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  2. It is a testing number but I have no idea which unit it is other than it’s an LFS lol
  3. I realized that when there are them diesels on the 19, which isn’t often, them are almost always LFS HEVs, and I haven’t seen a single of them LFS buses on the 19. Is this a coincidence?
  4. There is also Transcona, Manitoba which lost its direct VIA service in the early 2000's. Even though Transcona is now part of Winnipeg, it was its own community until 1972. My understanding is that the signpost was in a bad location for passengers to board and probably didn't see much use seeing as Winnipeg Union Station is a 20 minute drive or so from there. The Brandon North station was moved to Rivers as a stationette for the Canadian. I believe its still the active VIA stop in Rivers as the existing station is in rough condition. Even though Edmonton and Saskatoon still have service from the Canadian, their stations have been moved out of downtown so not as convenient for some potential passengers.
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  6. Series 9 vs Pedestrian on 162ave at around 10am this morning. Trains terminating at Fish Creek Shuttle buses dispatched between Fish Creek and Somerset
  7. R46 accident at 14th Street https://gothamist.com/news/mta-a-train-subway-derail-manhattan-8th-ave
  8. The entire population of the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula (which includes Tobermory and Lion's Head amongst others) is only 4,000 residents; this isn't enough to support a year-round daily bus service. During the summer season, Tobermory swells with tourists and tourist-oriented business, making it potentially viable for a seasonal service. However, most of the businesses in Tobermory shut down during the winter; I was up a couple years ago on the weekend after Labour Day and every restaurant in town closed at 6pm on Saturday evening, and would only reopen the following Friday. That indicates the local permanent population isn't enough to support them. There's already a seasonal Parks Bus from Toronto stopping in Bruce Peninsula National Park and Tobermory which seems to be successful. However, the former Bruce Peninsula Transit failed relatively quickly a couple of years ago, proving that there's not enough year-round demand to support a private system.
  9. What is the point of running it only until October? People dont need to travel to Tobemory from Owen sound in the winter months?
  10. A car drove off of the Lakeridge Road bridge and manged to take out one of the signals and a signal cabinet. The damage was enough that they've had to completely require that set of signals. At least through my GO channels, there was no word about how exactly that managed to transpire or the condition of anyone involved. Dan
  11. Only two buses are required for the 21 and 22... the 21's first trip is not until the first AM 22 returns to Kimberley, and the last 21 trip arrives back in Kimberley before the first PM 22 departs. However, the 23 requires its own bus, and the On-Request/HandyDART service in town would also need a bus dedicated to it (although the hours could likely work around when the other three are not running scheduled service). With 3 buses in service, you need more than one spare unit. With 4 buses, you're likely always going to have one unit off the road for regular servicing and maintenance. So what happens when one of the three on the road breaks down or needs to be changed off? It also doesn't accommodate for any long-term repairs such as collision repair, which means you could be running with zero spares for a couple of weeks. While a 25% spare ratio sounds great in the context of a large fleet, you need to think about how that might actually work in practice for a smaller fleet.
  12. Well that should save a few from the scrappers and BA will probably be able to get them at a good price.
  13. This is definitely off topic, but the vehicle’s origin in this video isn’t. Take a look: (I posted this bc I can’t seem to track the specific unit on the wiki amongst Miami-Dade County transit)
  14. Anyone know which unit it actually is? 3101 is a testing number right?
  15. I'm no expert on bus body construction so I have no idea what that means. What would it be in simpler terms like "Krystal Koach bodies utilise a steel skeleton and aluminium skin construction"? Seems like a nice upgrade from cutaways since I haven't really heard anything bad about Vicinities. Are the new ones still coming from China or from the U.S. now that they have plants down there?
  16. I would prefer it be a Saturday. On a different train of thought - how come these charters are always planned for March? I feel like it'd be much nicer to have one in May or June when the Calgary scenery looks much more appealing, roads are cleaner, and the weather is much warmer. Just my opinion.
  17. We’ll even let you play with the destination sign for that price 🤪
  18. Both routes rarely have passengers since the pandemic, plus with most of Ala Moana and Waikiki turning into ghost towns this was bound to happen anyway. However, one has to wonder how the riders who live or work along route 22 will find other ways to get to their destinations.
