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  2. Councillor Joe Mihevc "For riders of the 512 St. Clair route, I have fantastic news: the new streetcars will be rolling onto our tracks starting on September 3! The shiny new Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) are low-floor, accessible, air-conditioned, and have a higher passenger capacity. After suffering through over a decade of major and minor construction, shuttle buses, and the dilapidated TTC streetcars, I consider this to be the crowning achievement of the St. Clair right-of-way project. This is a cause for celebration, and I hope you will join the party later this year!"
  3. That's not old!
  4. It's a software problem, nothing to do with the pedals at all.
  5. Today
  6. Sound Transit is adding 30 more Siemens S70 to the order of 122:
  7. 17508 on the C75: 17508 by Blue Bus Fan, on Flickr 17508 by Blue Bus Fan, on Flickr
  8. Just 614. 615 thru 617 are just out of service.
  9. From today:
  10. These are the 2006 hybrids right!?!?! Wow retired!?!?
  11. Can confirm that 614 is indeed retired... 615 to 617 pulled from service... the batteries have finally died in them after 10 years. Costs too much to replace them. They'll make good parts buses though.
  12. There are less routes in Beaugrand South so there is room to put them on Sherbrooke. With this plan, buses are not forced to do a major detour. From what I understand the 85 and 141 will use Beaugrand North to switch directions after picking up passengers. Other routes don't need to switch directions so they just continue along sherbrooke. The 26 will detour via Gustave Bleau, which will make it more efficient as it doesnt have to loop at Beaugrand. 370 can use Beaugrand North no problem at night, as it is not used otherwise.
  13. I see you came back? :D

  14. I don't think the RTL ever activated their ramps at the rear doors (on 1st and 2nd gen vehicles). With that many years without being used, the ramps must be completely rusted and unusable. A 3rd gen is therefore required. Also by requiring a bus with a front ramp, there is only one boarding procedure. At the STM, very often the rear ramps don't work when needed which is why they specify trips with front ramps in the planibus.
  15. I saw them on a T1 train too. Something like 5212
  16. Mind you, they don't even run the 80A along Parkside Dr on Sundays (except this year due to construction). The 41 Keele and 89 Weston Rd will still need to connect to the subway. I don't think the idea of 3km of deadheading tracks will fly at all in this modern age. With new streetcars that's able to climb the Bathurst hill and the possibility of converting Hillcrest into a small carhouse in the future, the idea of a second link to St Clair is very low in priority.
  17. A route up Parkside from the loop past Keele and connecting to St Clair West might work, assuming the TTC could be persuaded to countenance running not in ROW over most of it, since with a curve addition at Howard Park and Roncesvalles it would also be a shorter way to west St Clair West for 512 cars. Proposing a Howard Park Loop-High Park subway route on the other hand would probably earn you a price on your head.
  18. We hope to have a flyer for the event out within the next week. The times will probably be 11 AM to 4 PM.
  19. 7737 on the 97/129 tonight
  20. Saw a T1 with new maps today, dont remember the # though. Sorry for the bad pic, i only noticed it when i was about to get off.
  21. None of the subway currently operates with ATO. With manual operation, every train (T1 or TR) on all 3 lines still need SCS. It has nothing to do with ATO. T1's aren't getting ATO simply cause they'll have to spend hundred of millions figuring how and where to install on board computers and controls. It's simply not worth it for such an old fleet that will retire shortly after. If the government forced the TTC to convert line two to ATO within a year, maybe it would make some sense. Still, if that happened, TTC would just procure a new ATO ready fleet. On the other hand, all maintenance vehicles would need ATO equipment to be able to run on ATO only tracks. TTC is also saying all the train stops (trip arms) will be decommissioned as ATO doesn't use them. Basically if a T1 goes onto ATO track, it will be blinded. Also, if the ATO fails, it would be much more difficult to move the trains manually (source: discussed in TTC's April board meeting).
  22. Update * means full route TransLink 15* to Braid Station
  23. Out of curiosity, has the TTC ever looked at extending the 506 from High Park loop to the subway at either Keele or High park?
  24. You're seeing the display for the SCS system, it displays a speed limit based on fixed beacons between the rails, and I believe it calculates a braking curve, but it's not a CBTC system and has no interaction with the signalling system at all AFAIK.
  25. Yesterday
  26. 9693 freshly refurbished and shiny in the glistering sun today
  27. 3 strollers on 19a s, 2 blocking the aisle
  28. Sorry, I post misinformation, this is real information about the TTC's orders April: First batch is a 40ish buses delivery From mid-May until June another batch of 30ish buse delivery (first half of May is a STM batch + 2 minor order) Then it has another batch 40ish busus for TTC for July-August Starting in September, Nova Bus Saint Eustache Plant will manufacture 3 buses (now is 2 buses)per day and Plattsburgh is 4 buses (now is 3 buses)per day
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