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  2. I understand the concern with the current Marine Drive Station Bus Exchange being too small to hold anymore buses which is why I'm suggesting building a new and expanded loop to allow more routes to travel to/from the station. The reason I chose to extend many of the North/South routes is because the Cambie Corridor Plan projects a much larger population than what we currently have along Cambie, so extending bus routes will remove unnecessary transfers. As for the route changes themselves: 2 - the plan here is to add new bus service South of 41st along Macdonald St and SW Marine Dr as well as maintain service along Hudson St. 3 - the short-turn trips really annoy me, especially on weekends when bus service isn't great 4/84 - the only reason I suggested this change was because I read that there were plans to discontinue the 84 once the 99 was fully replaced by the Millennium Line, I know it's a terrible idea so I will update this to keep the 84 service 5/6 - totally understandable, not to mention the low head room on the upper deck, I'm updating the plan to include artics and bus lanes instead. 7/32 - The 32 would be changed to an all-day trolley route with a better frequency than the 7's current frequency and maintain routing along Dunbar, the 7 could get a frequency upgrade when ridership demands it. Also, like the 2, New bus service would be introduce along Marine Dr 9 - I agree, this will be updated to every second or third trip to UBC during the summer instead, just to increase local service a little 14/160 - the original plan here was to shorten the 14 to just Downtown/UBC while maintaining service along Hastings with the 160, but after reading feedback and realizing most drivers don't want to drive 20+ km trips I'm ultimately scrapping the idea completely 15 - Sorry, forgot to add "via Granville Island" I sent the exact route name you suggested to TransLink last week to remove any rider confusion with the 15/50 route 17 - most people don't want to wait 15+ minutes to catch a bus to/from work because a packed bus drove by, I'm thinking only select trips should get artics just to avoid the full buses due to students going to/from school 22 - I think the 100 is packed enough as it is 29 - I agree that the routing may be long but I don't think ridership will be very high on this route so the trips will probably be quicker when people aren't getting on/off at every single stop (except Downtown and SE Marine Dr), I'm thinking of making the 29 into a trolley route to avoid costs on diesel because of the longer routing 44 - I'm still keeping the B-Line option open as it is still a pretty busy route 100 - not too sure what the problem is here, I think the 1-way loop around the Marpole area is kind of unnecessary, especially when you have to go to Granville from Hudson but you are forced to take the 100 to Marpole Loop, walk all the way back to Bay 4 just to catch a 10/480 just to get to Granville
  3. I agree about Kootenay, in my opinion that loop is way to small and can barely hold anymore buses, I'm still trying to find alternatives but it's just too much so I might make a different post here in a couple weeks when I think I have an idea. I do agree that replacing the 84 with the Broadway extension is a terrible idea, everytime I use that route heading to VCC Station it's normally almost packed, so I'm thinking of making it into an artic route instead and just making the 4 travel between Downtown and UBC while having the 29 run the Powell/McGill portion with a large frequency increase.
  4. STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    Noted, will add the the official wiki.
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  6. STO 89xx-95xx Classic Spottings/Retirement Watch

    9108 and 9134 are running today
  7. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    It's still the 66th production car built. 4401 is not a production car until it's fixed up
  8. Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    *If* 4466 is not accepted and returned, how does it not have the same status as 4401?
  9. OC Bus Spottings

    But that is what the thread has evolved into over the years, are people really interested in someone seeing an Inverio on the 56 when that type of bus is allocated to it on a daily basis, it’s just a waste of time and bandwidth. There must be around 20-30 buses pass me on my walk to and from work every day, you’d soon get bored if I started listing them all on a daily basis and the really interesting stuff that others posted started getting lost in a sea of mundane postings..
  10. TTC Application Process

    You'll hear back within 3 months. It varies, some will hear back sooner than others.
  11. TTC Orion VII Rebuilds (Diesel/Hybrid)

    8301 is back at Wilson garage rebuilt. 8100 has started its rebuild its been tracking at hillcrest for a week now.
  12. TTC Application Process

    hello has anyone who attended the information session on Feb 6 heard anything back yet for an interview how long do they usually take to send it out
  13. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    6343 is here in Vancouver but it's been parked for awhile. Have not heard it's been for sale. It's status is "storage." And have been told not to take parts off of it. 6052 I think is here too. May be one of the ones I put a tarp on. That bus is still waiting on insurance to work itself out from what I've been told.
  14. 2018 Garage Transfers and Storage Reactivations

    S533 is in Hamilton as of the 20th S512 as of the 18th 17511, 17512 to PCT as of the 17th
  15. Well good luck to him! I am sure that is very exciting news! The customer service test has changed somewhat over the years. Before it was watching a video on 50 different customer service scenarios and choosing from a list of choices after the completion of each clip. Now theres no more videos and the questions almost cut in half to 28. However, the english proficiency test is still the same with multiple choice. There is no written response to any of the tests. As well, on a side note, a list of references is now asked to be brought to the testing along w/ ID. Hope this helps!
  16. Grand River Transit Sightings

