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  2. Dupont Industries 35ft Classic

    They built nothing. This was done in-house by Dupont. What would be really neat would be to find out if they actually stuck an engine and transmission back into this thing after chopping it. Dan
  3. Peterborough Transit

    Looks like a lot of people might get pissed off then. Its now up on the examiner website. http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/2017/10/20/peterborough-transit-drivers-could-go-on-strike-oct-29
  4. The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    So does anyone have information on when we might see some more new buses out on the streets?
  5. I get it now. Thanks for explaining.
  6. Apparently, Ottawa ranks behind both Toronto and Montreal in terms of public transit (no subway in Ottawa--yet) and speed from downtown to the airport (need to drive on city streets for much on the distance rather than expressways), and ahead of Toronto but behind Montreal for road rage. However, criteria such as fuel prices, road injuries and seem to be ranked at a national level, as Montreal's fuel prices in the survey are the same as Calgary's (yeah right), even though the "petrol price score was based on information from local stations". One must remember what Mark Twain claimed British PM Benjamin Disraeli once said (although there is no evidence Disraeli actually said it): "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."
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  8. Waterloo Region Rapid Transit

    What about us brain-dead slobs?
  9. Dupont Industries 35ft Classic

    So they DID build shorter Classics... I never heard anywhere of a 33 foot Classic until now. Classics look better when they are 40 foot, though.
  10. Durham Region Transit

    I would be under the assumption that the speculated 11, would appear next year (2018) No, not in the foreseeable future atleast.
  11. TTC Application Process

    Wohooo. Happy bday! And congrats. I guess i'll see you nov 8 for hillcrest training. 😁😁😁👌
  12. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    Yes (I think some D40HFs too but I think those left before the 340 was split). I think they also had some of the higher number orions (I used to see them on the 345 when I was in elementary school). STC was in charge of 311 351 352 354 for a bit as far as I recall Speaking of Orions, during the trolley crisis I was in my car going home and I remembered seeing a 9200 doing a 325.
  13. TTC Application Process

    Hello All, What a great birthday present for me today. Got a call Nov 8 training. Mt Dennis Division. Super happy 😊
  14. 2017 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    What did Surrey have before they got all the D40LFRs? Just Classics and the D40LFs?
  15. General FML moments

  16. Allison shift selectors

    Some those Allison shift selectors look like is ZF.
  17. General CTrain Discussion

    Operations Control Center
  18. General CTrain Discussion

    I heard it at Lions Park. They were saying something about how they're doing maintenance on the arrival signs. OCC? What is that?
  19. Today's Special Sightings

    Miway eldorado 0895 is on 57, its also going to do a wb trip on 76.
  20. Entered Service: #8794 on route 34 Eglinton East
  21. Fortress of Louisbourg Classic

    There is an option in the comment box to change the justification of the post; his post happens to be right-justified. Unusual but not a big issue. Anyway since I'm already posting here, might as well make it useful... Paid a visit to Fortress of Louisbourg on September 17th, at the tail end of the season. 192 and the Glaval Legacy were operating on the shuttle that day. The shuttle route takes approximately 5-6 minutes each way between the Visitor's Centre and the loop outside the Fortress, with buses leaving every 15 minutes from the Visitor's Centre, which mean they pretty much bump each other out. For an overload situation, both buses leave at once, with the first bus returning to the Visitor's Centre immediately and performing the next scheduled trip. The Glaval Legacy still does not appear to be officially numbered; however, there is a number of 17710 handwritten where the rear license plate would normally go, so I guess this is its fleet number. Inside, all of the seats are low-back leather seats with seatbelts.
  22. Durham Region Transit

    Please delete
  23. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Regarding #7486, it was spotted towed away on Danforth Av. @ Carlaw Av. WB at 13:55 (1:55 pm) yesterday. EDIT: #7804 is still active, currently on the 167B.
  24. TTC Orion VII Movement List

    It's been there along with the rest since last month.
  25. The new panto-friendly overhead at Kipling and Lake Shore includes overhead for the switch for eastbound streetcars to enter the loop, so someone figures that's going to be around for a while. I have once seen a service car (as opposed to a fan trip) take that switch. Kipling Ave has been totally rebuilt. The tail tracks north of the loop are still in place.
  26. Durham Region Transit

    I don't think they were going to order anymore artics initially... But with the large boost in express services that the TTC wants to implement, that may change down the road.
  27. You know you're a transitfan when...

    When you read a 130 page volume on your favourite transit vehicle in a language you have a very poor command of (Czech). On the bright side, I've sharpened my Czech a little, I know even more about the T3 then I did before, and I'll never have any problems reading a book ever again
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