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  2. The 49's are coming back to RTC in September. In fact we are getting all of them, not just weekdays but weekends as well. The 410's are not coming back, at least they do not appear on the preliminary sign up sheets. As to what vehicles we will be getting ... Come look in RTC on the evening of Sept. 03 2017, cause your guess is as good as mine !!! As far as I know the 480's are staying at RTC but what line they may be coming off I don't know. Not sure about the 32' either. I will try to get in touch with our sheet committee people and find out.
  3. Air Borealis will have monopoly on airline travel to northern coastal communities A Labrador airline serving the region since before the province joined Canada is folding into a new, joint operation called Air Borealis. Air Labrador is majority owned by the business arm of the Nunatsiavut Government, the Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (NGC). It will combine with Innu Mikun — another Labrador airline with Indigenous ownership — to form the new company which will begin operation on June 16. The Innu Development Limited Partnership (IDLP) "has enjoyed an excellent relationship with PAL Airlines over the last 20 years and we are excited to launch our new brand for this partnership," Simon Osmond, business manager of IDLP, said in a press release. "Air Borealis is positioned very well for future growth and enhanced service. We thank the NGC leadership for working with us to make this a reality and look forward to continued success." The move will create a monopoly on air service to Labrador's northern coastal communities, which are accessible only by plane for most of the year, and rely on airlines for travel and essentials such as food shipments. Air Borealis will introduce a new midday flight to the north coast and will have access to more aircraft "enabling faster response times and greater capacity for the delivery of goods and passengers," according to a statement Friday. PAL Airlines, which currently runs Innu Mikun, will also run Air Borealis. In a separate press release on Friday, PAL announced it would be extending its service to seven airports on the lower north shore of Quebec, where Air Labrador used to operate. Innu and Inuit receive discounted fares through Air Labrador and Innu Mikun. The percentage of the discount hasn't yet been determined for Air Borealis, but an Air Labrador spokesperson said Friday that some sort of reduction for Innu and Inuit would be kept in place.
  4. No, they're on the 70.
  5. GUYS.... This morning I saw XD60 1355 did route 36 this morning so I got a rare cause on route 36 mostly use 35ft and 40ft but I saw 60ft on 36 this morning.
  6. I can somewhat confirm this information for September. I say somewhat because the sheets are just drafts at this point and will be final in a week or two. Signup starts in about 4 weeks for September. The 49 is confirmed to be going back to RTC, in its entirety, and it would only make sense that the artic's follow. I think this could mean RTC will operate it on weekends as well. There aren't enough artic's that I know of to add them to routes that don't currently use them. Unless they have some in storage that we are not aware of. Also, VTC needs the space for other routes to have increased service, more below. 84 and 25 is getting some service increases so they need space for more 40 footers which is why the 49 needs to move back to RTC with the artics. The 100 is showing on the draft block reports for HTC and is not planned to go back to VTC and I don't think it will at this point, even with the electric bus trials coming in. Many reasons for this such as relief at 22nd, interlining at 22nd and then increased service WB from Knight in the AM and EB to Knight in the PM which would be more complicated from VTC. I haven't seen any 340s on the draft sheets for HTC, but that doesn't mean it won't transfer. I've been hearing rumours of this from HTC and STC so it's a good possibility. And it just makes sense, it would make 22nd completely HTC aside from the 388 which doesn't get relived there at all. The301 was also rumoured to be transferring to RTC, I haven't seen anything much on that however. The 134/136 are being considered for transfer to PTC, but not at this point. Likely sometime next year. The 410 is staying at HTC as it is for September and not leaving any time soon. The 410 being split at Brighouse is most likely happening in January from what I've heard. The 106 split at Edmonds is happening in January from what I've heard as well. Part of the new loop at Metrotown will be operational for the September sheet as far as I know.
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  8. Yeah, and it's a really rare ad too, Doug said he hasn't seen another of that exact ad since he found it...
  9. yep 8334 did that on the other side of the terminal but this was the worst crash yet nobody was hurt that last time.
  10. @Libra Thanks! That did help It's nice to have a rough idea of others to gauge off of! How did your job shadowing go?
  11. King County Metro featured coach 6999 in the Pride Parade yesterday. Cheeky little nod from Metro.
  12. And when it comes to the Eglinton, I'm still uneasy over the section east of Don Mills getting done after the next election.
  13. Wasn't there another accident with a DD a month or so ago at the same location? What's the deal with that terminal? Perhaps GO needs to rethink allowing DD's in there!
  14. However, something must have happened to it, because it was changed-off just after the morning peak with car 4402 and it has been sitting at Leslie since.
  15. the double decker that crashed at charles street terminal last night was 8199 pictures on the bottom there was injuries.
  16. Are the 4060 & 4061 in service on the 3?
  17. This was changed MONTHS ago.
  18. Metrolinx is proposing a 3% fare increase for all trips currently more than $5.65. Also, new fare zones will be created for Dixie and Renforth Transitway stations - looks like we'll see GO buses on the Mississauga Transitway very soon.
  19. But Marapole Loop is directly across from VTC. I am just using same logic as not to transfer the 27, 28, 29 to VTC from BTC.
  20. Lots of big bus work this sign up! 16/39/84 big bus all day all night 32/46 big bus midday 40 big bus all day all night 74 big bus all day all night 81 big bus midday 91 big bus all day all night 112 big bus all day all night 157/158/169 big bus all day all night 420/421/425 big bus all day all night 402 big bus all day all night 406 big bus all day all night shuttle 52 shuttle all day 120/134 shuttle all day
  21. But remember that 22nd St. Stn. (the eastern terminus of the #100) is not far from Hamilton TC, so it's not bad for deadhead purposes. It's certainly infinitely better than running the #49 out of Richmond!
  22. I could see the 100 being transferred back to VTC because HTC doesn't seems like logical place to base it out. I could see 134 and 136 moving to PCTC seven days a week.
  23. How about XD60 for PCTC and BTC that are limited to SFU routes, 701, or Lougheed Highway B-Line.
  24. I'd send any D60LFRs that West Van doesn't need to PoCo for use on the Burnaby Mtn. shuttles. There's nothing better for hillclimbing!
  25. Is there any particular reason why you'd base it out of VTC in particular rather than, say, Hamilton or Burnaby? Aside from the BYDs being based there?
  26. 408 Stevenson is Peak Service and because the 409 does a one way loop at Garrard/Taunton/Thornton/Dryden then only thing that would be interlining with is some route at the OC
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