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  2. Does anybody have a clue what TransLink plans on what trains they're going to purchase for the Canada Line? TransLink said they're going to purchase 11 new Canada Line trains due to the 10 year investment plan, so ideas on what train they're thinking of buying?
  3. I still think BRT would be a better option for the L line, so rapid transit can be extended to Carvolth by extending some trips using the HOV lane at pretty much no cost (beside the buses). Also, buses from White Rock, Fraser Heights, Port Kells, etc can run straight into the bus lane at Newton/Guildford into Surrey Central. Otherwise, it will be one transfer to the LRT and Newton/Guildford, then second transfer to SkyTrain at Surrey Central. With the opening of Evergreen Line, many in the Tri-Cities area are very happy for the end of the extra transfer for 97/169. Surrey, on the other hand, want to add a transfer, permanently.
  4. Yes it is. The entire southern Scarborough network is designed for getting to the subway. We got the 502/503 that brings you to different locations in peak. 502 in midday and then a 22A at night. Good thing it's not a popular tourist place or people would be confused. The 12A/B/C are strangely setup. The Variety Village split added to the mess too. Then we got the 69 which runs in two different directions from Warden. Pretty sure people rather take that then the 12 if they can. I don't think a single route from like UTSC down to Queen would be that attractive. The TTC did having a 114 route drawn on the SmartTrack service integration plan. It's the old 114 Kingston Rd East route with it running from Warden Station up Kingston Rd and the 86D looping. It would only succeed if ST uses TTC fares and RER doesn't.
  5. Alexander Dennis are taking over the Nappanee facility for production of the Enviro 500 range:
  6. That's exactly what I'm thinking. I agree with you. They are useless. Nothing but a waste of money.
  7. Also, skytrain to guildford would be a dead end, not sure where you'd extend from there
  8. I agree because it would be win-win for all residents of Surrey and Langleys because the Langleys will be connected to rest region via the Expo Line and Surrey still gets some sort of rail transit. I think Guildford wouldn't get serviced by SkyTrain because it will be hard to connect to the rest of system with out rebuilding Surrey Central to Gateway portion of Expo line.
  9. Changed the name of this thread, to make it sound more organized.
  10. I dont mind if its LRT for L-Line and RRT for the langley line, just it makes no economical sense to have lrt to langley when you can just stay on skytrain to langley.
  11. While a thread already exists for Surrey Rapid Transit, there still is no thread to talk about the Broadway Extension. I guess we will let this one pass. Perhaps renaming this thread to "Millennium Line - Broadway Extension" would suffice for now (and you have the naming rights to this thread so...)
  12. This is a better spot for this. I feel like LRT is going to be tremendous failure due it not getting the ridership and loosing ridership due the delays with the traffic and crashes. Hope the Provincial Government does what they historical done and change it to SkyTrain because it is a better use of taxpayer money.
  13. Public consultations on the Broadway extension of the M Line and Surrey LRT projects coming up this month. Broadway Extension Surrey LRT
  14. Pic works for me. Here's a copy.
  15. It's at HTC it was last parked in the middle of a bunch of dead buses. I took a picture of it.
  16. That single seat is very likely to be on top of the wheel well. Also: any word on luggage racks?
  17. I don't understand why weekend service has better service then weekdays to UBC? Usually reduction to service is on weekends verses weekdays. Thanks Michael for the reply.
  18. Must have been a while ago, because it's in HTC right now. (As are 8004 and 8024, those are the only artics in the HTC dead line.)
  19. The Option states as many forward as possible, pretty much. "The Bus seating layout shall have a minimum of 37 seats with only one (1) side-facing seat per side on the upper deck. Perimeter seating on the upper deck is not to be provided and as many forward facing seats as possible shall be fitted"
  20. Speaking of 7740... Photographed it the other day:
  21. Nope, no major changes to the 49 this sheet. It's not that weekday service was cut, so much as weekday service was never increased. When the 49 moved to VTC in September the Saturday and Sunday schedules were rewritten for artics and to have all trips going to UBC, while the weekday schedule was left unchanged. This leads to the odd setup of having service to UBC start later and end earlier on weekdays than weekends, as well as having half the evening trips on weekdays terminate at Dunbar Loop, whereas all evening trips go to UBC on weekends.
  22. Keep in mind, any suburban low floor buses are options at this point, meaning that they are at least two years away if Translink chooses to exercise the option. It is far too early to be speculating/guessing where these buses will wind up and what fleet reallocation will occur if and when they arrive. And no, the presence of an "Express Bus" decal in the diagram is not sufficient evidence to say with any certainty where they will go.
  23. You remind me of New Year's Eve where all the artics on the 49 got stuck at Langara-49th Station. My bus was the third one incoming and the driver managed to pass the second one in the line that got stuck at Langara Street before having to come to a stop just before the first bus at the station due to the traffic light. And right then and there the rear end decided not to co-operate and slide towards the right side of the road. I had suggested to the driver that maybe we needed to put some weight at the back, but he decided just to let people out instead.
  24. They've probably already popped it in the mail. Not a big deal. When it arrives give it to a friend to read.
  25. Hi! I'm interested in becoming an editor for CPTDB Wiki around Metro Vancouver like the Skytrain and other systems for example BC Transit. I ride transit everyday to and from places everyday with a back log full if transit photos to contribute and help improve the with the Wiki as best as I can. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  26. Which is understandable but if you look at the Park and Ride there is never more then 10-15 cars in the lot and the Lot is also overflow parking for the Rec Centre. Why inconvenience all the residents of MG,BriarBrook,Brookside to accommodate the few that park at the Park and Ride. My solution would be have the 64 run Peak Periods only To Downtown in AM and to Kanata in PM renumbered 260 have the 63 run all day AM Peak Period DT and Reverse in PM Peak Kanata : Innovation PR (R) terry fox (L)Flambrough (R) Halton continue MaxwellBridge (R)Marconi (L) Shirleys Brook (R) Helmsdale (L) Shirleys Brook (L) March to Teron ect AM Peak Kanata and Reverse PM Peak Lebreton: From Teron/March (R) Carling (L) Schnider (L) Legget (L) Terry fox (R)McKinley (R) Shirleys Brook (R) Helmsdale (L) ShirleysBrook (R) Marconi (L) MaxwellBridge (L) Flamborough to Innovation Some trips Start/End at Hines OFF Peak: From Teron/March (R) Carling (L) Schnider (L) Legget (L) Terry fox (R)McKinley (R) Shirleys Brook (R) Helmsdale (L) ShirleysBrook (R) Marconi (L) MaxwellBridge continue Halton (R) Klondike (L) Second Line (L) Brady (R) Halton (R) Flambrough to Innovation. run 20 mins service during the day , and 30 min service at night
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