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  2. Spotted a lot of XN40s sitting in the yard next to some of the remaining 2700s friday. sadly no photo can say most if not all have been delivered.
  3. PCC Guy

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Because literally anyone can go on the website and type some comment chalk full of misinformation.
  4. Express691

    2018 60' Articulated Bus Order

    18058 in service, should be the Patrick Cruz CAG wrap (along with 2 more)
  5. OC Transpo 8222 seen in an unknown garage in Septemeber 1999 waiting for its next run
  6. STO_1601

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Why is Youtube not a good reliable source for information? I mean, it's not illegal on this board but what's up with that?
  7. Orion6025

    Nassau Inter-County Express

    Nice's orion 5 cngs are done all the previously active units have been auctioned off
  8. Yes, All monthly passes OC Transpo passes as well as transfers are accepted on STO buses.
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  10. Subwayboy

    Seasonal maintenance

    I am! I was told those selected would be contacted 2 weeks after the interview. I gave up waiting.
  11. Transit geek

    TTC Electric Buses

    The doors are almost certainly electrically powered so I don't see why they need to design the controls such that you need to twist your hand extensively to operate the knob. Even the Nova HEVs have the same handle-type controller as the older batch with their air-powered doors, so there's no reason a totally new style of controller is needed. And as for moving the kneeling / ramp switches from the right hand side over to the left so that they can operated by the same hand as the door controller ... mmm ...
  12. RailBus63

    2019 BHA Convention - Ottawa/Gatineau - June 6 to 8

    For those of us visiting the area from out of town, what is the best option for getting a transit pass? I see that OC Transpo offers a day pass that can be purchased from the farebox or a ticket machine which seems pretty straightforward, but I'd be interested in hearing any other suggestions from those familiar with the system. I'm figuring on needing a pass probably for Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, am I correct in understanding from the OC Transpo website that OC's day pass is honored on STO buses?
  13. Buzz2kb

    WMATA Washington

    Here is my take on Alexandria DASH. Back in 2008-10, DASH was still a 100% 35ft. high-floor agency. 1999 Gillig Phantom bus 54 was the oldest bus I had pictured during either visit. Meanwhile, bus 103 from 2007 had proved to be the final high-floor bus bought new by the agency and has surprisingly been retired already. That batch of 4 buses were its only Phantoms fitted with LED headsigns. It had gone roughly 4 years without getting any new buses, until they got their first low-floor buses in 2011. During its high-floor era, DASH has a knack to dual source its buses and has built up a sizable fleet of 35ft. Orion V's. 2000 Bus 61 belongs to the oldest batch, and that batch of 10 buses were the only Orion V's fitted with dot-matrix headsigns. Meanwhile, bus 69 was the first of the 2002 batch of 8 buses and the first Orion V that were new with LED headsigns. 2004-05 buses 77 and 87 belonged to the largest batch of 14 buses, with the former being the first of the batch. Finally, 2007 bus 95 belongs to the final batch of 9 buses. All pictures (except bus 77 in March 2008) were taken in March 2010 at the King Street Metrorail (except bus 95 at the Van Dorn Street Metrorail), Here is my Alexandria DASH gallery: Alexandria DASH A bumper post on WMATA's bus operations back in 2008 is coming up in due course!
  14. Express691

    2019 Garage Transfers

    9480 to Hamilton
  15. Yeah that's true, but if there's a SkyTrain line along 104th/King George it wouldn't make much sense to keep that non-stop service to/from Surrey Central.
  16. En Transit

    Today's Sightings

    AN 30-120 is on the 204. SN 39-018 is at SN on the 29.
  17. Gilligman2010

    Community Connector Fleet Update

    You have my permission upload my photo This is the newest bus in our fleet is a 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Bus 1960 delivered on 4/18/19 photo by me taken at the community connector office this bus is replacing 1 of 3 retired 2002 Orion V I’ll provide the vin # and Plate# when it’s available we have 2 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Buses 1961-1962 Comming At the end of August of 2019 these buses will replace 2 of 3 retired 2002 Orion V 29’ there is 5 2019 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Buses 1963-1967 Comming At the end of October of 2019 these are going to replace the 3 2000 New Flyer D30LF and 2 retired cutawsy’s 0725 and 0924 the 2019 29’ Gilligs have the cummins L9 Engine Allison B400R6 speed seating American Seating Insight prime Destination sign twin vision smart Series III Amber
  18. Exhausted

    Seasonal maintenance

    Anyone had seasonal maintenance interview in 2019 and still waiting???
  19. neoartic7101

    RideKC (Kansas City, MO)

    Thank you, it's a blessing, being a bus operator is something ive always wanted. To answer your question, yes and no. The KCATA does have a central garage. But, under the RideKC umbrella, there's the Johnson County, KS division (or The JO), Wyandotte County, Kansas (Unified Gov't or Wyandotte County) and Independence, Missouri (IndeBus). The Jo has contracted drivers thru First Student and uses regular Gilligs while the other two entities under the RideKC umbrella are local/city gov't vehicles that use cutaway vans, and they have their own garage, but The Jo a lot of times store their buses at KCATA's facility.
  20. Buzz2kb

    ART (Arlington Transit)

