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  2. 4049 looks to have received some sort of rebuild along with 4121 and 4080. I am also pretty sure 4148 was in the body rebuild a couple years ago as well, but wasn't mentioned. I don't think 4011 was rebuilt as well.
  3. Hey guys I will be spending two full weeks in Quebec City near the end of July and I was wondering if there were any good places to go fanning for buses in Quebec City. I was also wondering if there were certain buses(other than the Van Hooks) that I should look out for.
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  5. CLRVs that haven't had overhauls but are still active: 4004, 4049, 4117, 4148, 4171, 4180
  6. Woohoo the bus schedules changed! 37-101 is doing a Stinson extra on the 205 and he might be a little bit lost (at the corner of Des Arbres / Perron)
  7. Yes it is, I'll update the map to correct that.
  8. It has been out early last week. These guys couldn't stick to a schedule
  9. The new service summary is out early! https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service Summary_2019-06-23.pdf
  10. Dont forget though - Winnipeg has virtually no freeways or transit service on freeways (or in alot of rural areas) to begin with 😛 i could see a kit being useful on buses regularly using Stoney or Deerfoot, but Winnipeg-wise, theres virtually no rural service or freeway service, so WT probably cut back at some point.
  11. tommike

    Metro Transit

    hi any new vids of xe60 ?
  12. They had the right idea in the 50s and 60s until this arty farty trip came to town.
  13. Uh oh, there’s been another disruption, this time on the Red Line late Sunday night. I imagine it must have been complicated to manage, seeing how there was already a scheduled Red Line closure south of City Hall.
  14. RideKC/KCATA and RideKC/The Jo Johnson County Transit. CNG Gillig low floors and BRTs.
  15. 1. It was a new feature introduced with the forum software upgrades - it would have allowed up to one week for a guest to register before removing the posts. I've disabled it now though, so thanks for letting me know. 2. I've fixed the error you've posted about. Thanks. Fixed, thanks!
  16. Some errors I’ve noticed is when I finish reading a thread and want to read the next on by clicking the « Next Unread Thread » button it brings me to an error page
  17. So far so good. Still riding fine and pretty cool temperature inside from my perspective.
  18. There are artics on the 160 this evening to help with young people returning from the Breakout EDM festival at the PNE this evening.
  19. What a beautiful 171 month old child! Personally, I measure my age in days (5 638)
  20. Thank You to all involved in the BHA 2019, as usual a convention up to the standards of all (I Hope!), was a treat to see the restored 8776, big thanks to the owner for bringing it down!
  21. 23-227 was on Pie-IX/Notre-Dame heading west around 23h45. Destination sign was blank, but there were passengers on board.
  22. Thank You for the awesome charter on Saturday night after BHA. It closed out a fun week in our nations capital. Special Thanks also to the owner of 8776, a treat to ride!
  23. Ain't Great Northern Way station at Thornton instead?
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