    They're explicitly putting it on random Cambridge routes as a PR / Ion boosting initiative.
  17. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    2 - discontinue service along 16th Ave and 41st Ave, extend route to Marine Drive Station via MacKenzie, 41st (very small portion), Macdonald, Marine, 70th, Hudson, Marine - Not a bad idea. Service along MacDonald between 41st and 49th and terminate at Dunbar Loop via SW Marine Dr and Dunbar. But, totally unnecessary to go to Marine Dr Stn. 3 - all short-turn trips at Marine & Main would extend to the station - There's already service on Marine Dr provided by the 100. No room for extra buses at Marine Dr Stn. 4 - restructure to travel between UBC and VCC Station, discontinue service to Downtown - Isn't that what the 84 is for? 5/6 - use double-deckers (more would need to be purchased obviously) to increase capacity and move trolleys over to other routes - Too many stops. Huge delays from passengers walking up and down the stairs. 7 - increase frequency, restructure to travel only between Downtown and Nanaimo Station - Why remove service on Dunbar? 8 - extend to Marine Drive Station (there is already a wire switch at SE Marine & Ontario which leads towards Fraser) - Not a bad idea. Similar to the 3, alternate trips to Marine Dr Stn and short turn at Marine and Fraser. 9 - extend all westbound trips to UBC all-year round to replace some of the service provide by the 14. - Unnecessary. Service demand to UBC is low during summer. 14 - restructure to travel between Downtown and UBC and reduce frequency for more trolleys to be used on other routes. Possible discontinuation of route. - Why remove service on Hastings St? 15/50 - simple rename to 15 Downtown/Cambie, no route changes - Okay. Maybe 15 Downtown/Cambie via Granville Island. 16 - restructure to travel between Downtown and Arbutus, extend to Marine Drive Station via 63rd, Granville (discontinue 63rd Ave Loop) Unnecessary. No room at Marine for extra buses. 17 - increase frequency during peak between Sept. and June to reduce overcrowding during school times, or begin using artics during peak-only - Unnecessary. Just wait for the next bus. 20 - extend to Marine Drive Station, including all short-turn trips at 54th, discontinue Harrison and 54th Ave loops - Not bad. Alternate trips to Marine Dr Stn and trips terminating at Harrison Loop. 22 - extend to Marine Drive Station via Knight St Bridge ramps, discontinue terminus under Knight St Bridge. - Unnecessary. Better off transferring to the 100 to access Canada Line. 29 - discontinue service along Muirfield Dr, extend along Renfrew Street, McGill, Powell to Downtown, extend to Marine Drive Station via Elliott, increase frequency - Unnecessary. Maybe have it terminate at Marine and Elliot. Better off transferring to the 100 to access Canada Line. Too long of a route between Downtown and Marine Dr Stn. 32 - increase frequency, restructure to travel along the 7's current routing between Dunbar and Downtown, extend to Marine Drive Station via Dunbar, Marine, Granville - Unnecessary 44 - increase frequency to make up for service lost by the 4, possible upgrade to B-Line with reduced stops Downtown - No 84 - discontinued - No 100 - shorten route to travel between Marine and 22nd Street Stations, service along Hudson will be increased to 2-way service provided by the 2 - No 160 - extend back to Burrard Station and increasing frequency to every 5-7 minutes during peak and 10 minutes off-peak, artics would most likely be used during peak to ease overcrowding - Isn't that why the Evergreen extension was built? To reduce overcrowding and speed up commute time between Downtown and PoCo.
  18. TransLink Future - Dream's and Aspirations

    I'd forgotten about the Cambie corridor. Good ideas to include alternatives to the 100 in your plan, then. Splitting the downtown routes and adding bus lanes, or some solution, to the 5 and 6 are also good, as is improving the 44. Thanks for putting the work into this! Kootenay loop is its own can of worms, which I will one day email Translink about in the way you have here. Probably best to not worry about it here. I'm also hoping Translink already realizes that the segment of the 84 between Granville and Great Northern Way is busy, and won't be replaced by the Broadway extension.
  19. STO and OC Transpo Routes

