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  2. TJ Transportation (ex-First Student) Freightliner FS-65/Thomas Conventional- photo taken today
  3. Buses used in Nassau, New Providence are mainly Toyota Coasters and a few Nissan Civilians.
  4. Yes, if you postpone it you will be taken out of the queue and the possibility of a different division and mode is high, also a reminder you may be waiting longer for a new training date due to not many classes being instructed.
  5. W619 was spotted at Lawrence West Station this morning.
  6. I was in Seoul over the Summer and I saw some odd ball buses among the domestic Hyundai and Daewoos. There are a few green painted Higer (Chinese) transit buses and several MAN (Routes 3200, 3102) and Volvo (Route G7111) double decker buses being used as well. Also, Gimpo Airport still has the Sharp Aviation New Flyer D40LFs, I saw 3 of them shuttling passengers to planes on the tarmac.
  7. Today
  8. No tail tracks is a pretty iffy call; with phase 2 moving forward, presumably they won't get added as an interim measure because it would screw with the delicate PPP contracts? Zero pockets is pretty wild too - you'd think one of the damn sinkholes they made would have been wide enough to put one in!
  9. I hope to hell what he's written here isn't true, because that is a very, very serious oversight in the design of the signalling system. No signal system in the world loses track of a train if it goes into manual mode. Dan
  10. https://arvaindustries.com/products/vacuum-workcar/ Dan
  11. There's a whole lot of different reasons why they've gone to the kevlar fabric seat coverings. Fire load is one, and ease of maintenance is another. Dan
  12. I think 4119, 4179 and 4187 are on all day runs, which might shake things up a bit, but the rest seem to just be trippers.
  13. 306 was 100% CLRV at 2 AM this morning - presumably some of those stay out during AM peak. Tomorrow morning or perhaps this afternoon might be a better test of Flexity availability.
  14. I had this on my notes app, and to start over again, and so I decided to post a September weekend sightings here. And since I’m waiting 7 minutes for the 134 and my phone has data, here they are. Bus sightings for week of September 8 to 14 TTC *R* for repainted *x* for didn’t see that number 9 Bellamy - (11)8952. 16 McCowan - (11)31xx, 8494. 24 Victoria Park - (14) 8481, 8500, 8529, 9223, 3125, 8956 34 Eglinton East - (14)8899, 8891, 872x 38 Highland Creek - (11)1548, 1366, 343x. 39 Finch East - (10)3480. (12)3451, 3512. (13)1588. (14)1402 53 Steeles East - N/A 57 Midland - (14)8795 70 O’Connor - (14)8835 85 Sheppard East - N/A 95 York Mills - (11)1607, 1657(PM), 1315, 1568, 3402, 1414. 102 Markham Rd. - N/A 116 Morningside - (8)8640. 131 Nugget - (9)1594, 3445. (11)3487. (12)1311, 3527, 1324, 3402, 1322, 1725. (13)3435, 1722 132 Milner - (10)1706. (12)1294, 3442, 1668, 1718 133 Neilson - (9)3467, 1377, 3449. (10)3425, 3557. (11)3465, 3407, 1680, 3461. (12)3410, 3445, 3535, 1206. (13)3458. (14)1311, 1652, 1366, 1332. 134 Progress - (8)1707. 939 Finch Express - (11)1714. 995 York Mills Express - (11)3434. Wheel Trans/Other - (11)W124, W541, W171, W575. Not in Service - (8)3535. (11)1657(AM), 1588, 8556. (14)8487 If most of these weren’t on their specific route or missed on September 11, 2019, I was manually tracking all of them and I only put what my eyes saw (09/11/2019) May the brave souls who have tried to save the people in the World Trade Centers Rest In Peace, May your bravery bring inspiration to the world.
  15. That appears to be the case since it’s still running there now. 4119 on there now too. 6 are supposed to be trippers so we need to see how many CLRVs are still out after the morning peak.
  16. Possibly an error affecting the display of the next stop announcements internally. It is usually fixed by the technicians when the bus is out of service (or something like that).
  17. It's possible it was actually on 511 but signed out 506 has just a few CLRvs on it this morning. 4053, 4100, 4124, 4143, 4155, 4179 and 4187 are the only ones tracking as 506.
  18. I wonder if one channel is coming in quieter than the other affecting the sound. Sort of like how AM stations today with FM simulcasts lose part of one stereo channel when they mix it down to mono.
  19. All 4-car R179s are delivered. 5-car R179s 3010-3019 and 3238-3307 are delivered.
  20. No more older Daewoo BS106/BS090/BS110s or older Hyundai New Super Aero City buses in Seoul anymore. There are new buses from Chinese manufacturers on some routes.
  21. Ask @MCW Metrobus allllll about 12024. He'll give you a looong history about it
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