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  2. Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Belca Learning Centre is the last known owner.
  3. TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    there should be 4 training classes each day at Birchmount. The last training class finishes at 10 p.m based on my experience at Eglinton.
  4. Sound Transit

    Yesterday, somehow I spotted 9569C on the 545. I've never seen a Community Transit owned bus on a Metro route. Anyone know why 9569C could have possibly been on the 545? My guess is a shortage of buses, maybe not even enough East Base Metro coaches to fill in the run?
  5. Just an update if anyone's curious; All Dennis Darts have been retired from Vernon's active roster & all Grande West Vicinity's are active. 4007 - 4016. - 4 Dennis Darts will remain in Vernon as contingency buses. - The rest will be scraped, with a few being sent to other systems. Most likely as back ups until the entire order of Vicinity's have been delivered system wide.
  6. SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

  7. Today
  8. STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    I noticed that 9216 has a box right where the MCI logo used to be. 9117 does not have it, but some other 91s have it.
  9. St. Albert Sightings

    They could have retired and you just didn't notice.
  10. Anyone create their own transit system?

    PC MASTER RACE!!!! I'm recreating a city I made when I was like 7 or 8. I have dozens of mods right now and it's becoming a city. I have KAWA CX-300 (ficitional), Flexity Outlook and MBTA trams. I also have Tokyo 08 Series metro trains and New Flyer XD60 buses.
  11. STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    9216 also has a white front with the old STO logo below the headlights.
  12. Small note I forgot to mention in last post. Bus 1211 has a special livery for being the Home of the 2015 APTA international Bus rodeo grand champions. the photo that is lower quality is one I took. The photo that is ins higher quality is just a reference to the full message. Still waiting on COTA auction...
  13. Car 2429 was out on a commissioning test drive today. Still needs work and hasn't been coupled to another car yet.
  14. STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    From what I can make out, it looks like it has a white front but with a blue stripe that doesn't even go halfway down the bus. Also, why is the MCI logo white?
  15. Here is the group photo that we took at P-O-B AllummetiĆØres which might give you an idea of what the bus looks like.
  16. Cornwall Transit

    I got an answer from the top: Cornwall Transit expects delivery of 3 new LFS units towards the end of December, and the Vs will be retired in January 2018. So we will still have time to offer a Christmas Lights Charter.
  17. STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    Do you have a picture you can post so I can see what you mean?
  18. The front is all white. There are colour logos along the side but no blue stripe along the length of the bus, sadly.
  19. Winnipeg Transit and area

    My understanding is that the layover area will normally not allow passengers. So the only structure that would be useful there is a operator comfort facility (toilets, lounge, wide screen TVs, espresso machinešŸ˜€). (A couple of battery-bus rechargers would be nice too.)
  20. St. Albert Sightings

    As far as we know, they are all still active. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/St._Albert_Transit_853-857 Only update to that would be 855 is the only one left with a rollsign.
  21. Return of a GaspĆ©/Anticosti service? Premier Philippe Couillard stated this week he will forward the task of studying the project to his Sustainable mobility minister Laurent Lessard . The RiviĆØre-au-Renard Development Corporation, established in 2007, is leading the project for the return of a ferry to Anticosti. The team refined its project from 2007 to 2014, where it submitted it to the government. Administrator Jacques Dufresne recalled that the first seasonal link between the GaspĆ© and Anticosti was a service of the DesgagnĆ©s Group. It was interrupted following the deluge in 1996. http://beta.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1050686/traverse-gaspesie-anticosti-cote-nord-lespoir-renait-a-riviere-au-renard John Pineault, mayor of L'Ǝle-d'Anticosti, is also pushing for a GaspĆ©/Anticosti/Havre-Saint-Pierre ferry. http://beta.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1045800/nouvelle-deserte-maritime-anticosti-john-pineault
  22. STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    I already had it in bold which means it was spotted, but thanks anyway. Wait, did it happen to have the ghost livery? I know SOME 91s have it, 9512 and 9519, but not sure about 92s. Did they repaint the 92s at all? EDIT: 9519, not 9516.
  23. Winnipeg Transit and area

    I was there yesterday and definitely saw concrete pads poured. The layover area is also making good progress, but sadly I didn't see any infrastructure that would resemble shelters being installed in the future. I'll try and grab some photos later this week.
  24. TTC NovaBus LFS Movement List

    8526 was leaving Birchmount Garage at about 2:40 this afternoon
  25. CapMetro (Austin, TX)

    Cap Metro to reopen dormant freight line east of Elgin http://www.mystatesman.com/news/local/cap-metro-reopen-dormant-freight-line-east-elgin/JkaEsMwkKWjSLqV9YM5XwO/
  26. Well, we chartered 9117 on Sunday...
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