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  2. I have immense difficulty falling asleep, too. I can toss and turn for what feels like hours without my mind shutting down. A while ago I read on Reddit that the solution is to try to bore your brain to sleep by having really repetitous thought patterns. Since then I've resorted to a nightly ritual of trying to name every TTC bus route, in order. It seems to do the trick, though it can take quite long sometimes I don't seem to be awake as long as I used to. I wish it worked faster though, I can't even think of the 5 Avenue Road during the daytime without breaking out in hives.
  3. 412 looks like the last one left from that group and it’s sitting in the water lot with its license plate removed so they are all retired. 431 (40’ Hybrid from the first order) is keeping it company... still has a plate so either it’s overflow from the garage or something died on it. If we do 1-1 replacements then 430-469 will be gone by 2024. That’ll eliminate 4 35 footers from the fleet without replacing them. They are trying hard to become a 12 years and done agency, something that has historically never been true.
  4. I think so. As recently as this summer, quite a few were hanging out in a city-owned lot on S Industrial Hwy, about a half-mile north of TheRide HQ. They still had decals, numbers and fareboxes -- so maybe they were in ready-reserve. At last check, only two or three were still there and they were totally stripped down. Unless there's a straggler or two under the roof at 2700, the end has likely arrived for the 411-429 batch. Won't miss 'em.
  5. So what happens with the 36-9xx buses after the pilot project?
  6. The first of the free rides start tomorrow on Prospect.
  7. I also often have difficulty falling asleep but don't usually resort to pills. I've given melatonin a try in the past, and a couple of times even resorted to stronger meds like nytol. Nowadays I usually end up staying up past 2 am, gotta fix my sleep cycle (at least I won't need to wake up at 5:30-6 on Monday mornings anymore). While I don't use any sleeping meds anymore, I find that taking a double dose of extra strength advil helps me avoid getting sick this season (speaking only for myself here).
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  9. My guess is 674. Anyone have any info on future orders or on anymore retired Phantoms?
  10. This was a mock-up. The Bell ad on the right with the beavers was from before the 2010s, and if you look closely as the reflection in the window of the left door, you'll notice the chain station that was used for the mock-up directing observers in & out of the car.
  11. ...er are you sure you're not talking about a T1? Because this is a TR, as in T35A08, Toronto Rocket
  12. Probably no more than 2-3 trains for that stretch of the line. If I remember correctly I counted 4 trains on the Lawrence-Finch stretch during last week's St Clair-Lawrence closure (headways of 5-10 mins).
  13. The doors where red for production units. Unless this is a door that was installed before it was painted.
  14. Is there warranty on the paint?
  15. Everyone complains about the Bombardier product, and even though the reliability stats dont meet the required standard, that doesn't mean that the competition will. Look at Ottawa and their problems, you dont see GRT having those kinds of problems do you? Some of those issues may be a result of poor management, but not all of it.
  16. Maybe, maybe not. Union ethics aside, if it's a question of law, I'd be interested to read the actual legal definition. Kind of like CN trucks driving containers that were scheduled to go on to the trains during their recent strike.
  17. Just resting and taking it easy
  18. STO MCI Classic 9122 seen in Downtown Ottawa in the 1990s. Photo by Seth Reynolds
  19. If they are the lowest bidder that meet technical specs. There's a lot of indication that they are trying to buy work, and will bid well below their own cost, with funding made up from the Chinese government.
  20. Situation Brewing (YEG) Irish Stout and a pulled Smoked Brisket Hash Benny at Tiramisu Bistro.
  21. Yes but 1) my understanding of what they say is along the line of "we will need more buses in January because of the REM shuttles, hence we borrowed 50 coaches", they didn't explicitly say these coaches go to the REM shuttles... 2) the last time the STM borrowed the coaches to help with bus shortage, yet the coaches went to the 747. I don't see any route fitting with coaches except the 747. Or maybe some really express routes like the 411 but any urban route will be a bad fit. ---- Yesterday I passed through TMR, some 165/16 bus stops have the red "chemises" on them, seems like the 919 signs are already up. It's the 2nd time some of these stop flags got "rebranded" since August. ---- Today I passed by O'Brien, I'm quite puzzled because alongside the 117 stop flag are stop flags of the 121... why would the 121 pass through O'Brien? I saw the 121 flag at the stops O'Brien/Côte-Vertu (55657) and Rochon/O'Brien (55634)... Anyone know why?
  22. So basically, I was looking for reference pictures for the Toronto Rockets when I stumbled upon this picture of the doors: What's up with these doors? Was this from a mock up or was this actually how they originally came?
  23. Providing a direct bus bridge could be considered crossing the picket line as the bus bridge would be providing the exact service that is on strike. The bus bridge for seabus was a bit different as it was all within the same Union and local 2200 (maintenance & seabus) was completely fine with local 111 (operators) doing the bus bridge providing it was not on OT.
  24. Anything is possible, but the schedule only calls for 122 Flexities on Sunday afternoons, compared to 140 on Saturdays, and 149 for the weekday AM peak. They delivered on Friday, and had only one 506 during the Thursday AM peak, so 122 should be easy to do. I'd expect AM peak next week would be the likeliest time to see another CLRV on 506 if it's being driven by the Flexity situation.
  25. We're already seeing how the Alstom vehicles are handling in Ottawa. I'm not even sure you can run Citadis vehicles (in the current North American form) on the city streets because of the turn radii. The Citadis has a turning radius of 25m while the flexity Outlooks have one of 12m. Granted, the freedoms have a turning radius of 25m, but the construction of the frame seems to allow for the increased turning radius. I'm not sure you can get this with a Citadis. Besides, it would cost Alstom a crap ton to develop a new model just for the Toronto streets, so I doubt they'd be willing to offer them for less than 10M a vehicle.
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