    Here is my take on ART. During my visits to its operating territory in 2008 and 2010, ART was still a relatively young system and the invasion of the NABI 35-LFW CNG buses had just begun in the earnest. Nearly new when first spotted in March 2008, the 2007 NABI 35-LFW Gen I's of the 5270-series are now the agency's oldest buses. They are exemplified by buses 5271, 5272 and 5279. The were supplemented by Gen II sister buses as exemplified by buses and 5253. I have missed the introduction of Gen II 31-LFW's by just a few months. Gen III 40-LFW's and New Flyer XN40's have since joined its heavy-duty fleet as well. On lower-ridership routes back then, 2 series of Ford E-Series/StarTrans Senator cutaways were used, as exemplified by 2002 CNG bus 5220 and 2006 non-CNG bus 5265. A few cutaways routes like route 42 served by bus 5220 and route 51 featured elsewhere in my gallery in the link below, have since been upgraded to NABI's. Other similar routes are served with Chevy/Arboc CNG cutaways. Does anyone know whant kind of engines were used for the 5260-series cutaways? All pictures attached here were taken in 2010 (except buses 5220 and 5279). While buses 5253 and 5271 wepe pictured at/near Shirlington Station, all other pictures were taken at/near the Ballston Metrorail. By now, ART is an 100% low-floor and 100% CNG agency. Here is my ART gallery: Arlington ART
  21. MVTArider

    Minnesota Valley Transit Authority

    A couple random updates: All D40LF are retired now, the large bus fleet is all Gillig and MCI, plus the Novas for the Red Line. MVTA is looking to integrate their new AVL system with the regional system, based on an item in the recent Transportation Committee agenda. I hope this means they'll be bringing back their real-time bus location maps. Those were very handy to check especially since most of the services is hourly. Apple Valley Transit station is getting a couple of floors added on the parking deck. Construction begins this summer I think. This will help alleviate current parking congestion there. EDIT: Nothing noteworthy, but here's a couple somewhat recent bus pics FWIW:
  22. MVTArider

    Metro Transit

    Nice, they'll probably start service mid-May then. All new regular route buses will have the new fareboxes as well allegedly. Start/stop on a straight diesel will be different. I remember from a ride on one of the 734x units it shuddered every time it started and was sort of annoying. I hope it's been improved. I wonder how the drivers will respond to it... Personally I hate using the start/stop on vehicles at work except for a few models where it's seamless. Usually I just switch it off
  23. I was hoping it would be put into service at lease once while in Vernon, but it never happened. I did start it once, so there's that. lol
  24. Buzz2kb

    Prince George's County Transit, MD

    Here is my take on Prince George The Bus back in March 2008. My visit to its operating area well pre-dated the 2010's wave of Gillig Low Floor's. Therefore, Gillig Phantom's were the agency's only true heavy-duty buses. 1996 bus 62898 was spotted at the New Carrollton Metrorail, and was among the oldest buses at the agency back then. Meanwhile, then year-old sister bus 63151 was spotted at the Southern Avenue Metrorail, and was the final high-floor bus bought new by it in 2007. Meanwhile, its other high-floor buses were oddball Thomas buses. Thirty-foot 1999 TL960 bus 62994 was spotted at the Morgan Blvd Metrorail, and the agency had 2 distinct batches of longer Saf-T-Liner HDX buses with school bus roots new in 2005-06. Bus 63090 spotted at the Branch Ave Metrorail belonged to the group of 14 buses that had LED headsigns and rear-mounted HVAC pod, while bus 63105 spotted at New Carrollton was one of eight buses that had roll-sign destination equipments and lacked HVAC pods. Rounding up its high-floor fleet were 2001 Goshen Presidential medium-duty bus 63051 spotted at the Suitland Metrorail, and cutaway 63000 used for Town of University Park Call-A-Bus service. Buses from Thomas-Dennis SLF230 family (North American version of the British-designed Dennis Dart SLF/Alexander ALX200 body combo) were the agency's only low-floor buses back then. They came in all 3 lengths and at least 7 distinct batches. Bus 53014 was one of the former Maryland Transit Administration (Metro Baltimore) 2001 SLF230 spotted at the College Park Metrorail. Meanwhile, 2000 bus 63005 spotted at the Addison Road Metrorail was one of the oldest such buses bough new by the agency; and bus 63028 spotted at College Park was a 2001 sister bus also bought new. The final SLF230's attached here were bus 63126 and 63131 of unknown vintage spotted at the Largo Town Center Metrorail and Greenbelt Metrorail respectively. Inexplicably, the former featured a roll-sign destination equipment. Rounding up the SLF230 family of buses in its fleet were 2002 SLF235 bus 63058 (1 of just 2) spotted at Addison Road and 2004 SLF232 bus 63077 spotted at the West Hyattsville Metrorail. By now, every single bus in my Flickr gallery below except the 2007 Phantom's and Thomas HDX's 63090 and 63096 are history. Here is my Prince George County The Bus gallery: Prince George County The Bus
  25. TimmyC62

    Damaged or dead vehicles

    Went grocery shopping, spotted 8342 having a bad day, being towed southbound along Centre St.:
  26. Buzz2kb

    Gainesville Regional Transit System, Florida

    I afraid this has much to do North America (especially mid-size US agencies and below) has some of the most conservative transit agencies in terms of bus functionality over style. The prevalent mentality regarding public transit as a social obligation rather than a mean of achieving higher common good might also contribute to the persistence of such conservative bus designs approaching the 2020's. In fact, I bet the best Gillig will do discontinue the traditional front some point in the 2020s like Eldorado National has possibly done with the EZ-Rider II's and Axcess, as much of its customer base is this conservative.
  27. Enviro_1203

    OC Transpo Invero (4201 - 4526) Retirement Watch

    Confirmed Invero Retirements 4225, 4231, 4246, 4303, 4346, 4363
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