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  2. GLO Fest is also going and there are a surprising number of people downtown checking it out, so probably a good thing there are 4-car consists out.
  3. Yesterday, I got a ride on St. Laurent's 22-333 on the 186 leaving Honore Beaugrand at 17h30. The passenger mirror has turn signal lights on it. Today, I got 24-288 on the 211 EB from Gare Dorval at 13h23. Legendre's 22-400 was on the 108 WB passing Lionel Groulx metro between 14h10 and 14h15. Legendre's 24-206 is parked outside St. Denis with no passenger mirror but still has the farebox.
  4. Mont Royal's 25-204 was on the 211 while their 25-246 was on the 195 and their 26-046 was on the 144. Got on 26-046. 26-035 was on the 15. 25-210, 25-212 and 25-231 were all on the 161 today. 28-114 was on the 31. 25-211 is parked outside St. Denis. 28-103 and 28-116 were on the 161 too. Unsure if St. Laurent still has them all now.
  5. Well, I found out what blocks it and I removed it, so all images are now "clickable" in the mobile view. Thanks!
  6. On J trains, does the loco of the second set ever assist with tractive effort, or is it just tagging along for the ride?
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  8. I've been trying making my own transit stuff recently, mostly in Google My Maps as I can't find another good mapping system (please tell me if you have a better one, because My Maps is very tedious). My projects have been some stuff around Vancouver and Seattle - the two cities I live in, but I'm not sure it's good lol. I can share some things here later, but not sure if it'd be welcomed as the networks here seem to be more imaginary-ish. I also haven't worked out a lot of the important details like fleets, specifications of those fleets, etc.
  9. Country singer Daniel Lee Martin died from apparent suicide on Feb 14, 2020 at the age of 54.
  10. Those were beyond my time; though I would’ve liked to have ridden them and the Prevosts. I only started taking the GO bus regularly a few years ago, near the end of the 12 speed era. Those were neat.
  11. Mine is a 270 series 2. Great meter, I use it more than the digital one that I have.
  12. Considering how high it is and that 50% of the time it is spent at high speeds it would make sense to design it with that in mind. The MCI 9's where pretty bad in stop and go traffic. They would constantly Bob up and down everytime the driver hit the brakes.
  13. If I was a politician (or a mayor for a city, or) for a government, then I would impose a special "surcharge" for all concerts/festivals that take place in the city. It would require the cost be embedded on the ticket/pass or paid upon arrival at the venue (think of it as paying the Airport Improvement Fee or a Departure Tax being leived at airports). That special surcharge would then support all entertainment development and oppotunities for the city. Only problem is - not all people aren't willing to pay extra for a concert/festival they wanted to attend. This reminds me about the "Tourism Improvement Fee" being leivied in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Many tourists complained it's another "nonsensical" tax!
  14. That's good. Since VIA doesn't service that route. People have been asking for train to be re-instated.
  15. Trust me, I am extremely against the idea for 31. If anything 28 should be kept and upgraded. But at Blue Crossing either stop or express to Downtown. 11, I dont see a problem with it. I find it weird, but whatever. As for 40. I do wonder why so many routes were combined into one. Not to mention cutting 51 and 52 as express routes will tick some riders off. I like the idea, but not the execution. I can see this plan getting profoundly altered between now and July. Do the drivers get any input on the changes?
  16. This blocade is having an impact on the economy. It doesn't seem like there is a resolution on the horizon. The one at the CN yard in Vaughan was disbanded, and so was the one on the Barrie line. I guess that the difference is that those areas don't border the reserve land (I understand that the entire country was taken from them). At what point will dialogue not be enough? I don't agree with Andrew Sheer's position. Although the occupation is illegal they have the right to protest the fact that someone is building a pipleline on their land. Edit:From what I understand is the pipeline company and the Hereditary Cheifs came to an agreement without consulting the people. The Hereditary Cheifs are appointed officials, and not elected by the people. The court has approved an injunction in BC to remove the people protesting, and the people dont want the police on their land. Apparently re-routing the pipeline is not feasible. It's a tough situation on all sides. Hopefully they can come to some resolution.
  17. You have that east side connection. The 21. And I am.against the 31 being extended AND that long route 40. And from a driver's standpoint, NO DRIVER wants to be behind the wheel that long. I also noticed the 25 being eliminated, as well as the 71. That's gonna piss off a lot of passengers, esp. the elderly and those with ADA disabilities.
  18. 8645 and 8646 are Ford Transit vans for CT Access like those 7900s.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Looking at that now, it appears it applies to any image file.
  21. Seems to be any images, actually, on that mobile theme. Are you seeing the same thing? (Including fleet photos, agency logos, etc)
  22. It’s alright, I’m pretty used to many questions, I’m going to answer them to the best of my ability A. The 35 footers are for Community Bus Service, but something like that yes. Because most of the community bus routes except for the 301 and 307 that are serviced by the New Flyer XDE40s are mostly on side streets. B. Most are third rail, except for the Sand Line which coexists with LincTrans Commuter, what I mean LincTrans Commuter operates the Sand Line, but is management by LincTrans Metro so it’s a DMU operating the route. The gauge since the body of the heavier rail vehicles are similar to the 7000 Series of WMATA, it’s the same gauge of 4 feet and 8 1/4 inches. C. It’s the newest, I’m still working on it, because I forgot to implement the 800 series Express Services (similar to the TTC’s 900 series), but I do intend to post sometime towards the end of the month.
  23. Hey @A. Wong, this has been an issue for a couple of months now but only now has it start to bother me. On mobile while viewing a wiki page, any image file that’s on the bottom of a wiki page will not open Unless you hold down on the image and open it in a new tab where it will bring you to the file page where you can tap on the image to view it in full. here’s an example, scroll down to the bottom of the route 64 wiki page and tap any of the route maps. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ottawa-Carleton_Regional_Transit_Commission_route_64
  24. Correct, VISION does have that capability.
  25. Electrification is 600 volts third rail for everything except the light rail. The "BRL" and Second System both have the same loading gauge (maximum car length 67') and standard track gauge (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in). Second System trains are optimized for crowding so they have more doors per car than the other divisions but otherwise can run anywhere on the network that uses standard gauge. The MFL and Light Rail divisions both use Pennsylvania Trolley gauge (5 ft 2 1⁄4 in) except for the NHSL which is also standard gauge.
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