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  2. MiWay

    There's two artic blocks on the 39 as of this board period, one for each peak. A Central AM peak block and a Malton base block that goes out as a 40' in the morning and gets changed off for an artic in the afternoon during a crew relief.
  3. New Winnipeg - Selkirk service

    New bus on Selkirk run. Out first time today. 15 passenger
  4. Terrace Bay, Ontario Branch Fleet 81- 2003 Bluebird International, 72 pass. Plate# SE1 059 82- 2003 Bluebird International Handy, 60+4, Plate#SE1 060 89- 2009 IC CE, 72 pass, Plate# SE8 847 91- 2013 IC CE, 72 pass, Plate# SD9 354 92- 2015 IC CE, 72 pass, Plate# SF2 241 93- 2015 IC CE, 72 pass, Plate# SF2 244
  5. Big No No'es

    Yeah... I don't like classics. IMO they look weird and I'm an RTS fan
  6. Why do the STO Artic Hybrids and 40ft Hybrids have different doors? Was it to distinguish them apart from one another like the diesel Artics & 40ft diesels which have different windows and side destination signs. Also is the front door's line at bottom of the Hybrid Artics the same as the other LFSes or slightly different?
  7. General Motorcoach Spottings & Photos

    I think this must be for Compass holiday!
  8. Destination sign FAIL !

    Right, only two got them, I forgot. I'll just PM you next time.
  9. Today
  10. Destination sign FAIL !

    Well, the ex-Calgary Classics look like the all got part from retired classics. 9131 & 9134 have Balios signs. BTW, Please PM me this in the future because this is going off topic.
  11. OC and STO service disruptions

    OC Transpo's website doesn't carry details of STO detours
  12. Hamilton Street Railway

    Ouch. That looks to be a very serious impact especially with the windshield cracked. Based on the witness statement in the article you linked, looks like someone jumped out onto the roadway and got struck. Knowing these buses don't stop easily, they require a lot more distance knowing a large vehicle.
  13. Destination sign FAIL !

    But seriously though, that is somewhat common with STO Balios signs. The Ex Calgary buses also looked like they had signs that came out of '96 or '97 Classics.
  14. OC and STO service disruptions

    Have to remember that this thread was made almost 10 years ago. Well before live transit updates through many channels (text message, email, social media and soon information boards at select stations). A lot of the threads created today were made very long ago before communication methods have changed. Though some still serve the purpose such as questions, Confederation LRT and routes as some examples.
  15. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Spotted N7254 going NB on hwy 99 near Westminster hwy
  16. MiWay

    noticed 0853 on 39 yesterday
  17. Who have you met? (Famous wise)

    No, This is a comedian/magician and a cute little dog (which I held). Who was finalist on America's Got Talent. He can be found here: http://piffthemagicdragon.com/
  18. Who have you met? (Famous wise)

    Piff? Should that be Puff?
  19. Peeves in everyday life...

    Depending on what type of switch is used at the CO, it can take a few seconds for the trunk to be dropped.
  20. Random Photos - Vancouver and area

    What Wait what
  21. Random Photos - Vancouver and area

  22. VIA Rail Canada

    Then why do they not use it. http://railpictures.net/photo/628820/
  23. Yesterday
  24. General Subway/RT Discussion

    I have some hand-drawn sketches of what my conception of trains crossing the Leaside Bridge on a lower deck. Openings would be cut through the supports for a new deck with tracks to pass through - they would be stacked, with uptown-bound trains above the downtown-bound trains. I think you get the idea...if not, I'll post these sketches if I can find them.
  25. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    Yesterday: 21-229 was on the 166 at Guy around 9:40. I guess this is the beginning of the end for 2001s at Stinson. 21-228, 231 and 235 still seem to be there though. 21-264 was on the 168 at Robert Bourassa/Rene Levesque around 16:40. Today: 21-235 was on the 105 at Vendome around 8:15. 21-237 was on the 24 near McGill around 9:00. This one hasn't been seen in service since April. 21-244 was on the 166 at Rene Levesque/Guy around 17:45.
  26. Today's Sightings

    Although, the number of front facing seats (other than the rear row) has been reduced from 5 to 4. I don't see why so much space is needed for wheelchairs. In the past (1996-2008 models), the wheelchair zones were 3 seats long, then they were increased to 4 (2009), and then 6 (2010-2017). Now the wheelchair zone consists of 8-9 seats (I don't remember the exact number). My point being: two wheelchairs could have fit on the bus with 6 fold-up seats, and they could have installed more front-facing seats. - 29-155 broke down on the 90 during AM rush yesterday. 37-078 was on the 105 this morning. FR 22-242 was on the 105 this morning. 30-031 is wrapped for Just-Eat.ca. It was on the 124 this morning. 30-076 is wrapped for Priceless Cities. It was on the 51 this morning.
  27. Ctrain The near Future Series 9 Cars

    No.,.. As I said, the 3rd car of that consist was one of the earlier S200's. I would have noticed if it was 2433. But yeah forgot to mention about that front panel.
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