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  2. Thank you! Yes, KCATA HAS dramatically downsized significantly on their 40ft fleet. I think its vecause of the renumbering of routes and the 18 going from big to small bus last year. I don't know why, though. Here are a couple of photos to add to the wiki I just took when I was leaving for each bus. BTW, S211-S228 has the Cummins L9N as well, not the ISL-G. Here are a couple of photos to add to the wiki I just took when I was leaving for each bus. BTW, S211-S228 has the Cummins L9N as well, not the ISL-G. The 2018s (3537-3547, 4800-4819 & S211-S228) all have unopenable frameless windows while the 2019s (3548-3557) have frameless windows that open. 3535 was originally numbered 4602, I have a pic of it when it was in Tulsa.
  3. Few of the signs from the old university of Manitoba terminal and few other ones and some transit inspectors shacks to
  4. Procurement begins this year (apparently) to replace the U2 fleet, with replacement targeted to occur between 2023 and 2025. We'll see what actually occurs for procurement activity this year, but, the 2023-2025 time frame is right on schedule.
  5. In the area between Ft. Rouge Stn. and Osborne Stn. sits a few of those fancier transit signs. It's fairly far away and the vehicle is traveling too fast and my eyesight not as young as it used to be. Does anyone know why they are being stored there, and what are some of labels on the signs? If I were to point my camera phone out the window as we whoosh by at 80 km/h 🚶🏼‍♂️, wonder if later on in editing I could freeze frame it to see better details. Or are there people here (cough cough) who regularly visit the FRG (cough cough) who can do a photo of the "clump" while standing completely stationary (cough).
  6. Feeling great jamming out to this with stereo headphones.
  7. The 4's & 7's have returned back to full Trolley service as of today.
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  9. A Brill T48A wasn't special in the 60's. A Classic wasn't special in the 90's. Your Novas aren't special now, but they will be in a couple decades. Better to preserve them when you still have them instead of regretting not preserving one.
  10. I believe that's called 'genderfluid'
  11. Any update on the LRT opening date? I live in Toronto so I’m not as caught up with this
  12. When something becomes niche, it becomes special. A preserved New Look in the early nineties would be not so special but since there aren't as much trundling down the road, it became special. Give a bus some time and it shall become special in their own way. Anyways, back on topic, will possibly be checking Langilles for new loads for the heap.
  13. Interesting that the 85135 in the parade probably wasn't the same as 2 years ago (as per notes in this topic:) But I would imagine it would have been a change to the whole bus as the railings extend to the front of the bus now, and they are not visible in photos of the hard top. Even the rear "wall" was removed on the parade bus and made into just railings.
  14. 16041 has a driver side wrap for Regency Medical Supplies... if you remember 9412 and 9715
  15. Summer sign up the 167/168 will be full time big bus
  16. Dj Khaled: Holla at Me (Explicit) _j_Khaled_Holla_At_Me_feat_Lil'_Wayne,_Paul_Wall,_Fat_Joe,_Rick_Ross_&.Pitbull
  17. I wonder if any D40LFRs will come from Medicine Hat. There'll be 6 for sale
  18. https://www.miamidade.gov/auditor/library/2019-06-12-taf-meeting.pdf http://www.miamidadepublicart.org/app2/sites/default/files/files/4-10-19_RFQ_CNG Bus Depots.pdf Miami-Dade Transit will have 181 2019 Gillig BRT Plus CNGs that look similar to Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Tallahassee The Gillig photo has Jacksonville Transportation Authority scheme on it
  19. There are photos on facebook. forgot the group but probs the bus lounge
  20. But seriously what is ttc planning to do with 7575. Also why would they preserve it, it’s not special like 2252
  21. Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works June 11 at 3:15 PM · Starting June 30, Miami Dade Transit has making service adjustments to certain Metrobus routes in order to improve overall system efficiency. Visit our website for more details and specific route information: bit.ly/June19lineup https://www.facebook.com/GoMiamiDade/photos/a.636848669698821/2567869863263349/?type=3 Share
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