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  2. I just thought I'd share a few pictures I've taken of Everett Transit buses. Here is Orion V's B0113 and B0122, and Gillig BRT B0505
  3. Well that's unfortunate, but I think they did that simply because the train was running hourly, so there is no point to give a half hour service (well in their opinion). The 968 was and is still a popular bus line, especially on weekends. It will definitely hurt people trying to go downtown as they will be forced to wait or to make a transfer. Having taken the 968 a few times, they could easily maintain the same level of service with fewer buses. Drop a few stops, make realistic schedules (shorter), cut some break time (there is almost always one driver sleeping in Roxboro parking lot) and voilà!
  4. The some 2900s and hybrids are going to California Skoda 9802 9834 and 9835 are still here almost all 41 NexGens are ready for service.
  5. Banned for living in toronto? Idk Im out of ideas
  6. STM only executes order they get from higher up the hierarchy for the shuttle operations, in this case either the ARTM or (IM)Mobilité Montréal
  7. Yesterday
  8. Here's a picture I took a couple weeks ago at the Lynnwood Transit Center of a 2004 D60LF.
  9. 747 Express bus will return to an Airport to Lionel-Groulx service only during weekdays. Overnight, week-ends and holidays service will operate along the full route
  10. They should be: not exact but not too far off since you can always install PSDs with a slight margin of error. As long as the lead or end cars are consistent: move the 4-car stopping area to one end of the platform (I'm sure that's possible via a re-program)
  11. Are the doors on MK II & III trains in the same spot? I know they have the same number of doors but I don’t know if the spacing is the same or not.
  12. Looks like this one may be former Willco #1800. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/grande-prairie/1986-gmc-school-bus/1527003637
  13. Too bad for the customers, but for the drivers, I guess the 968 will be very popular.
  14. Just saw it as well! Anyone see 22-330 recently? Only one left unaccounted for.
  15. The 118 and 119 might be moving to Wilson when McNicoll opens
  16. 22-332 was on the 419 today. It's back from Anjou! Since the trackers are still down, here's a pic.
  17. Noticed some changes to come at Côte-Vertu today: the 968 will be limited stop starting November 2nd. That's probably why the GTFS data has a set of trip ID's specifically for this week... P.S. what they didn't mention is that the 968 will also be reduced to hourly service, except weekdays AM rush for eastbound and weekdays PM rush for westbound, starting next Monday. And, according to the planned schedule, the limited stop service is not a single minute faster than before (i.e. it took 31 minutes before, still takes 31 minutes according to the new schedule)... they want people to use the 468 and yet they kicked the 468 out of the terminus to somewhere far away so that the hourly 968 can occupy one whole bus bay? wow. Another thing I noticed is on weekends. Currently it's half-hourly with 3 buses, according to the GTFS. They reduced the service also to hourly starting next Monday, but they still need 2 buses. However, the layover is enormous: the buses will have a 39-minute layover at Roxboro on Saturdays, for example. If their goal is to reduce spendings, then I don't get how such unnecessarily generous layovers is helping to achieve the goal... since they cut half of the service but could only remove 1/3 of the spendings, with possibly more people turned to driving instead of taking buses.
  18. Looks like it. 22-337 is at Legendre, so that only leaves 22-330, 332 and 349 at Saint-Laurent. Heart-breaking considering that they had so many ISCs that you're sure to bump into one at Côte-Vertu loop, for example. ---------- Yesterday PM. 24-207 was on the 171LE, 24-231 was on the 171, 24-254 was on the 121I, and 24-271 + 294 were on the 121E. 24-288 was also spotted on Côte-Vertu although it was impossible to read the destination sign. Today AM. 24-231 was on the 171, and 24-270 on the 171LE. Midday. Spotted 24-242 on the 171 and 22-349 on the 196 -- see pictures below. PM. 22-337 was on the 171LE. 24-207 and 271 were on the 121E.
  19. Why are some bus routes that pass right by Wilson Station not run by Wilson Yard? I can kind of understand why it's done for the 96 and 165, but for the 118 and 119, especially considering that there was a Wilson division bus on the 119 recently, I was thinking that allocating those routes to Wilson would be able to reduce deadhead time.
  20. A meatloaf and mashed potato 'hash'.. (sprinkled with some hot sauce of course)
  21. My lovely concrete birdie bowl / bath cracked. The water froze before I had a chance to empty it. This is it when it was brand new. So now I have to buy another bird bath. I will get two, a summer one and a heated one for winter. (See FY thread)
  22. Bought a heated bird bath for winter and a metal one for summer. My previous concrete bowl cracked because the water in it froze before I had a chance to empty it.
  23. 40-147 was on the 164 (Métro Henri-Bourassa) last friday around 3:50 pm.
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