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  2. STM 21-2XX Retirement Watch

    21-248 was on the 24 this morning around 8:50!
  3. Codiac Transit

    Based on the figure of 19 new buses and what I've observed so far... (Numbers might not be accurate, much less one day to the next, especially as buses aren't officially assigned to a specific route), but here's a hypothetical list: 50 Red Line - 811 51 Green Line - 800, 801, 817 52 Blue Line - 802, 803, 814 60 Bessborough - 812 61 Elmwood - 804, 815(B) 62 Hildegard - 805 63 Lewisville - 810 64 Hospitals - 806, 816(B) 65 Killam - 807 66 Caledonia - 808 67 Edinburgh - 818 68 Salisbury - Sorry! SOL 70/71 Mapleton/Coliseum - 813 80 Gunningsville - 430 81 Riverview - 530 93 Champlain - 700 94 Centrale - 701 94 Amirault - 850 So, they pretty well have enough to cover at least one per (Moncton) route already.
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  5. Winnipeg Transit Battery Electric Buses

    Observed 997 in service on route 20 today Thursday19 October 2017. It was airport bound operating north on Sherbrook from Broadway to Portage, west on Portage to Maryland and then south on Maryland. I was passing by on a 21 Portage Crestview...
  6. York Region Transit \ Viva

    Given that the VIVA Silver along Jane Street would be pushed back to 2022, is it based on how service with artics along that corridor to determine the future demand for that VIVA route, or something else that I'm not considering?
  7. 1227, 1276(has not been in actual service yet, but I just saw it out of service now) are in new livery.
  8. It also seems to be the only one with push-bar rear doors.
  9. General CTrain Discussion

    Cool! Where did you hear it?
  10. General CTrain Discussion

    No it's completely different! It's three tones at once
  11. General CTrain Discussion

    Does it sound like the same chime that plays in the West leg?
  12. CAD buses

    The announcements are the same 24 hours a day, whether there's anyone on the bus or not. As for close stops, it will announce stops back to back
  13. Broken Down Sightings

    That thread seems to be inactive.
  14. Peterborough Transit

    I can't see that happening, if it does then there will be a lot of very angry people. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the city decides to try and screw them anyways and ends up losing.
  15. MiWay

    I agree completely. Can we go back to the topic and talk about the other stuff in PMs? Also, while Abubakkar did post mostly false sightings, it's best that you just report him or ignore him when he posts like that. When he posts, just take it with a big grain of salt. He has to smarten up. He needs to realize that he didn't post ANY evidence, and that he's not allowed to post false sightings. It's most likely that he's looking for attention, so nobody needs to engage with him. So he either has to step it up, or risk getting suspended or banned. I do think that discussions about salty admins need to go to PM.
  16. Current TTC Wraps

    Diamond and Diamond - FULL#7421 | NIS (Eglinton @ Warden) Alpha? Canada - PARTIAL#8152 | 16 McCOWAN (spotted yesterday)
  17. Entered Service: #8774 on route 43 Kennedy (this morning) #8861 on route 185 Don Mills Rocket (this afternoon)
  18. Collisions and Incidents thread

    A couple Seabus sailings were cancelled this morning due to smoke in the cabins http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/two-seabus-sailings-cancelled-after-vessel-fills-with-smoke-1.4362179
  19. TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    Wow what a shame, 4239 was just refurbished. What sort of condition is 4212 in? The four CLRVs you mentioned last, are they cut from service for good, or are they just sidelined for repairs?
  20. MiWay

    Seems quite a few of yous are foaming out of control on here. Simple tip! Have proof anything that has been said MUST have physical proof or its fake news as they say. Unless you are a reliable source (you know who are and I thank you). No need to bash members or admins for any reason just because you don't get what you want. Yes they ordered Nova's for the first time. Woopie.. I live in a town, nothing but Nova's. All it is is the same bus everywhere else with sticker designs. Don't keep asking if they are in, they will be in service when they are in service. That information will be delivered on a need to know basis. No one even has to say if they're in or not. Be lucky you are receiving that information. This is a discussion. NOT a debate on who is salty which have some respect my god! I only come on here to see if any reliable information is on here. Thank you to those who posted reliable information that is trusted. Everyone else who doesn't know how to post reliable information.. Learn your place and get back on topic.
  21. Broken Down Sightings

    If you want to merge a thread, you should message an admin with your request. Additionally, the rest of us on the forum really don't need to read idle chatter like "Yes, that's right." Can we please have a bit of quality control in the posts on this website?
  22. Good to know. I was just curious, that's all.
  23. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    I doubt it. They will probably stay together at RTC for some time then one to STC and one to PTC for those runs. At least that makes the most sense within the trial period.
  24. Peterborough Transit

    anyone else heard of possible strike action by Transit drivers due the city not coming up with a new pay deal?
  25. AFAIK, the only other Orion III/Ikarus 286 bus with the four-pane rear doors was the demo that would become St. Catharines Transit 8441. It eventually made its way to Ottawa as a parts donor, as I saw it in the "Jurassic Park" dead lot with a number of other junked Ikarus artics years ago. https://images52.fotki.com/v1639/photos/9/2227239/11413293/windsorIkarusdemo-vi.jpg https://images51.fotki.com/v1638/photos/9/2227239/11280747/stcatharines8441f_JPG-vi.jpg
  26. TTC CLRV/ALRV retirements

    I won't hold my breath on the return of this car. But this company has surprised me on their decisions too. 4239 tragically rear ended one of its fellow comrades, 4212, in the yard over at Roncesvalles. She sustained severe damage to the front end of the car. Fate pending... Lastly but sadly, 4168, 4017, 4173 & 4038 have all recently been cut from active service due to outstanding item requiring ample time to repair and return the vehicles to active service.
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