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  2. Winnipeg Transit and area

    What about paper tickets? I know they plan to phase them out, but I wish they wouldn't. They're still very convenient when you have guests visiting town. Can give them all a few tickets. I did that when I organized a conference last year -- gave everyone bus tickets so they could get to the Forks and back in the evening. No way to do something like that with Peggo.
  3. Let's see a post from the past I guess it was safe to say 9044 is official retired too. Aside from that, yes it's officially retired as the service summary lists 107 active buses in this batch.
  4. Yeah, I know it will take a long time which is why I'm suggesting it as a long-term plan, but people seem to think I want this done within the next 5 years or something. My main problem is the amount of transfers it takes to get to certain areas from Marine which can be annoying to some people, at least when you're Downtown you usually just make a single transfer and get to where you want to go. I'm still taking the feedback into consideration regarding the service changes as I am planning to send a finalized copy to TransLink next week. I honestly did not expect this idea to blow up like it did. I would like to start taking a look at Kootenay Loop next week once I'm finished with this plan as I have taken most of the routes to/from there and can't help but be underwhelmed by what it is. I do think that the 3-door double deckers with 2 staircases are a good idea, I'm just not sure if they would work on the 5/6 because there's always the idiots who just realize what stop they're at so they would decide to run down the stairs and try to push open the door when the bus starts moving and then they start yelling at the driver and then the driver gets annoyed and so on and so forth. I think that these buses would work better on routes like the 257, 555, 620, and a few other routes, Vancouver routes mainly consist of hop on, hop off passengers which is not very ideal for double deckers. Perhaps one day a pilot project could take place to test it though.
  5. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    2421 was the problem car. Didn't want to move...
  6. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    This discussion got intense quickly.... Maybe because of what dreams and aspirations mean to everyone? I've done the 'draw out route ideas' thing for fun before, but what I usually post is based on me imagining solutions to problems I encounter regularly, for example Kootenay Loop which I pass through nearly every day. 8010, I do want to point out that as intense as the Cambie corridor plans are, they are going to take a long time, and probably won't change the overall network that much, since it's development (hopefully, if they remember) designed around transit that's already there.
  7. That's understandable, but I still think that the N10 should connect to other routes in the South, but my suggested routing takes even longer to get to Brighouse, the SWATP says that the N10 would connect to the N15 at Sea Island but I would honestly prefer Bridgeport Station. As for the other Routes, I do understand where you're coming from, they were just ideas that I was throwing around seeing if anyone would even agree with them.
  8. OC Bus Spottings

    5137 out of service preparing to go on a 14 at 17:10.
  9. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    It's still unnecessary, too far for the people wants to go to the shop on West of Robson and Denman, also Davie Street (Where can you find the closer land to build this multi-level parking lots?? I know there are some parking lot on Davie Street but always full, still not work at all for the weekends)~~ For your first suggestion of the double decker would be a little bit make sense at all, my suggestion of the 3-doorways double decker have 2-staircases, they can speed up the ascent and descent the staircases, I hope Translink should educating the passenger use the front staircase for ascending the upper deck and the rear staircase to descending to lower deck to alight (Same as Vegas)~~
  10. You lose flexibility when you create a subfleet of busses. The racks would take up space on other routes that isn't necessary, so it wouldn't make sense to add them fleet-wide. But separating the DD fleet into "70" and "other" means that interlining runs with other routes can't occur and busses can't cycle through maintenance, etc. easily.
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  12. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    In summary, go ride the nightbus. At least try the N10. Not worth talking about something you havent seen in person tbh. Connections being made where they shouldnt (N35 to Production) and coverage in places where it is unnecessary (N19 to KG). I'd also think that these people would rather drive.
  13. Brandon Transit

