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  2. AB Government approves $152M in infrastructure projects for Calgary Of note to those of us here: There's not too much info on this yet but apparently all the proposed projects are shovel ready. I haven't read anything from the announcement yesterday that would indicate that we're getting a complete MAX level upgrade along 52nd St SE (although i'd love to be wrong). But whatever gets introduced will likely be a nice improvement for the 23 and 302.
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  4. The 442X and 442Y are clearly an attempt to sabotage the Red Line ridership, given that they are scheduled to depart only a couple minutes before the Red Line. The open competition between two public agencies operating on taxpayer dollars is plainly ridiculous in any case. The 443 and 447 could be useful additions, I think they should be local routes instead of express routes. Some of the large resources devoted to these new routes might be better applied to some of the existing higher ridership lines like the 444 and 445. Found this video on Twitter as well. Looks like most of the MVTA facilities are reopening except for the Cedar Grove Skyway and Apple Valley SB/Skyway.
  5. Both 1738 and 1796 are decommissioned as the damage from the fires was extensive. If previous fire victims are any indication the city will likely add a replacement bus to a future order using whatever settlement money was received to help offset the cost.
  6. When might we see MiWay 1796 back in revenue service? It's been two years and two months?
  7. found this ol' ETS shuttle, interesting nothing's changed in terms of paint since it came down here.
  8. And the Novas are history! 4257 was the last Nova to pull into Eagan garage at 12:45am
  9. Can I get my name changed to G.A Thank you
  10. Added new photos to BWG Transit, PC Connect, Sarnia Transit & Stratford Transit. I will update more later this week. https://www.flickr.com/photos/76736942@N06/albums
  11. Well, if I was riding between MOA and AVTS and I had the choice between riding a well maintained quiet MVTA Gillig with dispatch confirmed connection to a local route or a rattling MT Gillig with a crapshoot connection, I'd certainly go with the MVTA one. About tootin' time on the 443 and 447, that will make access way better for potential reverse commuters if it connects well. Someone can take an express from downtown Minneapolis to BTS, then connect to AVTS quickly, to access jobs along Cedar, or FLEX connect to all sorts of jobs in the Apple Valley/Rosemout area. Or potentially get from MOA to AVTS to ETS faster than the current MOA -RED--> CGTS -445--> ETS setup. Although chances are if one is trying to get somewhere in Eagan they need the 445 anyways, so may not be a big advantage. I'd still like to see a similar BTS <--> ETS express, that would open up a quick DT Minneapolis hub connection to a lot of retail/service jobs in the Eagan Town Center area, and of course additional shopping options.
  12. My opinions on these service changes: Routes 403C and 980: these routes makes sense given that essential workers work during the afternoon and night shifts though I'm not sure if these routes are either one-way or two-way service 901B: Make sense given the assumption that post-secondary students were complaining having to transfer to a different route in order to go the Oshawa Centre. Especially when the 407B runs on Ritson between Bloor and Wentworth 902B: Also makes sense given the complaints from the riders where they're forced to get off the bus at Trulls Road and Hwy 2 Routes 216 and 224: Not sure but probably it's based on the adjusted schedule based on the GO trains during the pandemic 902 and 915: I assume that the service reductions is due to lack of demand 405C: I'm not sure why they a branch, but it would make sense if they add a branch when the covid vaccine is available
  13. From a Facebook group, these are the units that will have the 50th year Go Transit bus operations wrap. They are all SuperLo buses according to the post. 8395, 8398, 8410, 8462, 8482 and 8507 mentioned are the wrapped units.
  14. Oh that is quite strange, thanks for pointing it out.
  15. Incident involving a diesel Nova ranming into a car and causing the driver to swerve off the road, at what looks to be SB Macleod Trl near Lake Fraser Gate SW. Video re-posted from the Bad Calgary Drivers Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/100057601800833/videos/131045352158858/
  16. Glad to hear the positive feedback and the usefulness of the app! That would be a really cool feature to have. It's something I have been thinking about having a similar feature where you could view information about a garage, including the buses a garage currently has. When I get more time over the holidays, I will be able to work on new features for FleetStats!
  17. There are a lot of "SL" 38s at Frontenac, yes. But actually, 38-088 and 100 happen to have the FR bumper for quite some time (at least since summer 2019).
