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  2. An update on 4089, a CLRV was spotted by someone I know on Sunday near Dundas and College, with the top roof removed and a truck following behind. I think it's 4089 and I think it's a streetcar workcar now.
  3. Flightradar24 showing that E190 registered C-FMZD is heading to Marana as AC2337 from Toronto. Scheduled departure from YYZ at 6:30am. EDIT: Departed YYZ at 6:44am.
  4. It's up to 1314 alerts now. Maybe someone should start a pool, guess how high it'll go 🤣
  5. "Due to large crowding within this building" "Safety concerns" I went through Southland to get to work, on Sunday. There was about a dozen homeless people camping out and sleeping, within the station itself. Previous visits to the station included: stolen TV's laying around, open drug use, people looking for cigarette butts on the tracks, or passed out cold behind the ticket vendors... I guess my next question is: was it out of actual health reasons though? Or has CT finally decided to do away, with security and safety lapses along some of its South LRT stations (hinted at by the remodelling of Anderson), and just clear it out once & for all, to lessen the coverage needed for security, along with potentially readying the stations for demolition/reconstruction, as indicated by numerous plans and developments? Also as an economic stimulus? Nenshi did mention an "economic stimulus plan", and if CT can't get any NE extensions, further MAX lines or Green Line construction started ASAP... how much of a stimulus would it be, to demolish all of the station buildings from the 1980s, and rebuild them akin to what happened with Chinook, 39th Avenue, or Anderson? All at once, it could provide hundreds of jobs at the same time, but on a station by station basis... how much of a stimulus would it be? Oh also: if Southland and Heritage are closed, will they at least throw in some more CCTV and bright lights, between the "new" entry onto the platform, and the buses? After all, if it's supposedly for "health and safety", I'd feel better using that route to get to/from the train, if there was actual lights and security incentives for late at night/early in the morning.
  6. They will be auctioned off and most likely scrapped.
  7. New, limited opening hours for certain station buildings. http://www.calgarytransit.com/news/station-hours
  8. Is it possible to fit a new engine in that bus to give it a second life or is it better to just scrap it?
  9. I know this is old not sure if anyone has told you but 3001 has been retired 3002 is at Wayne terminal used during peak rush hour on 200 keep up the good work on your videos btw and hey try to do some bus observations once all this blows over noones done that I know this isn't the paper bus thread but i think this deserves to be here seeing we all have a common interest
  10. Here's an idea can someone more or less Cedric can someone do the WMATA Orion VII CNG the 40' version in the local scheme
  11. Welding issues like the TO outlooks maybe? Edit: looks like it could be 1021? Zoomed in on the fleet number with my phone
  12. If that's 1001 then it's on it's return journey to Bombardier for reasons unknown to us.
  13. They started on March 31st (they were supposed to start earlier but got delayed due to the outbreak). No updates have been passed along to me as of yet, but the March 31st sitdown did occur.
  14. I saw these signs at the ACTA conference in Calgary back in November - definitely a step up from the often-crashed orange LED's...
  15. You already asked this, word for word, on March 30th. Ironically in yet another thread unrelated to retirements. The prospect of a global recession unseen since the 1930s has every pre conceived prediction now out the window. Persistence will win you no friends in this case. Would it be a stretch to call it spamming?
  16. Latest LRV spotting: https://www.facebook.com/groups/637053120098571/permalink/881648152305732/
  17. Does anyone know when the OG Orion VII diesels (Cummins ISL) will retire (79xx-80xx)? my guess is between 2021-2022 or 2022-2023 and since were in this topic does anyone know when the OG Orion VII hybrids will retire (10xx-11xx)?
  18. Huh, I didn’t see that on the wiki earlier, thanks man. I tell ya I am always a fan of unique buses or buses with unique modifications in the North American market. I wish an enthusiast would have purchased one of these buses if not two. I’d think they’d make an excellent piece in the collection of preserved buses from the Bay Area
  19. I'm not sure, as I don't pay enough attention but I'll keep a look out. Also while I'm here, there's now a NBT fanpage for photos of NBT vehicles at: https://m.facebook.com/nbtfanpage
  20. Now given all that @M.Wright, did negotiations start immediately once the contract expires or are they delaying negotiations due to this outbreak?
  21. I'd be interested in helping with that. I was considering maybe writing my own book on that exact same subject (as a potential retirement project).
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