    Probably 71 and 72 since transit has seems to have been going in numerical order.
  14. Updates regarding transit loops and route changes: 9 - scrap idea of off-peak UBC service N8 - use 40' trolleys N10 - will no longer be extended to Ladner, it will instead be extended to Steveston via Three Road once demand is high N20 - use 40' trolleys 63rd Ave Loop - will remain discontinued but short-turn wires will be installed along E Blvd between 41st and 49th so that if the 16 needs to short-turn it can do so in a more busy area Blanca Loop - will remain discontinued, buses along 4th wishing to short-turn will have to do so at Alma where the 9 short-turns Dunbar Loop - will remain discontinued but short-turns can be made at Crown Street instead if necessary Harrison Loop - will not be discontinued but will be used ONLY for short-turns when the 20 or the 29 are running extremely late Marpole Loop - will remain discontinued but U-Turn lane sometimes used by trolleys will be upgraded to allow U-Turns from Marine EB to Marine WB for buses ONLY, this U-Turn lane will only be used for short-turning by the 2, 10, 16, and 32 Knight Street Bridge Terminus - can still be used for short-turns by the 22 if necessary Marine & Main - can still be used for short-turns if the 3 if necessary Marine & Fraser - can still be used for short-turns by the 8 if necessary
  15. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Ah, you're right I forgot about the PTIF. I wonder if without it they would be running the OG's for a few years more. I was on one today, i just like the rear seating arrangement better on them. My usual routes are primarily Nova and the Orion NG's now. Even the older Nova's, the ones with the rear seats that face people towards each other are better IMO than the sideways seats, the seat next to the seat that faces forward just behind the doors, is really uncomfortable for anyone larger than a teenager, not to mention the hump, I assume its a shock or air suspension mount.
  16. Hamilton Street Railway

    They’ll have the A/C retrofit as well and no more facing seats.
  17. Calgary Transit CTrain Service Disruptions

    15-20 Minute Delay on the Blue Line. Broken S200 at Marlborough. The Consist was 2412, 2419, 2421. Inbound Trains switched tracks and used the outbound platform.
  18. Paperbus Thread

    Nice the back is wrong but good job
  19. Paperbus Thread

    as requested, took me about 75 minutes to do both... master copy, blank; fleet number 3418- route is 45 garden home to Tigard transit center; i even added a bike rack with a trimet add on it.
  20. Hamilton Street Railway

    I have a strong feeling the first batch of 5 will be numbered 1720-1724 and the second batch of 6 be numbered 1820-1825. I’m just speculating here, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable considering the Arbocs being 1020-1024. Also, the 1700/1800 buses come with no engine door fan (vent in rear door), the fan has been moved to the driver side. Can be seen on buses 1618-25 ish as well, as they are retrofitted. (Door vent remains, but fan has been moved) Also my source told me that the new buses have USB charge ports through out the bus, even the front wheel well with the window seat has one. Lastly, interior advertisements can now be placed on both sides of the bus interior. Similar to the recent TTC novas.
  21. NFTA-Metro

    Here's the new Metro MetGo farebox. After digging a bit, I was able to find documentation on it. https://www.scheidt-bachmann.de/fileadmin/downloads/en/fare-collection-systems/FareGo/Flyer_FareGo_Sales_FB50_EN.pdf According to Metro Magazine, the CT-Dot and Hong Kongs' Octopus system use similar technology. Quoting: ' Project: Both Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA) and the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) will be rolling out the new FB50 fareboxes, says S&B’s Reese. Both NFTA and CTDOT will be account-based systems that utilize the FareGo solution and will be powered by the Octopus system (this is the software that drives the transit system in Hong Kong, with over 19 million transactions a day.).' www.scheidt-bachmann.com * http://www.metro-magazine.com/management-operations/article/710760/fare-technologies-adapt-to-growing-ridership-needs Don't know which the NFTA is going to use for the Metro Rail Stations, but might be one of these... FareGo Gate PG|40: https://www.scheidt-bachmann.de/fileadmin/downloads/en/fare-collection-systems/FareGo/Flyer_FareGo_Gate_PG40_E.pdf FareGo Gare SG|40: https://www.scheidt-bachmann.de/fileadmin/downloads/en/fare-collection-systems/FareGo/Flyer_FareGo_Gate_SG40_E.pdf
  22. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    From what I hear the exterior has not been touched.
  23. #8922, #8927 have moved to Birchmount. EDIT: The units were probably there for repairs as they are back at Eglinton.
  24. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    I saw it! From the looks of it so far, it has the same exterior cameras as the series 8s. Livery hasnt changed a bit though. Very excited to see it in action!
  25. I went down to Hillcrest today and saw 8573 with some of its parts removed from the vehicle so it is safe to say that the unit is officially retired.
  26. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4470 is now tracking
  27. Refurbished SD160 Tracking list

    A refurb has arrived along with a series 9!
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