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  2. Westjet

    Not surprising to me considering Frontier recently announced plans to start flying DEN-YYC next spring.
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  4. Today's Sightings

    Please write a complaint to get rid of said loud beeping bell. What an unpleasant memory. I feel sorry for the operators that have to drive with such garbage.
  5. Montreal Metro MR-63 Retirement Watch

    Now that there is technically a surplus of MR-63 with new MPM-10 deliveries, will the yellow line continue to offer 9 car service?
  6. They should have gone all-out IMO rather than this weird staged opening... I suppose what's holding them back is a lack of artics?
  7. Since we're talking about the September sheets, when will the 351 service improvements come into effect? I thought it was supposed to be this September, but I looked at both the URL plug-in schedule and those PDF schedules, and they both show the 351 is getting no service upgrades in September. Did they delay the 351 service upgrades?
  8. The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    Then no wonder I have not seen #201 TMC RTS 08. I wonder why howcome for #201 for the RTS 08 was never delivered. Maybe for #666 try didn't deliver that number because it could be a devil number. 774 - 784 and 785 - 795 are similar. 181 - 184 doesn't have a destination sign on left front side window. Though 185 - 194 has the destination sign on the left front side window and doesn't say that in the CPTDB Wiki. And I have never seen 24 - 27.
  9. It's about damn time, 5.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, great start toward a B-line.
  10. The Bus (Honolulu, HI)

    This October , any bus number can go on any route. Example : Route 55 Kaneohe North Shore Haleiwa Bus 134A. And from now on. Have you guys been wondering that the 2000 NewFlyer D60LFs should have Express Rainbow like back then , #101 - #131 Rainbow again , and #132 - #141 SilverBullet again. Well there are a lot of new buses out there and if you find the NEW buses on GPS later like #134A and #138A it's going to be like valid to you later on I guess..........
  11. Whats up with the board

    The wiki randomly changed to a new look after I edited a page tonight. Never mind, I accidentally toggled the mobile view on my laptop. Feel free to delete this comment.
  12. 170-199

    I rode it yesterday on the 75
  13. Seattle Area Transit Pictures

    Some random shots from my short 1 day visit to Seattle back in June: I stayed down in Federal Way during my visit, was interesting to see how congested those HOV lanes on I-5 get. Are they even enforced? Still it was a nice ride on the 177 (or was it 178?) with a D60 in the morning, and then another nice ride on the 590 to Tacoma with a BRTPlus CNG in the afternoon. (Wow that bus could move!) LINK was a bit nicer experience this time around with every 10 frequency. Glad they keep your light rail cleaner than Metro does here. Our trains simply reek sometimes. Also had a chance to ride a DE60LFA on the A down to Federal Way TC. I took the LINK from DT to Tukwila, and then A down to Federal as there was no way I was going to try taking my giant suitcase on board the D4500 on the 577 from downtown, and apparently they aren't allowed to take anything underneath. Makes me wonder how they handle luggage at SEATAC on ST routes with D4500 though... Also managed to catch what appeared to be the lone Enviro500 (MMC) on the 512 to Everett during the AM. Very nice ride. Was sort of funny as I saw it coming up 5th and was thinking, alright! Then the lady waiting there says to me, ooh, we get the double decker! I guess they are pretty popular even among the non-enthusiast riders!
  14. Translink fleet overhaul watch

    2186 was towed into BTC today
  15. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Its interesting how they did not announce that. Considering the major planning and capital costs required it wouldn't surprise me if the charging stations were still in the planning and budgetary stages. This would mean either the buses are delayed being delivered, or they cool their heels for a while before entering service.
  16. CIT Sightings

    There were 4 units that were rejected by the MTA, they all became demos. 1 was sold to Belleville Transit, going have to try and get the VIN to know exactly what unit.
  17. 170-199

    #179 on the 45
  18. Winnipeg Transit and area

    when are 401-504 going to be retired? (my estimate will be around 2018-2020)
  19. BYD Battery Electric Bus Demo (2017)

    I believe it was a 15 Olympic Village interlined from that point onward to a 17 run.
  20. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    They did this before they went in to service: Earlier this year when Metro announced they were buying more I tried to get someone at Metro to say where they'd be adding service. Everyone shied away from the question, and none would admit where they'd be adding more charging stations, and I got the feeling that they'll be staying on Tha Eastside for the time being. Only time will tell.
  21. http://infomaps.translink.ca/Public_Timetables/136/tt043.pdf I think it was mentioned earlier that it would be happening, but the 43 is going all day with 15 minute minimum service
  22. Winnipeg Transit and area

    401-443 1998 NFI D40LF = 43 444-499 1999 NFI D40LF = 56 501-504 1999 NFI D40LF = 4 That's ~100 40 ft. low floor "Made in Manitoba" diesel buses being replaced with 40 ft. low floor diesel buses. That's madening. How "progressive".
  23. TTC in the news

    Sheppard station washrooms smell really bad,
  24. General Subway/RT Discussion

    For the odd time this is required I don't think the costs can be justified. Otherwise they would do it.
  25. Streetcar News

    4442 was seen heading to Leslie tonight. 4441 is having major problems and has yet to start burn in after 10 days. Up to last night the car has only made 3 trips and has spent the rest of the time in the service bays. It been since last Thursday until Wed. It made 2 trips to St Clair Wed night and back in the service bay. Made one trip tonight to St Clair and back to the service bay. It is back up on St Clair after a few hours in the bays. Maybe 4442 will see service before 4441 Edit: 4441 heading home and yet to get east of Vaughan Rd.
  26. TTC Nova Bus Deliveries & Entered Service Tracking

    i used Pharmacy and Comstock during a 68 diversion. I think the problem with using Pharmcy is that the railway track is way too close to the exit. Mechanics used often during road tests. If TTC gets complains, neighbours should complain the factory beside the garage. The tractor trailers often take up one lane.
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