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  2. I'd like to understand axle ratios more. With a Series 60/B500, what's the absolute best axle ratio for fuel economy, performance notwithstanding?
  3. 7762 on the 40 !!!!!
  4. 1007 run behind 9498 on the way to Joyce Stn.
  5. Sure, the new population traveling to/from points along Sheppard will have the option of driving and using the 401. However, the 401 is a very slow drive at peak times, and even weekends at certain points between Yonge and McCowan. The 401 westbound is jammed from Morningside as early as 6:30am to well past 9am. Using Sheppard westbound in the morning is just as fast, or even faster than using the 401. If these motorists are given the option of higher order transit along Sheppard, I'm sure some would use it over being stuck on the 401.
  6. TTC 4209 has been on 506 all day long. When was the last time one of the 4200 articulated streetcars made it on to 506?
  7. 58 on the hook
  8. Pleaae pardon my generation. We don't really know how to associate with people properly. Anyways.... I like the technology, of in motion charging, would be interesting to see that used on the 9, to see an extention to Brentwood Station without the expensive extention of trolley wires, and drivers would simply be detaching and reattaching poles at Boundary Loop.
  9. I would say 303 because the Cummins ISM is a little too much for local routes in a 40ft bus. Which generation of YRT V: 1989 Vaughan, 1989 Markham, 2000 GO, 2002 GO or 2003 Express?
  10. TTC: 8317 is currently on 121. 8344 is currently on 72.
  11. You beat me to it. Just came to announce that 8021 has indeed been retired. 8981, 8982, and 8983 will also be retired once 8172, 8173, and 8174 enter service. Didn't know 8171 was on the road already, so that's good to know!
  12. This isn't /r/cptdb filled with shitposting. Welcome to a discussion board. Also, FTFY=FIFY, Fixed That/It For You.
  13. Naturally, local access to the 401 between Yonge and McCowan will also be eliminated to ensure ridership numbers climb.
  14. I think those in Winnipeg rely on overhead, static pantographs.
  15. I think he's saying I erred in referring to an "XTE40". In fact, it was deliberate, to distinguish a hypothetical Xcelsior using Vossloh Kiepe's In-Motion Charging from either a trolleybus with a smaller APU (XT40) or a battery-powered bus with quick charging at terminals (XE40).
  16. MiWay 0902 is one of two buses wrapped for the winning design created by the MiWay student ambassadors of Port Credit Secondary School for the 2016-2017 school year.
  17. There is one Sunday every year that artics are in the way (of the parking lot)
  18. Elfen TH changes the name once again, is now called NanohaBus LISBON, Portugal - June 22nd, 2017 - /PRNewsWire/ - NanohaBus Holdings is what the company which was once Elfen TH will be called from June 24th, 2017. The decision was approved by the Board of Directors on June 19th, 2017. This will mark a new era on the company, which dates back from 1935, when was called DTPR (Divisão dos Transportes Públicos Rodoviários de Lisboa). UTC will remain as the name of three companies: NanohaBus-UTCB&C (NanohaBus-PT), UTC Angola and UTC TIM. However, Aki BC and Elfen TS-PT will merge into one single company: NanohaBus-PT. This changes prompted a livery renewal on the bus fleet which will be completed by January 2018 (is already 45% complete). The newest buses for NanohaBus-UTCB&C, the New Flyer XD60 will carry also the new livery too. So here is the list of what will change after June 24th: - Elfen TH Portugal => NanohaBus-PT Aki B&C and Elfen TS-PT => NanohaBus-PTT (merger result) - L1/L12/L123 passes are still valid (except on COP 10 operations) UTC Bus & Co. => NanohaBus-UTCB&C - Intermodal passes not allowed Elfen TS-Lisbon => NanohaBus Lisbon Bus Services - Elfen TH Overseas Operations => NanohaBus Overseas Operations UTC Angola (unchanged) (Angola) Elfen TS-AO => NanohaBus-AO (Angola) UTC TIM (unchanged) (Mozambique) Elfen Lied Nassau County Bus => NanohaBus Nassau County Bus Services (U.S.) Elfen TH New Jersey Bus => NanohaBus New Jersey Bus (U.S.) - UTC Algarve (unchanged) - Greyhound Lines PT (unchanged) This was the ultimate result of the mainstreaming of our day-to-day operations. Every company which does business with NanohaBus was already notified of the decision of our company to change the operating name, with TriStar and New Flyer being the first ones to be notified.
  19. New hurdman is open, nice shelters, but no shelter at platform D (sorry, rte 9 users)
  20. I'd do it. I'm willing to do it. And about the CP bus, My Flickr/PICSSR has a OMSI 2 bus exactly painted on that livery (a Mercedes-Benz O 307). Anyways, sorry for my late response - But I decided to have a pause on CPTDB actions, which ended today.
  21. No, I just read in newspaper article.
  22. where should i post it?
  23. No, you're right, it may not have factored into how work was cut. I was just assuming that if there happened to be lots of input coming from residents of a particular neighborhood complaining the bus as shaking their house as it ran past on a non-arterial roadway, then I have to assume that the scheduler would then get a directive to re-assign the type of equipment used on that piece of work. I'm not sure if that's what happened on the Newport trip that was tacked on to a tunnel tripper but from my recollection, it didn't last long. Hypothetically, if a Breda happened to be assigned to one trip on, let's say, a 235 going through Beaux Arts and it was scheduled to go through there at the same time daily, if enough complaints from residents were received, then I'd have to believe that coach assignment would be taken off the next shakeup if not sooner.
  24. Why, are you planning to move there or something?
  25. That someone is Seth Greer... Also I don't think that it's relevant to this topic, as it points out TTC
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