    Route 63 and 64 will be changing the route structure starting March 25th (Sunday) to be more simplified. Along with addressing complaints. Though, not sure if they will consider additional fixes since the next service change won't be until Summer. The Spring already confirmed. Alert: Routes 63 & 64: simplified routing at Innovation Station starting March 25 - March 25, 2018 Route(s): 63, 64 Routes 63 and 64 will no longer do a full loop around Innovation Station. Buses in each direction will serve reversed stops at Innovation. If you currently catch your bus at stop A, you will take it at stop B, and vice-versa. Route 64 will no longer serve stops #1536 and #6578 at the southern corners Innovation and Terry Fox. Route 63 will serve these stops but in a reversed direction. Signage on site will clearly show these changes Maps of new routing Route 63 Route 64 Innovation station stops Route 63 Direction: Lincoln Fields Trip 1st stop Current New 1st stop 2nd stop Current New 2nd stop stop To Lincoln Fields via Briarbrook Community B A A B AM trips to Mackenzie King Bridge via Briarbrook Community B A A B PM Trips to LeBreton (do not serve Briarbrook Community) A B - - PM Trips to LeBreton via Briarbrook Community B A A B Direction: Innovation Trip 1st stop Current New 1st stop 2nd stop Current New 2nd stop stop To Innovation (do not serve Briarbrook Community) B A - - AM Trips from LeBreton to Innovation (do not serve Briarbrook Community) B A - - AM Trips from Eagleson to Innovation (do not serve Briarbrook Community) B A - - PM Trips from Mackenzie King to Innovation via Briarbrook Community B A B B Route 64 Direction: Lincoln Fields Trip 1st stop Current New 1st stop 2nd stop Current New 2nd stop stop To Lincoln Fields via Morgan’s Grant B A A B Am Trips to Mackenzie King Bridge via Morgan’s Grant Community B A A B PM trips to LeBreton via Morgan’s Grant Community B A A B PM Trips to LeBreton (do not serve Morgan’s Grant Community) A B – – Evening trips to Lincoln Fields (do not serve Morgan’s Grant Community) A B – – Direction: Innovation Trip 1st stop Current New 1st stop 2nd stop Current New 2nd stop stop To Innovation (do not serve Morgan’s Grant Community) B A – – AM trips from LeBreton to Innovation (do not serve Morgan’s Grant Community) B A – – PM Trips from Mackenzie King to Innovation via Morgan’s Grant B A B B Evening trips to Innovation via Morgan’s Grant B A B B
  20. Failed Photos

    I almost, actually never photograph buses for fun (unless its something super cool or weird), but I was downtown today doing a Geography lab, and decided to snap this. Though I'm surprised how clean it came out, considering how garbage my phone is. Forgot lighting rules and was too lazy to walk to the other side.
  21. Buses in the snow

    shit shit posted in the wrong thread sorry.... delete please
  22. CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    Rode 2435 on the Blue Line last Monday. Yes, I know it has been active for a bit, but it is the newest active till more enter service.
  23. Buses for sale

    Gabriola Island 303 (ex-Compass Tours) is back up for sale at a reduced price. It has an older IDI diesel, not a newer Power Stroke. https://nanaimo.craigslist.ca/cto/d/1992-ford-epassenger-bus/6538544507.html Community Transit: Eldorado https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/d/turbo-diesel-bus-22-passenger/6531006182.html Ford https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/d/2008-fordpass-bus-with-wheel/6536498032.html
  24. Greyhound Spottings & Photos

    Several of the latest X3-45’s for the US are out running around now in the 867xx series... I haven’t had the chance to jump on one and plate check yet but they have been running through Detroit when I have been there working the last few weeks.
  25. Can someone add a current roster section to the Indian Trails page and put the following into it? 24 1997 New Flyer D40LF ex Broward County Transit 31 1998 New Flyer D35LF ex? 32 1998 New Flyer D35LF ex? 45 2003 New Flyer D40LF ex Berks County (Reading, PA) 46 2003 New Flyer D40LF ex Berks County (Reading, PA) MI-118 to MI-125 2014 MCI D4505 MI-125 destroyed by fire 02/2018 MI-126 to MI-135 2016 Prevost X3-45 The notation for the MI buses states that they are state owned buses leased to Indian Trails for state bus service. This is not true, they are owned by Indian Trails and were purchased with a combination of state and Federal funding. The MI series Greyhound buses are under the state owned and then leased to Greyhound arrangement. 367 2013 Prevost H3-45 372-378 2014 Prevost H3-45 *Michigan Flyer Service* 3651 2013 Prevost H3-45 3661 2013 Prevost H3-45 3681 2013 MCI J4500 3412/3422/3432/3442 2016 Temsa TS30 Also 372-378 above are the only coaches in Michigan Flyer Service so the other buses can be removed from that section. Eventually I’ll add more buses as they come by, I don’t really feel comfortable taking VIN’s or plates down though. Indian Trails has somewhere around 80 buses, these were what I could get off hand tonight. Also on the Greyhound USA roster units 86577-86586 have the letters “SC” which I assume stands for South Carolina in front of the number but the wiki doesn’t reflect that. Lastly on the Miller Transportation page they have a 9410 which is a Prevost H3-45 and a 9420 which is an X3-45. Neither is listed so hopefully it can be updated, I’ll get years for them soon. I work out of Greyhound Detroit so I’ll update with Greyhound stuff as I see things that could use tweaking or adding.
  26. 1701 has a half wrap for West Jet on drivers side
  27. CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    Yes! Maybe we will see them in the NE!
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