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  2. Imgursdownvote4love

    Medicine Hat Transit

    They have started removing the ads from 747 and (finally) putting them on the C40LFRs. Considering 747 hasn't missed a day of service since April, I think the last D40LF in Medicine Hat doesn't have much time left
  3. Transit Fan

    Calgary Transit "On Demand" Pilot Project

    Kinda sounds like these new communities aren't showing up on GPS yet. That could be a challenge considering this is aimed towards new communities which wouldn't be fully developed yet.
  4. Do you have sales figures for those signs?
  5. ttc rider

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Car 4548 was unloaded at Hilcrest this morning (i.e. Fri, May 24). Car 4421 was used to tow if off of CP's transporter.
  6. Gil

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4575 is sitting on a flatbed in the middle of Lambton Yard this morning (May 24). Depending on the movement of the other freight in the yard it may be playing hide and seek until it's delivered to Hillcrest.
  7. I was willing to pay that depending on the item. I know of others as well. Would there have been a market? Who knows, its never been tried for these vehicles. But the CLRV/ALRVs aren't exactly like PCCs or New Looks where there were thousands made. A very limited number were made and were exclusive to Toronto and an entire generation rode these things growing up. This reminds me of electronics. People threw away their old electronics from the 90s and 00s and now the value of those things have gone up due to the nostalgia and limited availability factor.
  8. Today
  9. smallspy

    TTC Route interlines

    And there's a bus that starts on the 45 but then goes onto the 123. But those aren't interlines - they're just runs that start on one route and end on another. Dan
  10. Well, they wanted to - but the deal fell apart. The TTC took possession of the property back in November, I believe. I think that you think that I'm underestimating anything is amusing. Part of what I do for my day-to-day job is exactly this, and sometimes even with old transit and railway equipment and parts. I have just the slightest inclination how this kind of thing works. There is a humongous discrepancy between what people say they will do - especially online, where they are afforded the merest whiff of anonymity - and what they actually do. Believe me, I see it every single day. You may say that you'll pay $100 for a trinket - but when the time comes for you to pull out your wallet and put your money where your mouth is, there's an exceedingly good chance that you'll pass on the offer. Dan
  11. Gilligman2010

    Miami Dade transit

    Meaning you uploaded others photos and information without consenting with people and you have no source of public transit ok
  12. smallspy

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Unfortunately, that's the problem with an operating museum that doesn't have enough volunteers to do the work. Thankfully, that is something that you can help fix. I'm not sure about the Old Look - I'd been led to believe that it wasn't theirs to begin with - but the trailer is still on the property. In fact, I don't think it's moved in about 20 years. They have been trying to find a new home for the trolleys for the better part of 3 years now. I suspect that they will salvage what they can from them and scrap them. Dan
  13. smallspy

    Eglinton Crosstown line

    I think that it might be too late for that - they already have. Dan
  14. romanr27

    OC Bus Spottings

    4621 on the 87 Baseline (I assume, didn't see the front destination sign, but was heading west out of Tunney's) 6696 is stalled in the bus lane on Slater between Empress and Bronson.
  15. leylandvictory2

    TTC Route interlines

    next board period a 54 bus will interline with 86. I forgot which run does it. Right now there is a run that interlines between a 986 and 86A. not really an interline since they go the same way anyways.
  16. Orion VI

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

  17. The Queensway

    Today's Sightings

    No, that one was waiting at the end of the Trethewey road. (Trethewey and Jane)
  18. MCIBUS

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    Also tax purposes. If you own a company, even subs of that company any $ losses for the first 5 years you can right it off. After 5 years to bad you take the hit.
  19. I forgot why they did this since I started as an operator, but the cars going to Exhibition Loop go down there to conduct brake tests. Since all 3 yards are full of cars during the day, legacy cars go down there to perform brake tests Some work to maintain cars have been, and continue to be done out of Roncesvalles. Russell is now busy with decommissioning of cars and other work. Due to space constraints, cars go west for work that would put it on the backburner to sit at Russell if Roncesvalles was strictly low floors
  20. armorand

    Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    Maybe they can save some money, doing these transfers at Victoria Park/Stampede, when they're ripping up the old station. I can only imagine it now... 🎶 save a horse, ride a CTrain 🎶 (gets shoved in there by a transit officer, like they do for the high speed rail cars in Japan) ...seriously though, so how often does something like this happen in Calgary, train to train transfers in the middle of the railway? just out of sheer curiosity.
  21. Rob's Transport Hub

    Transport for London (TfL) London, England

    710261 is now in service.
  22. jhood135

    Eastern Transit Corridor

    Bumping an old thread here, but does anyone know the status of this project? The Transit website says there was supposed to be another round of consultation in the Fall, and council should've voted on the final alignment in the winter. Yet, the last update was almost a year ago. I really hope things are just being delayed and this project isn't dead yet...
  23. https://www.calgarytransit.com/news/calgary-transit-demand
  24. Gil


    This may be purely anecdotal, but I think the demographics along Bloor (which were probably factored in when they made the decision to offer the service) won out over Burnhamthorpe despite the distance from Dundas. Aside from the industrial area on the south side of Burnhamthorpe between Mavis and the CP Rail corridor, there isn't much in terms of trip generators along the route aside from City Centre. Would MiWay bear any liability or responsibility for having a terminal like South Common open overnight? City Centre is one thing as it's a stand-along terminal. Having one at a mall may be trickier in terms of accessing facilities for the drivers to use. I've said it before but probably a modified version of the 13 GLEN ERIN/48 ERIN MILLS or a GLEN ERIN/ERIN MILLS hybrid to try and serve some overnight trip generators like the Erin Mills station with connections to the GO Route 40, Credit Valley Hospital and possibly some of the industrial areas at the north end of Erin Mills. I don't honestly know how much overnight shift work takes place in that industrial area. Say if the route left Meadowvale, went down Millcreek, then south on Erin Mills via Credit Valley Hospital and the Transitway station. I don't know how the residents on Glen Erin would feel about having overnight service, but I guess that's what consultations are for. Adding 5 DIXIE and 39 BRITANNIA would also help create a basic grid for overnight service. Wonderland adds a new ride every year. Despite all of the superlatives attached to the Yukon Striker I doubt it'd convince MiWay to resume service. Even Brampton Transit eventually discontinued their service. Passengers were told to migrate to GO Transit or connecting BT/Züm routes to get to Wonderland. Meanwhile, YRT is shifting their focus from Wonderland to the new Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital across the street with a new transit terminal once it's completed. If it were simply a matter of cost (or needing a substantial subsidy to operate) they would have only provided the service when it was profitable. I can imagine the deadheading costs involved between fuel, the driver and the 407 tolls would require the premium fare just to keep the service viable. There's only so much you can push the fare before it becomes a deterrent to passengers. I don't think it would be something that could be easily accommodated with PRESTO either.
  25. It could be to reduce confusion as Kingston Road is considered an east-west arterial rather than a north-south, even at the intersection with Queen. All other destinations that contain “& Queen” are near or next to arterials that are perpendicular to Queen. I think you’re greatly underestimating how big their stockpile is and how much demand exists for it. They have been listing T1 rollsigns on their shop site for a little while now - why not do the same and more with the streetcars? I have come across posts on Twitter and Facebook from people that are willing to pay good money for a piece of Toronto streetcar history.
  26. captaintrolley

    General FML moments

    You'll be eating up a storm in no time.
  27. WMATAC40LF

    General FML moments

    I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed this morning, and while I'm not hurting as badly as I expected, I'm bummed that I can't eat anything substantial for a couple of days.
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