  18. hmmm interesting. Pretty sure these were the old graphics (red and purple) prior to character wraps. Are they wrapping over the old graphics like Disney+ or old movie wraps were done or are they removing the old graphics and placing these wraps flat on the paint. Was supposed to have been there about 2 weeks ago but due to COVID my job has prohibited traveling.
  19. December 4, 2020: Added 24 New Photos to the Strathcona County Transit (Sherwood Park, Alberta) Photo Gallery: http://www.busdrawings.com/Transit/alberta/strathcona/index.htm
  20. There is a blog TO photo with a greyhound D4505 in the background... the photo looks recent, seeing the snow on the ground. It could also be from last year. Does anyone know if they are driving them around to keep them running? Or if this is an old photo?
  21. They’re also rerouting 11, 43, 51, 52, 53, and 54 from Hotel Street to King Street when the changes goes into effect. 20 will start rerouting to South Street in order to serve Alapai Transit Center, thus ending service on Alakea. Also making changes are Route 8. Service along Piikoi Street, Atkinson Drive, Ala Moana Boulevard, Kalia Road, Saratoga Road, and Olohana/Kalaimoku Streets have been discontinued. It’ll now service Kona Street, Kapiolani Boulevard, Kalakaua Avenue, and then continue on Kuhio Avenue.
  22. Kitimat and Terrace are a bit of an odd situation because of the integration with Skeena Regional Transit System (which doesn't actually exist as a separate system). Kitimat provides the bus for the main service on route 11 (which is why their fleet has historically been larger than required for what is otherwise a 2-bus system), and upon arriving in Terrace it does a round trip on either route 13 or 14, before heading back to Kitimat. One of the Terrace buses will do a trip on the opposite route at the same time - it's easy to figure out which route this is, because the departure/arrival times do not match up with route 11's. This is all a bit of a long-winded way of saying that not all of the trips/departures under Terrace's schedules are actually operated by Terrace. I would encourage you to type down all the departure and arrival times for the routes, and match them up - it get surprising and very informative to discover how busy buses can be in these small communities.
  23. Aha, thank you. Princeton would be the same - the bus in Princeton that operates the 50 - Penticton/Princeton also provides door-to-door service within Princeton and Coalmont, and the 50 itself also clearly makes deviations from its route upon request (despite BC Transit claiming otherwise) since the schedule claims it has eight stops inbound and only five outbound, leaving travelers from Cawston rather stuck a good distance from the homes on the way back. Thanks for the breakdown and examples. y the way, I'm blown away by the fact that Terrace has only five vehicles when its system has over 75 departures on all routes daily. I feel like it would be pretty easy to reverse engineer their paddles from the schedule, now that I know they only have three Infinities.
  24. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/temporary-ctrain-station-victoria-park-stampede-1.5826607
  25. The breakdown between conventional/paratransit has been something that has been listed internally by BC Transit for many years. I don't know the full logic behind it (and some of it may just be legacy), but most of the systems classified as "paratransit" have some element where the buses may either deviate from the scheduled route to accommodate customers, or where buses may alternate between operating conventional scheduled routes and HandyDART service depending on the day (or even time of day). There is actually a third category, "Custom", which is mostly seen in larger systems and applied to buses that are solely used and equipped for HandyDART service. This is closer to what most other jurisdictions considers as "paratransit" which is probably where some of the confusion lies. Two examples I have some more personal experience with: Revelstoke: They have a fleet of four buses, all classified as "Paratransit". On a given day, one bus is used all day for fixed conventional service, a second is on HandyDART duty, and a third is used for the Health Connections service to Kelowna. Terrace: the three Vicinity buses are classified as "Terrace - Conventional", while the two Arbocs are classified as "Terrace - Paratransit" because they operate HandyDART during the midday, but act as the third conventional bus during rush hours. South Okanagan-Similkameen has their buses split up between locations, and because they are operated by separate contractors they cannot overlap/integrate between routes. So it still makes sense to denote buses by the separate communities rather than the larger system (West Kootenays, another merged system, still has their buses broken up into three groups). It is also related to accounting, as each community pays for their own buses, and therefore individual units need to be assigned (on paper) to specific communities. One example of this is that one of Kelowna's Arbocs is actually assigned on paper to Peachland, so that Peachland can pay for the share of the capital costs of providing service to their community. However, the bus assigned to Peachland on paper does not always get assigned to route 22 Peachland.
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