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  2. According to a post on the ELMTOT group, seems they were working on the wires near Oakridge (which would explain the need for diesels): https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10220817685205430&set=pcb.10220817692245606
  3. According to a post on the ELMTOT group, seems they were working on the wires near Oakridge (which would explain the need for diesels): https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10220817685205430&set=pcb.10220817692245606
  4. Ah, for shits and giggles, what the hell, why not, since I can do this kind of testing and I’m kind of curious. That broken Christmas light string I removed from the back yard had me wondering how badly has the insulation on the wires deteriorated after being weatherbeaten and exposed to the sun for several years? So what’s in the Agilent hard case of doom? An Agilent insulation testing multimeter. Also known as a Megger. Megger’s one of those brand names like Xerox or Kleenex that’s entered common language as a catch-all for everyone else’s competing products. Also, megger, that’s a word that should be familiar to you guys. It’s a word uttered in hushed, quiet tones in fear at trolley museums everywhere because this is what you use to check traction motor insulation to see if it’s still good or are your motors going to go kaboom when traction power is applied. It is one of the go/no go criteria to see if your antique streetcar is still useable or not and sometimes these devices like give bad news and say you’ve gotta condemn your motors. When that happens you get the multi-way whammy of can’t use the car and you’ve got to fork out for motor rebuilds and you have to get the trucks off and get the motors out to get them rebuilt and then you have to put them back in and get the trucks back on once they come back. So yeah, megger, at trolley museums, that’s a heavy word because when one of these little guys gives bad news, it’s real bad. In this case, it’s nothing so dire. Basically what I want to know is, after several years of environmental degradation, is the insulation on the remaining original Christmas lights on that metal chain link fence sound or has it deteriorated to the point where the fence could become live and give someone a nasty walloping if they touch it while the lights are on. So to that end, I’m using the string of lights I removed as a test sample and going for worst case scenario and I’ve got the insulation tester cranked all the way up to 1000 volts. That would be the proper range for testing traction motors so I’m really torturing that Christmas light string. And you have to be careful. You don’t want to bump into anything live during a thousand volt insulation test. That’ll wake up your average trolley museum GEEZER if they slip up while using one of these faster than a triple shot of espresso spiked with ground up viagra pills. Anyhow let’s zap the crap out of it and see what we get: 28 gigaohms. I ran a longer test just to play with the iPad companion app that works with the meter over Bluetooth and it climbed to 34 gigaohms, and that’s with me being a cruel SOB torturing it with the voltage turned all the way up. I redid it another time and measured leakage current at the 1000 volts and it came in at about 6 microamps and then fell off. At 120 volts coming out of the wall socket in regular use, it’s going to be squat buried in the noise so there’s no safety concern over cable degradation there which is nice to know.
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  6. Emirates to resume A380 flights to YYZ.
  7. BUMP. I *think* this is the bus and contractor they use for the rural service: I had one hell of a time tracking this thing down! It definitely does not follow the routing on the Fort McMurray Transit website, despite having specific timing points etc. Needless to say getting photos of it is a crap shoot at best, so that is the best I could do. Regular transit-wise, the wiki is accurate in that there have been no new buses delivered since 2016. For whatever reason, all of the 2000 series buses are now numbered as 19-0xx, with the xx being the last two digits of the original 2000 series fleet number. For example, 2015 XD40 #2007 is now #19-107. This affects the last order of XD's, the MiDi's, and the Glaval cutaways. At least one of the two EZ Riders are still on property, however I did not spot either in service. Will get the Wiki updated accordingly in the near future.
  8. 2117 reactivated due to a loss of power at lamont!
  9. Do anyone have pictures from the inside? I would sure like to see more details....
  10. Sorry for tagging y'all so much, but @Articulated @Thomasw @Orion6025 or another editor, could you confirm that the changes have been made? I pasted them below for your convinence.
  11. Smart Cards, Transit Hubs, and dozens of new buses coming to Sudbury: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/sudbury-transit-funding-annoucement-1.5676767
