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  2. Enviro_1203

    Happy 10 Years

    Ottawa tested one in 2008
  3. 23 getting more early evening service, 5 buses an hour between 1900 and 2030
  4. Rob's Transport Hub

    MUNI (San Francisco, CA)

    2016 on the T Line (Taken 8/24/18)
  5. captaintrolley

    Celebrity Birthday Thread

    Actor Dick van Dyke turns 93 today.
  6. 1821 is now the highest on property
  7. A. Wong

    Monster OAD™ - Fuel Economy tracking?

    CPTDB is not getting any compensation for these posts. Anyone, including vendors, is welcome to post on this forum. There are few members here that actually understand the mechanics behind buses, so my personal opinion is that the more discussion there is, the better. This ETS Electric Feasibility study has some overall fuel economy figures but I don't think you will find many ongoing fuel economy figures published publicly.
  8. Today
  9. Rob's Transport Hub

    Feature Photo Submissions

    San Francisco MUNI 2002 ETI 14TrSF #5482 is seen here at the Intersection of 9th Avenue & Lawton Street in the Sunset District of San Francisco while on Route 6 Haight/Parnassus to Ferry Plaza. (Taken 4/29/18)
  10. M. Parsons

    New Flyer Xcelsior

    Your line of thinking is.... interesting. First it's "these" TA's are going to regret it. I think Valley Metro was in the original quote. So, presumably it's just the transit agencies in the hot climates ("extreme weather conditions"?) who will regret it? Or are you implying that all TA's will regret battery electric buses? Certainly, using the battery to provide air conditioning and even cooling the battery itself will be detrimental to the range of a battery electric bus. I was going to suggest that your "these TA's are going to regret it" quote just refers to transit agencies that operate in extreme heat.... On the other hand, I've seen Reno, Nevada's Proterra's in operation and they seem to be doing ok with their electric bus fleets (2nd generation now I believe). If you're talking about "extreme weather" in general, besides desert environments, can you provide further specifics on why you think battery electrics won't work?
  11. 63 Ossington

    Streetcar News

    Another new destination sign on Flexitys seen - 512 St Clair // Short Turn // "To Bathurst Station". This car was headed EB after the evening rush hour so I assume it would have been on its way exiting the line EB at Vaughan directly, but that's the first time I've ever seen that sign used.
  12. 63 Ossington

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    That was part of the slew of North America-wide bomb threats made today. For a while, trains were turning back at St. Andrew during the suspension. The TTC announcements kept saying it was for an "off property" TPS investigation at King, but according to the TPS post, the subject of the bomb threat was King itself..
  13. #8604 has returned to Arrow from Wilson. #3100 is sitting at Birchmount garage for vision training I'm assuming.
  14. R. Meu

    Feature Photo Submissions

    Calgary Transit 2012 New Flyer XN40 #8201 is seen dropping off passengers at the Mcknight-Westwinds LRT Station after finishing a trip on Route 55 Falconridge. This bus was one of the long term demo buses (along with another XN40 and 2 Nova CNGs) to be used as a way to see if CNG buses would suit Calgary’s Climate. Since Novabus won the contract for Calgary Transit, 40 new Nova CNGs will be delivered to Calgary between now and next year, and as a result this bus (and 8202) will be the only New Flyer CNG buses in Calgary’s fleet for a while.
  15. translink fan

    Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    86776 in Vancouver today. Drove it around and still has a new bus smell. 79k Miles. And has the new E cooling fans.
  16. R. Meu

    Random Photos - Calgary and Area

    Heres a shot of 8201 outside of Mcknight -Westwinds at the start of its last trip on the Route 55 today.
  17. Xtrazsteve

    Today's Special Sightings

    Cause this branch has 30 min gaps all the time during the afternoon. So much for scheduled 13 min headways.
  18. BlueberryCake

    Today's Sightings

    31-807 was parked at Côte-Vertu metro. The bus driver tried to start up the engine a couple of times, but it wasn't turning on properly (probably because one of the parts were not working). Though at the end, the bus driver was able to start up the engine! Stinson's 36-02X and one of St. Laurent's hybrid buses were on the 121 this evening.
  19. There was a small door on the interior front panel of a hybrid (below the fan) that was open. Inside I think there was a little display screen at the top but it seemed mostly empty. What is this space used for?
  20. M. Parsons

    Happy 10 Years

    Nice find. I've reference the Transport Canada list many times in the past, but, I never checked the Glaval Easy On's. As my first post documents, it's really an unknown how ETS came to purchasing these buses. I believe there was at least one Ontario agency that ended up with a Easy On. For now, I suspect this will remain a mystery. FOIPing the City of Edmonton might reveal something. Of course, my original post was tongue in cheek. I was dismayed (as a taxpayer) that Edmonton seemingly circumvented standard procurement channels to end up with these buses that seemed to be lemons, at least in a sense. As a transit advocate I liked the fact that these buses were true low floors, and that ETS wasn't looking for the cheapest cutaway bus out there. As a transit enthusiast? Well, having one of the rarest buses out there was pretty neat as well, even if it wasn't a typical fullsize transit bus. And that fact that they had a longer in service life than the Passport's was at least interesting in the end, even though I strongly feel ETS should have never purchased the Easy On's.
  21. Kelvin3157

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    What appeared to be a bomb threat at King closed Bloor-Yonge to Union
  22. drum118


    They used to do route counting years ago where the counter count the number of riders getting on/off at the stops and did note the time. Sometime there was i/2 of them on the bus, with one at the back and front. Then there was one at the back. It was done yearly and haven't seen anyone for a few years. These counters rode the route all day with change off for 1-3 days of the week, as well the weekend. Each bus or near everyone had a counter on the route. Until there are counters on all buses, need the clipboard. Based on the counts, schedules got updated if needed.
  23. TechSpotlight

    What are you eating right now?

    Earlier I had some sushi from Co-op
  24. J. S. Bach

    What are you eating right now?

    Just got back from a class Christmas dinner of grilled salmon; it was done almost to perfection. Note that the baked tater came home with me for a snack tomorrow.
  25. Princess Daisy D 19

    The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    I mean showing the same buses more than one (1) time on the GPS. Buses aren't having real numbers on the GPS. And No Buses on GPS.
  26. Transit geek


    Couldn't the Trapeze AVL unit handle all this? Might as well have a conversation with the engineers behind it...
  27. Doppelkupplung


    I've been noticing over the past few weeks that a bus usually has someone with a clipboard monitoring the schedule and noting down the times at each stop. Does anyone know what this data collection is going towards? New scheduling patterns?
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