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  2. Oh god If bus 111 does not show up on GPS tomorrow SOMETHING IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is been almost a week
  3. looks like theres nothing different inside to the new units of E500 in Ottawa except those seats.
  4. Tsawwassen Ferry Park and Go, a privately owned parking facility with a shuttle service, has permanently closed and is listing vehicles for sale. As a result, S302-S304 are back on the market and looking for new homes: https://vancouver.craigslist.org/rds/cto/d/delta-southwest-passenger-bus/7158602965.html
  5. Translink did say early in the pandemic that all service expansion planned for the rest of 2020 was being deferred. Plus, with YVR's current passenger loads the need for 24 hour service at the terminal is greatly reduced.
  6. Grant Imahara, host of “Mythbusters”, has died at the age of 49.
  7. Based on what I've seen, it's whatever Keolis can get their hands on. I've seen Skyports, Murray Hill, just the Keolis K, and even one in proper exo livery. They're serving the 404 Deux-Montagnes replacement express shuttle. They count as exo Laurentides buses on Chrono.
  8. Okay fair enough. 4400-series are the longer 35-foot Vicinity buses. They are commonly found on the 3 and 10, sometimes the #2. They are mostly out of Victoria garage.
  9. That's a nice change! That allays most if not all my concerns about the 351 changes basically 😃
  10. This was on route 93 now it's on route 40 oh god
  11. I guess that's truly not an option on exceptionally long and remote lines like in Northern Quebec. Very interesting - I've heard of albedo-lowering for city temperature control but I'd never considered it for railways.
  12. I saw their reservation system and I am familiar with the regular schedule. I was just highlighting that this not just a one-off late train, it has been departing Montreal around 8:15pm on several Fridays.
  13. From what I'm seeing it's the same, no change. Looking at the headway sheets there are 11 NB trips in the morning, the first being 4:12 and last 8:04 11 SB trips in the afternoon as well, first at 14:58 and last at 18:53
  14. I took a rare trip downtown today and I saw a Skyport coach bus on René-Lévesque going westbound in PM rush. It had an exo sticker on it on the door side. Is Skyport now a regular contractor for exo?
  15. Saw 3563 drive by on 43 Kennedy while filling up gas.
  16. Never seen an aircraft hangar fire drill?? BTW Ford Bronco anyone?
  17. I wonder where we'd be if we had clamped down on March 10th say, and said mandatory masks in public.
  18. TTC 3258 is on the 32 Run 39 8361 is on the 40 Run 3 1232 is on the 68 Run 10 8346 is on the 71 Run 8 1654 is on the 86 Run 12 3260 is on the 89 3179 is on the 127 Run 1
  19. Train hit a scooter at Nanaimo. Not sure if its a kick one or the one for the elderly. Single tracking from Joyce to Nanaimo. Train involved is a mk1
  20. It's an issue everywhere in the world - even in supposedly mild-climate places like the United Kingdom: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/trains-cancelled-heat-uk Therefore, the issue in Quebec is less that the climate would be extremely cold, but that the temperature range is so extreme: the average high temperature in Quebec City is 25.0 C in July, whereas the average low temperature is -17.7 C in January, which is a range of 42.7 C and thus more than the 36 degrees which the Network Rail spokesman mentioned as being the limit for their rails... In terms of mitigation strategies, Network Rail deploys the following: https://www.networkrail.co.uk/stories/how-we-prevent-tracks-from-getting-too-hot/ I don't know what strategies CN applies, but painting rails white seems like a cheap (and obvious) one...
  21. In the description, it appears that they are chopping off the front end and selling the front 10 feet of the car
  22. Effective 7/13/20 1339 New York, New York to Los Angeles, California... Camp Verde, Arizona and Glendale, Arizona have been discontinued. http://extranet.greyhound.com/revsup/Schedules2/bulletins/56-20.pdf
  23. VT-ALH was back this morning for the repatriation flight AI1143/1146 from/to DEL (Delhi)~~ AirIndia_VT-ALH AirIndia_VT-ALH_b
  24. Very impressed by all the jurisdictions who are only instituting mandatory mask wearing in indoor public places now, nearly 5 months into the pandemic. If it was possible to be any more behind the curve than we are, we'd still be prattling on about how there is no community transmission going on in the country.
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