  12. I would rather be hit by lighting! anyhoo moving on... Spotify, Apple Music or TIDAL Music?
  13. Does anyone know if they plan on ordering anymore artics this year or next year?
  14. These are another set of following pages that are to be renamed: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Washington_Metropolitan_Area_Transit_Authority_4000-4104 to Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority 4001-4104; it was found that 4000 does not exist as 4001's license plate (shown in picture) comes up as 1GF5ACVK0RD105290 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Regional_Transportation_District_2000-2303 to Regional Transportation District 2001-2303; the Denver RTD roster (https://utahrails.net/ajkristopans/DENVER31Mar2018.txt Ctrl+F 2303) shows that 2000 does not exist and is instead an ex-Dallas 1964 GMC TDH-5303 New Look bus. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Optima_Bus_Corporation_American_Heritage_Streetcar_'2_VINs' to Chance Coach American Heritage Streetcar '2 VINs'; Optima Bus Corporation before 2003 was still Chance Coach and the World Manufacturer Identifier for Chance Coach 2002 and earlier model year VINs are different from 2003-2009 model VINs; also the build plates like this one (https://www.purplewave.com/auction/130605/item/D8275/2001-Chance_Coach-Transit_Vehicles-Bus-Kansas) have the Chance Coach logo instead of the Optima logo; the trolleybuses have nameplates on the front that determine whether it's a pre-2003 Chance Coach model or 2003-2009 Optima model; the same goes for the Opus buses which have the nameplate on the rear... beware that there are a few Chance Coach buses that have the Optima logo as a retrofit, like this one for example (https://www.flickr.com/photos/thetransitcamera/10110002193/) The other 2002 and prior Opus and American Heritage Streetcar VINs pages should also be renamed for the aforementioned reasons noted above.
  15. The lighting down one side of my back yard has taken a beating over the last year. The lights mounted on the edge of the neighbours garage got blown down during one of the severe storms we’ve had recently and the last string along the side at the end of the yard got chewed up and broken in several spots, and the last break was so close to a bulb socket that I couldn’t splice it. I’ve been wanting to get the whole thing fixed up since the days are beginning to shorten now, and now that we’ve had some nice cool evenings, I was able to put the garage mounted lights back up and pull out the chewed up string near the back. Today I got a new C9 Christmas light string out and zip tied it down to the fence and transplanted the bulbs. I waited until the sun went down to do a power test. The front half was successful right from the get go. The back half, there were three bulbs that needed to be tightened down a bit more in their sockets before they came on, and one that was just bad and flickered and burned out as I tightened it down which I replaced. Anyways, the back half is all on now even if the shrubs along the back are obscuring a couple of bulbs making it look like they’re out. It’ll be nice to have the whole back yard lit up in that soft, warm incandescent glow this weekend. Nothing looks the same as that incandescent glow.
  16. Well then, how is this even a question?!?!? Projects absolutely need to be done by everyone’s favourite ethically-challenged, scandal-prone domestic private sector government contractor, SNC-Lavalin! Would you rather have (mwuahahahaha) getting hit by lightning...or COVID-19?
  17. 19404 was registered this PM as a 311.
  18. Those rear taillights remind me of the old old Fishbowls taillights: I wonder if that has anything to do with this: https://www.electrichybridvehicletechnology.com/news/buses-commercial-vehicles/allison-transmission-and-alexander-dennis-to-collaborate-on-ev-double-decker-bus.html
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  20. There are new changes to the bus interior of the new batch of 40-XXX: There is now a second iBus screen located between the lower and elevated part of the bus, on the driver side. Not a fan of it personally as I feel that it adds clutter to the back, although it adds more clarity and visibility of the next stop notably for those that sit/stand at the back of the bus. The reserved seat now have a more stylish design, with grey and blue colors and pictures showing who the seat is reserved for. Picture credit goes to @Novabusfan_2004 .
  21. The single motor is supplied by UQM and drives through an Eaton gearbox. Not sure who supplies the motors for the Duopower version. The axle was designed by Axletech, which sold their electric power segment to Allison last year.
  22. Yesterday: 22-333 and 403 were on the 419 all day. Today: 22-366 was En Transit on A40 Westbound after St-Jean around 14:50.
  23. BUMP.... Recently I've been tracking Lane transit on Pantographapp.com and noticed some new buses. I believe that Lane has received 6 (or more) XDE60s as 19102 and 19106 were on the radar last night and currently 19106 is on route 11. On the radar they are listed as being 2020 model year XDE60s. I will keep my eye out and keep you all updated. On another note, according to New Flyer, Lane Transit District order 11 XE40s along with 7 charging stations. https://www.newflyer.com/2020/03/oregons-lane-transit-awards-contract-to-new-flyer-for-mobility-solution-that-includes-both-electric-buses-and-depot-chargers/ On again another note, in July along with many other transit agencies nation wide, Lane Transit began installing driver barriers on their buses. https://www.ltd.org/latest-news/ltd-starts-installation-drivers-barrier/
  24. 2 throwbacks 96 on route E And bus 360 on route 22
  25. D60LF. Projects (such as railways, etc.) built by domestic companies or outsourced by foreign companies?
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