Alexander Dennis Enviro400

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Alexander Dennis Enviro400
Metroline London 671-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2005 to present
Length 10.2 or 10.9 metres
Width 2550 millimetres
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The Alexander Dennis Enviro400 is a two-axle double deck bus. The chassis was developed from the popular Trident. Metroline in London, England was the launch customer for the Enviro400 in 2005.

The modular chassis is made from welded steel sections and treated with corrosion resistant two-pack epoxy. The aluminium body is integrated with the chassis using clean frame joints, and the dissimilar metals are treated with dielectric to prevent corrosion.

The Enviro400 chassis can be fitted with bodywork from other suppliers. Likewise, the Enviro400 body can be fitted onto the Volvo Buses B9TL and the Scania N230UD chassis. There is one example of an Enviro400 body fitted on a Volvo B7TL chassis before the introduction of the B9TL.

On November 4, 2008, a diesel-electric series hybrid version called the Enviro400H was unveiled at the Euro Bus Expo in Birmingham, England.


Design history

The Euro 5 Enviro400 chassis was revised with the radiator on the offside and the engine on the nearside. The engine was originally mounted on the offside due to the layout of the ZF rear axle. A new axle layout allowed for a simplified straight angle drive. The revised Enviro400 also has an additional 50 millimetres of ground clearance.[1]

A revised Enviro400 body debuted at the 2009 Coach & Bus Live. A line of white LED lights was incorporated under the existing headlights, and new curves were added on the front bumper.

The first Enviro400 buses to operate in Hong Kong (for Citybus and Kowloon Motor Bus) were delivered in 2009. They featured a large HVAC system and the updated front fascia. Interestingly, the top deck area and rear resemble that of the Enviro500. Further exports of the Enviro400 were made to Canada and the United States, however only as an open-top sightseeing bus. One of the first orders was placed in 2010 for 10 Enviro400 buses from Coach USA subsidiary Twin America, in New York.[2]

Specifications (on Enviro400 chassis)


  • Length: 10.2m or 10.9m
  • Width: 2550mm




  • Front: Kirkstall NDS80LF 8000 kg capacity, 55° lock angle
  • Rear: ZF AV 132 13,000 kg capacity


  • Air


  • ZF 8098 integrally powered, variable ratio


  • Air disc brakes with ABS


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