15. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2019/12/04/mayor-john-tory-pitches-substantial-property-tax-increase-to-fund-transit-and-housing-projects.html?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=SocialMedia&utm_campaign=830am&utm_campaign_id=GTA&utm_content=mayortorypropertytaxincrease&utm_source=facebook&source=the toronto star&utm_medium=SocialMedia&utm_campaign=&utm_campaign_id=&utm_content= Tax increases for State of Good Repaid for the TTC are coming. tl:dr, 6 billion for affordable housing and the TTC, no idea the split.
  16. I mean that was a joke but if I am right I will not be surprised
  17. Likely 3537-3559 on PMAX, T and M MAX with the remaining scraps. But since 3511 put back in service we could see 3511 on Prospect at some point.
  18. Though (if it goes to Bombardier), all the development of the design and assembly line was already done. Which is why the original (uninflated) value was $5 million for the first 204 cars, and $3.5 million for additional cars. Though given the second lowest bidder was $7.5 million a car, and reports are that Bombardier bid too low - yeah, maybe. Though it just looks TTC look more foolish and incompetent for not triggering the optional cars back in 2018, for 2020 and 2021 delivery.
  19. That's obviously what's happening. And I did see Car 4021 on 511 eariler so I can confirm it's not retired. Probably won't be as it has a half wrap for Christmas Music on CHFI.
  20. So I guess they made the decision to occasionally put cars on the 506 until the end. 🤔😀
  21. I was looking at the Bday area on here. Saw this.. Happy birthday @dayone you are 5 years old? This week saw this TTC T1 car 5061
  22. There's alot of transit fans on this board with nothing much to do in life (myself included at one point) but to spy on these things. LOL
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