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  2. 17506 is on 388. It seems like these units will be based out of Surrey. Does anyone know how many of 2017 Girardin Minibus G5 are on order?
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  4. Jonathan Demme, director of "The Silence of the Lambs" died at 73.
  5. 29-146, which I caught on run 90-38 during PM rush today, displayed its expected departure time from the terminus on the iBus screen. When it was time to go, it announced "départ imminent sur la ligne 90 Saint Jacques en direction ouest."
  6. If you havent noticed, many runs come out of the garage between 3pm and 6pm run late into the night, those runs are given buses that have been fueled during the daytime, so that is not the issue...
  7. Nope not really. I have a BZ and that didn't make much of a difference. Only now, I'm at the point where everyone in my training class are upgrading their license from G to CZ but because I have a BZ which is a higher class than CZ I have to only complete the test but I didn't need to go into the ministry. The written tests for the C were TTC in house tests and not ministry. You'd still have to pass to the Ministry standard.
  8. From yesterday:
  9. Saw S422 on a flatbed truck leaving the Bridgeport shuttle lot. I'm guessing it's probably going to a used bus dealership.
  10. sorry my bad. Please disregard. Must have a brain fart
  11. Aren't the 93*** units from last year...?
  12. 1) Created and added 9 photos to Century Transportation Ltd. 2) Added 1 photos and updated roaster information to City Sightseeing Toronto 3) Added 7 photos to Cherry Bus Line 4) Added 23 photos to 2003 TTC Orion 7 Photo gallery
  13. Coach Canada's Safeway unit(s) should be here. I spotted 93001 same livery as the previous one.
  14. 'Brampton is rooting for you' — 1 Brampton councillor's take on Hamilton's LRT debate
  15. Not from Proterra on here. But yes
  16. Pretty much every day during morning and afternoon rush hour and most weekends all day. Things will be changing next week two keys will be out of the Northeast and will be less keys in the south until they get the new cars commissioned. There are five cars in Anderson right now that are being worked on. Cars 2414, 2418, 2419, 2420 and 2421. At least two more cars coming in the next week or so. Yes a total of 69 S200 cars by the end of next year.
  17. They will stay at Bellevue Base, and are anticipated for service starting in March 2018 with the extra 20 (all 23) in service by Sept 2018. The coincides with the arrival of the 100 LF Gilligs to the same base.
  18. Several (4-5, maybe more) keys every day, combination of 3 and 4 car. They are generally easier to find in the rush hours. About 2 keys are usually out on weekends.
  19. more s200 coming, those is a best news for Calgary transit.
  20. Wasn't this confirmed months ago?
  21. 170 no stripes tho
  22. Hey I'll be back in Calgary for about two weeks. How often are the S200s on the 201/Red Line these days?
  23. Could be 2423 or 2422 was it a short train on its way to Haysbro? Or a full freight coming from the south?
  24. One of the reasons they won't be used in late evenings is that OC specified smaller than average fuel tanks in the double deckers to increase seating capacity, therefore they cannot be used on a full day service as they would have to return to the depot for refilling at some point.
  25. I have to admit, I didn't even think about that possibility. Makes sense, especially given how many operators CMBC is going to need for September!
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