  19. I just had this thought in mind for sometime, but after much considering - I wanted to share a story about receiving poor service (that lead me to file a complaint) against an unlikely source: a social worker. I used to had a social worker many years ago (that upsets me to this day) in which she accuses me of arriving too early for her appointment. She sometimes gives negative advice to me and I was very upset about her. I would have vented this frustation on my personal blog (which was since been closed) or even on social media. I told my dad about this issue about the negative level of service I had received and he agrees with my views. I tried to contact that social worker in question about following up to see her - things went from bad to worse. The way that she spoke to me on the phone really hurt me - it resulted me on immediately hanging up the phone on her (or this: simply dialing another number on a phone which immediately cut her off) When that social worker phoned me a while back to book an appointment to see her - I would told her that I called back and will think about it. The next day, I filed a complaint against her senior management accusing her for providing poor, biased service for my wellbeing/support. A few minutes later, I received a call - by her direct manager (or probably her senior manager). I "painted a picture" (discussed) to her direct manager about my encounter with the social worker I had assigned. I've discussed the details to her and I had fear that the social worker in question - will spread hate and blackmail against me on why I had complained to her. I then suspended her meetings for a few months and (on behalf of her direct/senior manager) she apologized to me. I really don't want to damage her reputation as a social worker but judging by her appearance and attitude towards me, I don't want my encounter with her to be spread toward others. Since then, I haven't made any dealings with her as my file had closed. I'm not sure if I had did the right thing or the wrong thing on filing a complaint against a social worker?
  20. Plastic. Even credit/debit cards linked to a mobile device counts! Speakng of cash/money, Western Union or Moneygram?
  21. I'll pay $100 if its a ride on a fishbowl 😋
  22. 22-282 seems to bounce back and forth between SN and SL territory, was in SL territory no later then last week
  23. Yes, I should have used my judgement and not said that right off the bat. I imagine it will come back considering as another post said on here the social distancing, I was just wondering what happened considering 0610 had been pretty realible up until that point.
  24. Fleet Manager has a list of vehicles that entered service dated April 2000: https://web.archive.org/web/20010603205821/http://fleetmanager.tripod.com:80/BusList.pdf Since the list is exhaustive, I will have to use Arrow Road units to make it easier. Anyone here should add this info from here and the document on the wiki. @Articulated and @Xtrazsteve could use some help here if needed. #2150-2155 #2150 (#8151) - March 25, 1999 #2151 (#8073) - November 5, 1999 #2152 (#8164) - August 23, 1999 #2153 (#8163) - September 14, 1999 #2154 (#8166) - October 29, 1999 #2155 (#8169) - July 21, 1999 #2600-2619 - 19 buses have entered service on the 35 JANE. #2600 was assigned to Old Eglinton. #2600 (#22-009) - July 21, 1999 #2601 (#21-041) - January 20, 2000 #2602 (#24-018) - February 7, 2000 #2603 (#25-024) - February 9, 2000 #2604 (#24-113) - January 13, 2000 #2605 (#25-005) - February 3, 2000 #2606 (#24-010) - February 3, 2000 #2607 (#24-046) - February 9, 2000 #2608 (#25-069) - February 9, 2000 #2609 (#24-072) - February 25, 2000 #2610 (#24-042) - February 20, 2000 #2611 (#24-043) - March 10, 2000 #2612 (#24-019) - February 3, 2000 #2613 (#24-084) - March 7, 2000 #2614 (#24-023) - March 3, 2000 #2615 (#24-106) - March 8, 2000 #2616 (#23-147) - March 1, 2000 #2617 (#23-129) - March 7, 2000 #2618 (#23-117) - March 14, 2000 #2619 (#23-133) - March 9, 2000
  25. You left out quite a few buses there Good link, though. Thanks for sharing.
  26. I'm a little perplexed by the need for five units in Kimberly - looking at their schedule, they would need two buses for the 22 and one for the 21 (as it operates on a non-stop back-and-forth schedule)... making three buses. Let's say you also have one as backup, that's four. What's the fifth bus for? It seems like a great deal of excess costs to maintain a fleet of five buses when the most that will be on the road at any one time is three.
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